Guilherme Paulus’ Attendance at the Forum Connectivity- Business Hub

Market Events & Promo Marketing Intelligent was delighted to hold an event known as Forum Connectivity- Business Hub. The event will be held at the Renaissance Theater that is located in Sao Paulo. There will be no registration fee, and people can register through the link that will be provided. The people who will attend the event will have the honor of interacting with entrepreneurs such as Guilherme Paulus. He has achieved his current success by investing in the tourism sector through CVC Brasil Operadora.

The tour company was formed through a partnership between Carlos Vicente and Guilherme Paulus. As a result, it is good to term Guilherme Paulus as a co-founder of the tour company. Arialdo Pinho will also be present at the event. Together, they will take part in the Hub Training panel. Paulus will be tasked with interviewing Pinho. The interview will revolve around the practices that will enhance the cooperation between agents and airports as they work towards forming a hub. Pinho will also address the case about Gol, Fortaleza, and KLM hub.

More than 300 professionals will converge together at the event. Industry leaders will also get a chance to discuss the most suitable practices that will enhance the growth of the industry. A discussion will also ensue about commercial aviation in Latin America and Brazil and where it is headed. Air connectivity is the main issue that will be addressed. The main themes at the event include; airports, airlines, training of hubs, route development, low-cost, and public policies. The ministry of tourism, CVC Brasil Operadora, Renaissance, Shift, Ceara, Espirito Santo, FBHA, Inframerica, CNC, VINCI Airports, and Foz do Iguacu came together to sponsor and support the event.

As an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus is passionate about the tourism sector. His company has also managed to become the largest tour operator in Brazil and the Latin America region. By attending such events, Paulus can contribute greatly towards the growth of the tourism industry in Latin America and Brazil. He is also a philanthropist and hotelier. Paulus diversified his investment portfolio in 2006 when he invested $600 million in GJP Hotels and Resorts.

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