TMS Health Solutions Offers Alternate Treatments for Mental Health

TMS Health Solutions knows how difficult it can be to find the correct treatment for depression. They have four locations in the Bay Area devoted to mental health issues. They have recently opened a second location in San Francisco. They are all staffed by trained and certified doctors. Up to 17% of people will suffer from one or more episodes of clinical depression, but only 60% will respond to traditional anti-depressant medication. For those with chemical clinical depression, talk therapy might work as an addition to medication, but it will have little effect by itself.

TMS Health Solutions has experts in helping people who have treatment resistant depression (TRD). They have alternate treatments that have been shown to yield positive results. One of these treatments is TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It has proven to be effective where traditional treatments have not. It is a fully FDA cleared treatment for depression.

It is a safe way to treat TRD. Patients will come into the office for 30-60 minutes at a time. The treatments usually last between 4 and 6 weeks. A patient sits in a chair where they can even watch television. A magnetic coil is placed on the head. Using magnetic stimulation, it sends pulses of magnetic waves to stimulate the part of the brain responsible for mood. There is no surgery involved, and patients are completely awake through the process. There are no side effects, and patients can leave immediately afterwards and carry on with their days.

The clinicians and staff are aware of how debilitating and frustrating treatments for depression can be, and they have committed their careers to those patients for whom standard treatment has failed to work. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation can also be used on sufferers of OCD and neurological disorders, and it has been shown to slow down the effects of dementia.


Jeremy Goldstein Supports Mental Patients

Jeremy Goldstein love for community courses started when he was young, and he has maintained this culture for decades. The New York City based lawyer has achieved everything he has ever wanted in his career life, and he is very proud of it. Lawyers face a number of hardships before they can become established in the market. Jeremy Goldstein has handled his share of challenges in the competitive market, and he has emerged as a top lawyer who has handled very complicated cases, especially those in the corporate world. His opinions have also been used by many people who were interested in securing their companies from tough government regulations.  Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein might have a very good career life that has made him very popular, but he has remained very humble. The renowned professional has never failed to meet the expectations of the community when it comes to supporting noble causes. The lawyer has been doing his best using the profits he gets from his law firm. Just recently, he organized a special wine dinner where he helped a company called Fountain House to raise funds. Jeremy Goldstein used this opportunity to bring people together to have a good time and also helped the foundation that has helped many Americans who are struggling with mental illnesses.


Fountain House is very popular in the US, but very few people have helped the company to continue with its services in the lives of mental patients. The lawyer noted that there were increasing numbers of people with mental illnesses, but one was willing to offer a helping hand. Depression, for instance, has claimed many lives, and it has left many families without a loved one. Fountain House has been depending on the funds offered by donors so that they can continue to offer their services to the patients.

Saad Saad Likes Helping All This Patients

Since Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon, he understands the importance of being precise and working hard to give his patients a better life. He also understands there are some things he might not be able to handle unless he works to give others a better experience. Saad Saad doesn’t worry about some of the issues that people have and he knows what they need to do. Saad Saad likes focusing on patients who are sick and patients who need surgery to get better. As a pediatric surgeon, he realizes the importance of the work he does for children who need his help.


Not all pediatric surgeons work as hard as Saad Saad. He felt good about what he did when he started out and he also felt it was his job to continue giving children a chance at a better future. Even when he was doing things the right way, Saad Saad struggled to make the best decisions for everything he did. Even when he was coming up with new ideas and new things that would actually help other people, he could give back in different situations. It was his goal of helping that allowed him the chance to do things right.


Some surgeons do a lot of different things and try to make the most out of the situations they’re in. Saad Saad also did a good job at coming up with new ideas, but he wanted people to see he could do things the right way. Saad Saad always knew it was important to give back and continue making everything better for the people he worked with. Saad Saad tries giving attention to those who need it and those who want a chance at a better future with the experiences they have. He likes helping people and giving children a chance at a better life.


When Saad Saad does a surgery, he sometimes has to come up with inventions that will actually help the children. He knows what they need and knows he has to make things easier for them. Saad Saad also knows that the inventions he creates have to work well for all children. Since he is a surgeon, he feels he has a chance to use these inventions. Once he comes up with the ideas for them, he pushes to make them a possibility. He then uses them to continue making things easier on his patients. Learn more:

Bob Reina: Don’t Stop Now

Bob Reina wants people to keep doing what they are doing if they have decided to join Talk Fusion, the all-in-one video communications company. That is the first thing. If they stop using it or stop keeping up with it, they will regret it and they will be unhappy that they didn’t stick with it. It is why Bob Reina is big on the 30-day free trials. He wants people to see what Talk Fusion is all about and how special it is and how unique it is. This company did not win the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award by accident. When you look at the list of companies they defeated, it is eye opening to say the least.


Bob Reina created and founded the company back in 2007 after leaving behind a great career in law enforcement. It was not an easy move to make, but Bob Reina felt like it was a necessary one for him. Sometimes people know when a change is necessary, and Bob Reina felt like this was the time to make a change and to do something that was outside of his comfort zone. Although, the more he the thinks about it, the more he sees how it compares to his previous line of work. Both professions require people to be unselfish and look out for others.


That has never been a problem for Bob Reina. As a matter of fact, he truly enjoys helping people out and gets a lot of enjoyment out of it. He feels it is his duty to help people and make sure they have all they need to succeed in life. Talk Fusion is the video communications company that is allowing people to really look at jobs in a whole new way.


When they use this product, they can create their own individual company where they are in charge and they are the CEO. They don’t have to listen to someone else telling them what to do and how things should be done. They have lived that life at a corporate job, and they hated it. It was one of the worst experiences they have ever had to endure. Those days are a thing of the past. They can look forward to a new life and they can look forward to a positive change. It all starts with giving Talk Fusion a try. Learn more:





Doug Levitt’s Story About The Greyhound Diaries

The Greyhound Diaries is a project that lasted over a decade. It involved Doug Levitt, an American singer/songwriter, travelling over 70,000 miles in Greyhound buses. The Greyhound Diaries are songs, stories and images of fellow travelers, which resulted from his experience of crisscrossing the country. During an interview with DCist, Doug Levitt talked about The Greyhound Diaries and explained why he ventured in travelling around nation. His decision to travel the country on Greyhound buses was inspired by the poverty crisis in the U.S., which needed to write songs and tell stories about.

He decided to travel on bus in order to interact with people who use buses in a country where basically people do not board the bus unless they have to, thus a group of people struggling to get by. However, the artist explained that the trips actually helped him understand his father’s suicide through sharing stories with others, which helped him heal. Growing up in D.C. and going to public schools exposed him to different kinds of people from different societies and politics, which he said instilled a civic mindset and an outward focus into him.

Moving further from D.C. made Doug realize a narrative gap in the news coverage and conversation where there is an assumption that news and discussions are inclusive yet there are numerous people in small cities that are not involved. Doug Levitt asserts that it was easy to get people to tell their stories since he was broke during that period, thus he easily fitted in. Lastly, the experience taught him that the American landscape has diverse population, which is connected by people’s stories. His shows promote the idea of telling stories to help people connect.

About Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt is a former London-based foreign correspondent. He once reported for ABC, CNN, and MSNBC among others. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Reuters, Billboard and The Wall Street Journal have featured Doug in their shows. He is an alumnus of Cornell University and the London School of Economics where he earned his Master’s in International Relations. Doug started his career as a foreign correspondent then switched to being a singer-songwriter. He started working with the producer of Americana, David Henry. He still works as the producer of Greyhound Diaries.