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Eric Lefkofsky is the initiator and chief operating officer of Tempus, a top benefactor of technology allowed preciseness medicine answers. Also the establishing cooperator of Lightbank, a project trust capitalizing in troublesome technologies, a founding father and Chairman of Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN), the online wholesale business located in the United States. He is also the founding father of Mediaocean, a chief benefactor of incorporated management technology.

How should Americans handle personal health data?

The initiator and Chief Operating Officer of Tempus, startup focussed on washing and constructing medical data, he mentioned that he decides that patients should have their own data, some problems are yet to be fixed. Nevertheless, with health data, it’s undecided what a sick person can do. Health data is not transferable between healthcare systems at this time.

Who should Possess Your Health Data?

Personal health data would be harmless. Eric Lefkofsky says it’s supposed to be stockpiled in the tiniest imaginable unit size in sick people’s hands. He also said that it is logic as of civil rights outlook patients. Not the expertise firms nor their breadwinners should keep the data. They should possess it. Topol said. If nations would decide and collaborate in rivaling the Estonia archetypal. He said we may perhaps together resolve global health information difficulties.

The crucial to more bespoke and accurate care and ultimate therapies for illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s lies basically in our capability to customize vast data, synthetic brainpower, and machine knowledge to better comprehend the diseases’ hereditarily based algorithmic configurations.

Final say

By now, cancer must be a controllable nuisance if entirely stated in this article existed to partial of their possibilities instead of death. Where it, not this decisive data, we will remain searching for help from cancer by one hand secured on our hind.

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Neurocore YoyTube Content Can Help You Discover Answers For Life Issues

Today more than ever, scientists are recognizing that a focus on brain performance is the key to overcoming an array of physical and mental difficulties that can hold people back in just about all areas of life, from athletic performance to struggles with weight gain.

Other common problems, such as depression, migraine headaches, ADHD and general feelings of anxiety can be analyzed, and remedies found by examining brain function.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers offer a new kind of treatment that operates on the proposal that stronger brain function can solve problems and also unleash hidden potentials inside all of us.

One of the best ways to explore if Neurocore might have answers for you is to find out more on Youtube. A search on “Neurocore YouTube” will reveal a variety of videos that answer questions. They show in detail how Neurocore brain enhancement therapies and performance boosting methodologies can be a game changer, no matter what your problem or positive goal.

For example, behavioral health expert Dr. Tim Royer of Neurocore gives as excellent interview featured on the Eightwest program of Channel 8, West Michigan. He explains how the Neurocore approach is different in solving disorders. Neurocore methods focus on examining what is happening in the brain itself, rather than just looking at outward behaviors. It gets to the ultimate “locus of control” to solve problems.

Spending some time searching and surveying YouTube videos featuring Neurocore experts and topics may lead to discovering solutions to key issues you have been holding you back in life.

Neurocore’s: Facebook Page.

TalkSpace Helps couples With Marriage Difficulties

Talkspace is an online startup that provides therapy session to their clients. They have a team of experienced physician that guard the confidentiality of their patients. They offer their services at a pocket-friendly rate. Their professional counselors are licensed. Talkspace aims at helping patients with mental health disorders. Patients communicate with patients through messages and video calls.

Talkspace Partners with Michael Phelps

The partnership with Olympic champion, Michael Phelps was a milestone achievement for the online startup. It will be a golden opportunity for millions of viewer as Michael shares his personal experience on national television. Michael Phelps encourage victims of mental health disorders to open up and share their grieves. Problems shared is half solved, the therapy session helps in relieving pain, loss, and desperation experienced by the millions of people.

Michael Phelps shares his struggle with depression and anxiety. He noted that after he started sharing his problem, he managed to gain strength. In most occasions, he used messages and video call to communicate with his psychiatrist. The chief executive officer of the talk space noted that he was happy for the partnership. He believes that Michael Phelps incredible story will thrill millions of American with challenges to seek help. They determined and dedicated to delivering quality healthcare measure and be the change that people are seeking for. Read more reviews at

Talkspace Offers Relationship Tips

The online therapy shows its invaluable effort in helping couples experiencing difficulties. Their pieces of advice help in building a strong bond between couples, either cohabiting or legal married. Talkspace marriage and family therapist, Ashley Laderer affirmed that relationships meltdown begins when one partner tends to be jealous. Lack of commitment to fulfil the duties also has a negative impact on marriage.

Couples need to build on their communication. It helps in airing out their differences and solving the problem harmoniously and planning together. More also it is to plan together. With the heart to forgive each other and forget the past, it is the first step towards achieving the happiness we all looking for Ashley asserted.

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Josh Hedaya and Options for Users of Email Clients

Jojo Hedaya is one of the co-founders of, an internet company that allows users to opt-out of unwanted subscriptions or emails. The idea first came to Jojo Hedaya in the years while in college. Jojo Hedaya was a friend of Josh Rosenwald at the time. Both Jojo and Josh had come from similar backgrounds; that is, they had both grew up in Jewish families, attended Jewish private schools, went off to college to pursue a career, but that all changed in 2011. Jojo and Josh were both attending a class in Israel when a mutual Rabbi put them in touch with one another. The Rabbi believed they ought to be friends on the evidence they both loved and used Blackberry technology.

Nascent Ideas

It wasn’t long after that Jojo Hedaya and Josh were grappling with the same frustration, which was how to separate the plethora of unwanted emails they received on a daily basis from the emails they both needed to do their daily work. At that moment they decided to do something about it they started searching for a name to give to their nascent idea for a solution. They spent several days and thousands of potential ideas before they were both pleased with Unroll.

Next Steps in Development

Next Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald began to code an algorithm which would read all the emails, then separate thru filters, the emails to be accepted as necessary, then set those aside previously marked as junk or those deemed unnecessary by their advanced algorithms. The user could later set up more filters to unsubscribe to those emails which the user deemed no longer necessary, thereby cutting back on the clutter and streamlining the whole process.

Spreading the Word thru Social Media

Jojo Heyada and Josh Rosenwald began looking for subscribers by contacting social media outlets, bloggers, tech magazines and others who would spread the word. By several versions written and released, Unroll has grown to thousands of subscribers finding the technology necessary for their workflow. was purchased by Rakuten Intelligence in 2014.

Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya is a co-founder of He presently lives in New York with his wife and son. He is the Chief Product and Consumer Officer for He loves sports, especially basketball and a big fan of the Knicks.

Serge Belamant An Instrumental Brain Behind Blockchain Technology

Technology by a large proportion has come to do more good despite the counter-arguments. Generally, technology and information have redefined human life making it better and at times help in efficiency. The only constant thing about technology is the gradual advancement for better and more timely systems. Serge Belamant has been a technology enthusiast who has been researching far and wide on the optimal uses of technologies.

One of his biggest achievement so far, it’s his discovery on how technology could be applied to process a load of activities or transactions in the Finance sector or by Government with a single click. The command gets to be well receipted and processes, securely, accurately and timely. Serge Belamant is a pioneer in applying block-chain technologies to solve current problems.

Ideally, Serge Belamant came up with micro-controller smart cards through which a transaction ledger is developed and financial processing of commands undertaken. This has radicalized financial sector as it is possible to make payments, withdrawal and deposits among other services using the smart card either offline or online. Serge Belamant’s inventions have since then been absorbed for use by financial institutions, banks, governments, and private entities. The boon to the use of these smart cards is their versatility in that they are universal.

This was the biggest boost of Blockchain technology. Although, it was still being used in financial services provide the ledger generation approach was far-fetched and obviously brought so much efficiency. The main benefits are that it has helped improve financial security, transparency of transaction and accuracy of data.

About Serge Belamant

Serge was born Serge Christian Pierre Belamant in 1953 over at Tulle, France. At teenage, they moved to the South Africa and attended Highlands North, based in Johannesburg. He was an all-rounded student who excelled in his academics as well as extra-curricular activities – rugby and athletics. Serge later joined the Witwatersrand University for an applied math and computer science degree. He is a co-founder of Zilch Technology Limited-2018 and Net 1 UEPS Technologies-2017. Elsewhere, he hold advisor roles at Prism Group Holdings and at MediKredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions.

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