Whitney Wolfe’s Success In The Online Dating Site Business

Whitney Wolfe is from the Salt Lake City where she was born and raised by both her parents before relocating to Paris when she had just turned 11. She went back to Utah to complete her high school studies and later joined the Methodist University where she graduated with a degree in International Relations. Whitney also went to La Sorbonne while pursuing her degree to learn French. Wolfe has always been known as a marketing genius by different online companies including Bloomberg and Medium.com because of her marketing skills.

Her career journey
While in college, Wolfe founded two companies. The first one was known as the “Help Us Project” what was intended to address the crisis of oil spill at the Mexican Gulf. The project was a partnership with Patrick Aufdenkam and became famous for organic bamboo totes and was supported by several celebrities. Wolfe also partnered with Aufdenkam to establish the Tender Heart, which is a clothing line. After Whitney Wolfe graduated, she joined different orphanages in Cambodia and Northern Thailand where she worked as a volunteer for about six months.

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Foundation of Bumble
Whitney had joined Cardify team to participate in the sales and marketing as part of the IAC Hatch Labs. When the team failed to witness growth, Whitney Wolfe gathered the group to work in another project she had already started; the Matchbox. The app later became the currently known Tinder, which she had co-founded. Wolfe became the vice president of the company for two years then departed to create another platform for kindness. After meeting Andrey Andreev, one of her business acquaintances, Whitney formed Badoo. Together, they decided to create Bumble, which is now worth $500 million.

About Whitney Wolfe
Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and founder of Bumble, one of the recognized dating apps that enable women to be the ones initiating contact for links. The company’s majority shares are owned by Badoo Company, which is also a European dating site. As of 2017, Bumble had over 11 million registered members. Whitney Wolfe had also co-founded another app known as Tinder that also enables individuals who are looking for dating partners to easily link with one another.

The Recruitment Support that Julie Zuckerberg offers to Corporations.

Julie Zuckerberg is a woman who has had a highly successful career. She has been serving the recruitment and staffing sector for the past 15 years and has worked for top firms such as Hudson, Citi Group, and New York Life Insurance. She currently serves Deutsche Bank as its executive talent acquisition lead and has held the position since 2015. Zuckerberg studied philosophy and law at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College and the New York Law School respectively. The knowledge that she acquired from the two institutions has enabled to be successful in her career. She has been a top staffing office in all the firms that she has worked for throughout her profession.


In November 2002, Hudson offered Zuckerberg her first job. The enterprise is well known in the recruitment industry due to the top notch services that it offers. It has a staff of 2000 professionals. Julie served as the candidate placement director at the company, and she was assigned various responsibilities. She was in charge of counseling, coaching staff members, addressing legal matters, and ensuring that the business was compliant. Her law expertise was used in handling conflicts that arose between the employer and the employees. Zuckerberg hired several professionals for the firm, and they included attorneys, case manager, paralegals, short-term contractors, junior staff, and other professionals whose expertise was needed by the company. Employees consulted her whenever they needed clarification on various issues.


Julie worked for Hudson for five years and then moved Citi Group. She was hired by Citi Global Function and acted as its executive recruiter as from October 2007. Her new position had more responsibilities than her former job at Hudson. Julie has always been passionate about her career, and she loves taking on new challenges. She served the firm with a lot of competence and diligence. Her responsibility at the company was to hire its top executives. Zuckerberg applied various tactics in sourcing for the best experts, and they included direct hiring, social media, and online searches.


The staffing expert worked at Citi Global Functions for about four years and was transferred to serve another unit of the Citi Group, which is known as Citi Global Consumer Bank. She acted as the company’s executive recruiter and was also given a few other responsibilities. The roles that she played at firm enabled her to gain knowledge in various sectors.


Julie Zuckerberg loves exploring different opportunities, and in 2013 she was offered a position at New York Life Insurance. She served the firm for about four months before being hired by Deutsche Bank in April 2014. The financial organization first appointed her as talent acquisition executive and promoted her to act as the talent acquisition lead as from 2015. She has been assisting the administrators of the firm in dealing with matters such as talent sourcing, recruitment, bettering staffing practices, international assignments, and high-level acquisitions. Zuckerberg has used her expertise in assisting the firm in hiring and retaining professionals with the right set of skills.


The Career Of Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg has through hard work attained the position of Executive Talent Acquisition Lead for Deutsche Bank. To get to this position she has performed well at a number of prior companies, always increasing her recruiting skills and overall business acumen. In addition to her work life she has also developed a number of interests that she engages in whenever she can.

Zuckerberg attained her college education at The City University of New York-Brooklyn College with a Bachelor degree in Philosophy, and then went to the New York Law School. Her first career position was as a Director of Candidate Placement for Hudson. In this role she recruited for such professions as attorneys, case managers, paralegals, and their support staff at a number of financial institutions and law firms. Getting experience in also being engaged in the coaching and counseling of employees led to her being offered an executive position as at Citi as a Vice President and Executive Recruiter. While at Citi she developed a number of her talents by advising the senior executives in recruitment strategies and compensation trends. In this position she also recruited talented individuals from around the world for Citi, and ably handled the international professionals in relocation and immigration processes and procedures.

Julie’s career next took her to New York Life Insurance Company where she served as the Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President. She partnered with senior management to develop information in what their clients needs were and how to creatively meet them.

Julie joined the Deutsche Bank family in April 2014, first serving as a Executive Recruiter, Talent Division. She was able to use her gained knowledge and experience to parlay this into a promotion to Executive Talent Acquisition Lead with Deutsche Bank. In this position she leads her team in finding and recruiting talent acquisition strategies and improving the processes that they use to find it. She is engaged in increasing proficiency’s in her team and developing engagement needed to attract the top worldwide talent that Deutsche Bank needs.

Zuckerberg has a knack for finding diverse talent that meets the requirements and standards that are key to helping the corporations she has worked for. Her dedication and work habits have impressed the senior level executives that she has advised at the corporations that have made up her career. Her commitment to increasing efficiency and best recruitment practices has been appreciated and respected as she has worked her way up over her career.

Julie has developed a number of interests outside of work. She has taken a keen interest in photography, in particular nature. She also developed an appreciation of art and enjoys going to the various museums throughout the greater New York City area. She also runs as often as she can as well as enjoying nature by hiking in the surrounding area.

Malini Saba’s Investment Expertise

Malini Saba is a South Asian philanthropist and investor. She also serves as Saban’s chairman and founder. Saban is a firm that oversees a wide range of global investment matters. Examples include Indian and Australian real estate, Chinese gasoline and United States technological advancements. Although Saba is a businesswoman with a lot on her plate, she spends a lot of time concentrating on philanthropy, too. Philanthropy is something that’s incredibly valuable to Saba. She launched a not-for-profit organization known as “Stree: Global Investments in Women” back in 2001. The goal of this organization is to assist impoverished children and women all around the globe. Stree works hard to transform how these types of individuals regard themselves and their specific positions on this planet. Stree gives women the chance to seek legal and medical assistance when necessary.

Saba visited sections of both Sri Lanka and India that were destroyed by the intensity of the tsunami in 2005. She offered $10 million to assist the people who were affected by the disaster. Saba made another donation of $1 million in the summer of 2005.

Saba’s work in the investment realm started in the nineties. She worked as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley during that time period. She made investments in 20 plus technology firms. She invested in PayPal Inc., Netscreen Technologies, Inc. and Sycamore Networks, Inc.

When Saba thinks of concepts, she carefully analyzes market trends. She assesses where she believes the planet is going to be between three and five years down the line. Malini noticed opportunities in India right after the 2000s began. She stated that while other people were reluctant to concentrate on real estate, she had no problem diving straight into the field. She firmly believed that the real estate market would expand as the middle class in the nation got stronger and more powerful. She made retail and real estate investments alike. Her choice to do so ended up being a smart idea. She received significant returns on those choices throughout the past decade.

Saba feels extremely enthusiastic when she thinks about the commodity market and how it operates. Although she finds that market to be unpredictable and turbulent, she also believes that it gives excellent returns.