The Time for Alex Pall To Bring The Chainsmokers To The Front Row of EDM

One of the most assertive bits in the interview that The Chainsmokers generously did lately is about how to be taken seriously as artists in EDM. The interview was a special feature about Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart and how they grew their band into something that would change EDM in the most revolutionary way possible. Until The Chainsmokers came, EDM is known to be just about trick beats, fun synths and luring and hard-to-miss bass music that people can dance to. In the interview, the story of the revolutionary way that Alex Pall changed the entire EDM game is rightfully given justice.

With regards to being taken seriously as an artist, Alex Pall shared that it’s both hard and yet also easy. It’s hard in the sense that there’s that pressure to hold off first releasing complete albums of one’s own music because the single track is still unknown to many listeners. Artists are held back. Artists have to be constrained by the commercial aspects of the music industry. In the case with Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers, this wasn’t necessary. But it’s easy because Pall thought that the best approach would be to just write the songs that they want to hear themselves and express what they wanted. This strategy paid off, as the band is most known right now for the songs they made that are meant for themselves. These songs include “Roses”, Don’t Let Me Down” and “Closer”.

The EDM music is much more welcome to new styles today compared to years ago. And Alex Pall wants to take advantage of this trend. He wants to make sure that his music is more intimate now and will be trying out new styles that would push the frontiers of EDM as a craft. It is the intention of Pall and Taggart to be recognized as serious artists in the field of EDM, and they want to make their brand of music to be personalized, unlike their predecessors in the EDM niche, such as deadmau5. It’s about time that the music of EDM that’s mostly devoid of feelings, life and passion to change. It’s time for The Chainsmokers to take its place.

Wengie’s China apartment tour

Wengie highlighted her travels to China and provides a tour of the apartment she will be residing in for the next month or so in her latest VLOG. Prior to entering the airport, Wengie and her husband had lunch at a favorite Vietnamese spot known as Hong Ha. After purchasing a coffee, Wengie ensures her audio books are at the ready. She completes an eleven hour flight and arrives at her China apartment. Wengie sets out for breakfast and heads to Joy City which is a large shopping center. Joy City has a long escalator that accesses all of the various floors. Wengie is taken by the number of food selections at her disposal. The menu she viewed was over 60 pages and she took around 15 minutes before a decision was made on a bit of soup and a couple of mushrooms. Next, Wengie locates a Starbucks and points out that most all purchases in China are taken care of via a smartphone by scanning the QR code.


Once her hunger was taken care of, Wengie move on to Aeon Supermarket to purchase items needed for her apartment. She found that there is an unlimited selection of cereals that are ground on the spot while one waits at the supermarket. After the shopping was complete, Wengie goes on to provide a tour of her living spaces that includes a kitchen at the entrance of the apartment, laundry area, living room, and a small dining spot in front of a huge window that has a view of the downtown. Wengie moves on to the second floor where she highlights the bathroom, storage room, master bedroom, and the walk in closet. In the next month and one half, Wengie notes that her work schedule while in China is a lot lighter than her typical day working in the states. She deemed the trip as a “working holiday” and will be looking forward to blogging further about the happenings, culture, and heavy traffic in China. Wengie concludes by reiterating how nice it will be to simply use her cell phone for any purchase needed.