BetterWorks Gets Financial Boost from Extended Series B Funding Round

BetterWorks Systems Inc. has achieved profound success since its launch in 2013. The human resources management software company is best known for producing software to support a  Continuous Performance Management process. Recently, the company announced that it  had successfully obtained $27 million in additional investment capital from an extended Series B funding round. This capital was provided by several seed investors and existing investors including Kleiner Perkins and Emergence Capital. Altogether, the software company’s total funding exceeds $65 million.

The additional investment funds will be used to maintain the current rate of innovations and product developments to meet its customers’ diverse and changing needs. BetterWorks invested heavily in product innovation for its popular cloud-based application within the last year, and the investment was worthwhile. For the last two years, the company has experienced a 100 percent growth rate in key activities accessibility. This includes performance conversations, feedback, and goal creation. These innovations fed into improved performance, talent retention, and agility by customers.

BetterWorks Systems Inc. is headquartered in Redwood City and maintains a secondary office in New York City. The company’s solution includes additional features that also provide exceptional benefits to its customers. These include analytics that provide instantaneous visibility into a company’s performance management process and Goal Science, which enables organizations to easily set, manage and monitor progress towards and ensure alignment around goals. The primary competitors of BetterWorks are companies that produce performance management programs to assist users with HR annual reviews. The BetterWorks program stands out from the competition because of its improved dashboard design, the ability of employees to publicly recognize each other’s achievements  with nudges or cheers within the platform, transparent and visible progression toward goals, and more. The company’s management anticipates continual enhancement of the application to maintain the product’s competitive edge and superiority in the marketplace.

NGP VAN Provides Campaign Tips

With over two decades of experience, NGP VAN has been constantly providing Democratic and progressive campaigns with the most state-of-the-art software products and services to ensure their candidate is a shoo-in for whatever office they’re running for. They recently created a new software program that helps campaigns to canvass their neighborhoods more effectively than ever. It’s known as Minivan and it helps to show you different houses you can target to help spread the vote. It also provides you with plenty of stats that tell you how effective you have been in your canvassing endeavors. It also ensures that your canvassing is paperless and provides you with a script in which you can plug in your answers to keep track of your data.

In 2017, NGP VAN helped to turn out supporters in the millions at women’s marches and various demonstrations throughout the nation. They also helped hundreds of people with no previous political affiliations to get involved in activism and help steer this country back on track. They also helped the resistance continue to fight back against the dangerous Republicans currently in office. They have been with us throughout this entire process as we won decisive victories against bigoted Republicans and helped stopped this administration’s dangerous agenda right in its tracks. Rest assured, they will continue to stand alongside us in 2018 as the midterms loom large over DC.

In one of their most recent articles, NGPVAN provides their customers and clients with various tips to write an email that will help inspire your campaign to get out the vote and be as tenacious and effective as possible. Their first recommendation is to keep your graphics simple. This is not to say you should include graphics in every email you send but they could be helpful when used every now and then. Their next piece of advice is to be succinct which makes sense because, in addition to being more user-friendly, they’re also convenient for those who are busy.

Their next tip is that one should appeal to people’s emotions when writing an email, especially one that serves as a call to action. This, of course, makes logical sense as it makes you seem more persuasive. Finally, NGPVAN recommends you contrast between the two candidates to show how much better your candidate is by comparison. This will help you get your point across in a concise and effective manner.