The great achievements of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions expanded the operations of its Toledo plant in Spain by adding a new production line at the cost of €17 million. The decision to add the line came because of the increased demand of the company’s products from Spain and Portugal. Initially, the plant produced a total of 12,000 tons of chicken products annually, but after the upgrade, the production doubled to 24,000 tons annually. The total output of all the products rose to 45,000 annually that included pork, beef, and chicken products. The entire process added 20 more employees to the OSI Food Solution’s workforce and created a new position of product development manager. The position came because of the unique quality control kitchen that came with the new production line. Other new features included storage facilities, spacious production area, nitrogen tanks, hot water reservoirs, and a social area for employees. The new line came with electricity saving solutions because the heat produced by the refrigerators and the production line will boil water.

In line with the current food processing global competition, OSI Food Solutions works hard to ensure that the customers access its products with ease. In that connection, it works hard to improve the supplying capacity in every part of its operation. In Europe for example, OSI acquired a Dutch-based company, Baho Foods. The initiative that took place in 2016 improved the European supply tremendously because Baho Foods added more products like deli meat to the OSI’s portfolio. Additionally, the collaboration increased the marketing of the products because Baho Foods have five subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands serving 18 countries. The Managing Director of Baho Foods, John Blaver was among the top leaders retained after the merger to oversee the operations. He pointed out that the process would increase the marketing of the two companies’ products keeping in mind that OSI has a broader customer network.

OSI Food Solutions is among the American Top 100 companies as the Forbes listed it at number 58 in the private companies list of 2016. The company made sales totaling $6.1 billion in the same year. The year 2016 also saw the OSI Food Solutions scoop the British Safety Councils prestigious Global Honor award for its outstanding efforts in environmental management.

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