Completely Free Mobile Internet and More from FreedomPop

The internet revolves around the free exchange of information, but for cell phone users there has always been a steep monthly fee to access that data. At least until five years ago, when FreedomPop turned the mobile service market on its head. FreedomPop offers 500 MB per month of totally free internet access on top of its already generous free 200 minutes of cellular voice and unlimited texting. Although there are reasonable fees for services beyond these limits, this is a cost-effective model for most cell phone users.


500MB is not a vast amount of data. It is enough for light uses such as monitoring incoming emails and keeping up with Facebook notifications on the go throughout the month. If you stream music and videos regularly from your device you will need to purchase additional data. FreedomPop makes this easy for you by automatically billing you $10 to refill your plan when you reach the final 100MB of your allotment. You will receive an email notification in advance of the charge so that you can choose to opt out, or you can disable automatic charges entirely via the billing settings section of the FreedomPop website. If you choose to do so you will instead be automatically billed .02 cents for each additional MB of data used. Regardless of what options you select, there are never any contracts or cancellation penalties associated with FreedomPop. There is a monthly fee of 10.99 for continuing to take advantage of this service that takes effect after one year of use or you can sign up for the popular 20$ a month plan that provides 1GB of data along with unlimited talking and texting.


Making payments is not the only way to gain access to additional data, however. The Freedom Friends program allows you to earn an additional 10MB of data per month for each friend that signs up and remains with FreedomPop. You can also complete online surveys, download software and participate in other offers via your phone to gain free data. Even downloading and playing online games can earn you credit.


Beyond this FreedomPop review, you can find more information over on Engadget or just go right to the FreedomPop website to sign up. If you have a Sprint-compatible device you are ready to get started or you can purchase a variety of devices directly from FreedomPop and start enjoying the feeling of being free.