Paul Mampilly- 2019 will provide a cool political environment for business.

Paul Mampilly is an investment analyst and a business mogul. For over 25 years, he has worked in the financial sector helping various individuals and organizations to make profitable investments. His career in Wall Street started in 1991 when he joined Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. Since then, he built his career to a point where he was trading for multi-billion dollar companies. In 2006, Paul Mampilly was working for Kinetics Asset Management as a hedge fund manager. During his tenure, the hedge fund was ranked as the best return hedge fund in the world. When he joined Kinetics Asset Management, it was worth $6 billion, but at the time he left it was well over $25 billion.

After working for 20 years on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly felt that was not getting self-fulfillment from that setting. He had made millions from his role as a hedge fund manager, and his focus switched to taking care of his family and helping the less knowledgeable investors. Eventually, he left and embarked on a process of imparting knowledge in the average investors. Today, he is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing Company and the author of the Profits Unlimited newsletter. This newsletter enjoys over 130,000 subscribers today.

Recently Paul Mampilly opened up about some of the business trends that could take place in 2019.

Political stability.

Paul Mampilly predicts that the business sector will benefit from a stable political environment in 2019. Mampilly sees a situation where President Trump will maintain his trend of deregulation which has created freedom in the business sector. However, he sees some obstacles on the way due to the victory of the Democratic Party during the recent midterm elections. He sees a situation where competition between both parties will eliminate the chances of any new legislation that might negatively affect the business environment. Although this is not the kind of political environment that should be witnessed, Paul Mampilly sees this as an advantage for people in business since they are likely to achieve short-term goals without disruptions through regulations, taxes or compliance. Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019

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Editing the Views on Amazon-Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is an editor of Banyan Hill publishing. These focus on topics such as privacy and asset protection. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He has a degree in economics and in history. During his working time in South Africa, he had many jobs where he served as a funding manager for various housing projects. In 2008, Steve Jobs the King of Tech back created the Apple iPhone. The iPhone is the most popular device in the business world. The statistic was done by a research firm name Kantar World panel. The smartphone represents the revenues for Apple the most. The company phone has created other products to go with the device. It has a huge consumer base for their products. The company became a monopoly over its course of existing.

Apple is going to be worth around one trillion dollars, is the world’s most valuable company. Jeff Bezos is filling in the shoes Jobs left. He is the CEO of Amazon and his company is already the fourth valuable company in the stock exchange. Millions of people shop on Amazon, millions more are subscribed to prime. Amazon Prime makes shopping easier and faster. Shipping is free along with free television and movie streaming. Amazon revenues are around one hundred seventy billion dollars. Jeff Bezos is trying to create a similar project to that of Steve jobs with a monopoly. Ted Bauman says though that Amazon is not a monopoly and actual vulnerable. He understands and edits articles about securing wealth, new investments, legal and personal plans for readers. Bauman also writes for Smart Money service and for Alpha Stock Alert about trading stocks. The economist Ted Bauman is able to bring different views and ideas on profit and value.

Bauman talks about how Amazon is equal to that of Sears and giving their customers instant satisfaction. Almost the entire world has a Prime membership account and citizens of the United States order from the e-commerce store. The reasons why Ted Bauman says Amazon is not a monopoly is because of its competitor’s income and revenues, it is not making a dent on merchants near consumers, and simply not enough customers are ordering off from it. The company is at a big risk when it comes down to anything scandalous or profit ruining. According to Bauman  if anything were to happen, stockholders would rid of their shares on Amazon. The price of the company would then crumble underneath itself. On top of which the lack of privacy Amazon had shown, which the economist motions to. Understanding the market, investments, and trends is a very valuable piece of information.

Matt Badiali Creating Wealth From The Natural Ecosystems

We are just in the wake of the new investment sensation “Freedom Checks” which promises a lot of impressive returns. It is hard to believe that the genius behind it, Matt Badiali, started of by being a scientist. Matt Badiali is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in earth science from Penn State University. He also holds a geology masters from Florida Atlantic University.

Matt was introduced to the finance world by a friend while undergoing a postgraduate study at North Carolina university. Together, the two worked towards the development of the different ways of investing in terms of the mainstream investor. The experience of Matt in sciences and geology was essential in offering investment advice in the energy sector.

Ever since, Matt Badiali has been on a mission to help the investors discover real investment returns in the energy, natural resources and metal sector. Some of his exploits include the launching of the newsletter, dubbed Real Wealth Strategist with the Banyan Hill Publishing. It is through the article, that Matt Badiali has amassed a large following of readers keen on investing in the natural stocks.

Among some of Matt Badiali’s advice was investment in the gold mining stocks. This goes against the picture painted of the gold investments as risky due to the effects of mines closing. Matt encourages investors that the gold is a means of diversifying their portfolio. This is helpful especially during market fluctuations and changes.

As per Matt, the trends in energy consumption are bound to shift in a major way. The shift will be inclined towards the electricity centered world unlike the current era of use of fossil fuels focused industries. A major factor that holds from realizing the potential is the battery technology. Matt believes that with the technology in use, it will produce battery that is capable of storing enough power to supply a city.

Based on his works in energy sector investments, Matt is a strong believer that investors and individuals can harness significant returns through investing in the right resources with the use of this knowledge.

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Organo Gold, Leading Coffee Distributor

Organo Gold is a company founded by Bernardo Chua and is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of quality coffee to its vast clientele. Bernardo Chua formed the company in an attempt to provide people with a healthy coffee drink that was of quality and that boosted their immune system. Organo Gold is indeed a force to be reckoned with as the company is an independent distributor and it has made its mark in the global market s one of the best producers of coffee. The company has become successful because of the direct sales approach that they use when distributing their coffee products. The direct sales business model allows the company to have an interaction with their clients which is a form of market research. This way, they can identify the needs of their customers and what products they want in order to satisfy them.

The coffee culture in the world is rich, and many people take coffee as a fun drink daily. Organo Gold has been a great addition to this coffee culture because of the many benefits that one can get from taking the drink. The main product that the company distributes is Ganoderma that can be found as coffee and as tea. Ganoderma is a healthy option for coffee drinkers because it has a number of great benefits that one can get from taking it. Some of them include:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Boosts one’s strength
  • Lower’s one’s cholesterol
  • Fights viruses and bacteria in the body
  • Get rids of toxins

From this, it is evident that Organo Gold has made a huge impact on the healthy lifestyle of coffee drinkers and lovers. While coffee is termed as an unhealthy drink option if drank in huge quantities, Ganoderma is a great substitute.

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Falalala – Latte ♫ Savor the holidays and #TasteTheGold with ORGANO™.

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Madison Street Capital: Recent $3.2M Deal

Madison Street Capital is a financial firm specializing in investments and other services for clients. Madison Street Capital is also known as MSC. MSC has office locations in Asia, Africa and North America. As a result of the company’s efforts globally, they have received a reputation of quality from their customers. They specialize in middle-market services. MSC partners with other firms in the industry in order to achieve success in niche markets. They consider their individual client’s needs and preferences in order to find a perfect match between buyer and seller. Their main objective is to further business within their firm and continue to expand efforts on a global scale.


Madison Street Capital has recently teamed up with a company called MonDak Portables. The company is from North Dakota and has initiated business with MSC. Their deal went through for a total of $3.2M. Following this transaction, the CEO and Senior Managing Director of the firm spoke kind words regarding the transaction. Jay Rodgers commented on the work between MSC and team at MonDak Portables. Jay commented on the communication between both parties as “clear” and “organized.” Both companies negotiated on their longterm goals for the partnership and collaboration. He spoke about the company’s poise during this time. The financial capabilities of both companies are vast. MSC spoke highly of the transaction. MSC and MonDak Portables were satisfied with the outcome of the transaction.


Madison Street Capital Reputation has Quality and Integrity


Madison Street Capital is a top investment firm that deals specifically with M&A deals. M&A stands for “mergers and acquisitions.” Mergers and acquisitions are types of transactions where the rights and ownership of a particular company are sold to another company during an M&A transaction. Many times M&A transactions consolidate entity ownership as part of the deal. As a result of these types of transactions, many investment banking firms decide to work closely with their partners and create long-term partnerships and negotiations.


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Talos Energy Makes Billion Dollar Discovery In The Gulf Of Mexico

Talos Energy has been making large strides in the energy and oil market recently. The company recently announced a partnership with Mexico’s Pemex that is set to begin in the coming year. The partnership is aimed at the discovery of a more lucrative gas and oil opportunity through a series of drilling projects. This partnership comes just a year after Talos Energy through their Zama project made a discovery of a major oil deposit while drilling for shallow water in the Gulf of Mexico. The company made an oil discovery that could potentially hold more than two billion barrels of oil and more than eight hundred billion in reserves that are yet to be discovered. The partnership is meant for the discovery of these untapped reserves. Pemex has also set out on solo ventures to discover wells and share data with other companies like Premier Oil of Britain, Sierra gas and oil in Mexico a Talos energy in the United States that are al, part of the consortium that is working on this project. This is quite the major deal for Talos Energy which has been in the industry for just six years.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy is a public company in the oil and gas industry that was founded in the year 2012. The company does exploration, production, and development of oil and natural gas properties. The company has its headquarters in Houston, Texas but does most of its exploration in the Gulf Coast as well as the Gulf of Mexico. It took around six hundred million dollars to launch the company. This money was provided by the Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings to Timothy Duncan who established the company. The success of the company is credited to the team of highly experienced management and the fact that the company has been able to adapt cutting-edge techniques and technology that are both innovative and seismic. The management of Talos Energy also boasts of the development of other companies in the industry like Phoenix Exploration and Gryphon Exploration both of which explore in the Gulf of Mexico like Talos Energy.

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Matt Badiali Clears Up Some Of The Confusion Surrounding Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali has been trying to help investors to understand more about what Freedom Checks are, but he has ran into some roadblocks. While the term Freedom Checks is a marketing term, it actually represents a very real investment opportunity. More than $34.6 billion in these checks have been sent out to investors, and people who invest in this opportunity now have the chance to receive monthly or quarterly payments. Many people have been wary about this opportunity because it sounds too good to be true, but that is because they just don’t know what Freedom Checks really are.

Matt Badiali wants investors to know that these payments come from what are called Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and that these are real investing opportunities where people get paid out of the profits that a company makes. These companies must be American companies that make the majority of their revenue from the processing, storage, manufacturing, or transport of oil and gas. They were made possible through Statute 26-F, which was passed by Congress in 1981. MLPs can be traded all over the United States, and the payments that are sent out to investors are taxed like capital gains.

It took quite some time to get this program rolling, and the increase in the production of natural gas in the United States has caused some of them to be quite valuable. Matt Badiali has stated that some MLPs report gains as high as 39,000%, which means there is plenty of cash to distribute to investors. While there are many MLPs available to the public, the really profitable ones can be difficult to discover, and this is where Matt Badiali comes in to help investors. Badiali has a background in geology and earth sciences and is a man who has plenty of experience in the field. He earned his bachelor’s degree in earth sciences while attending Penn State University, and he earned his master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He has been an investor who focuses on natural resources for many years and is a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing where he educates investors about prime investment opportunities.

Peter Briger Leads Fortress Investment Group Into More Successful Endeavors

It is 2018 and the company known as Fortress Investment Group has gathered some funds together as a desire to soon assist the owners of SoftBank Group Corp. For Fortress Investment Group this will be a big step up as this is there move into the field of corporate lending as a help out they people that they know and are familiar with in SoftBank Group Corp. This is all under the leadership of Peter Briger.

Unidentified sources within Fortress Investment Group are saying that their goal for their first corporate lending endeavor is to raise over 2 billion dollars. The form of lending that they will be conducting under with SoftBank Group Corp is what is called direct lending which their first fund will be dedicated to. Their target is also for a flagship created opportunity fund with the aim of trying to raise 5 billion for it which would be its fifth and they desire a recreations of a fund that they previously had is in 2015 for another 5 billion dollars. The representative that was spoken to declined to comment on these however.

In the previous year SoftBank received a 3.3 billion dollar deal from Fortress Investment Group allowing it to be the first private equity firm to delist this amount of money as Fortress moved into what they consider greater level of success in their company. In charge of everything and where the credit is due and the co-chief executive officer is Peter Briger and the managing partners Josh Pack and Andrew McKnight who were recently promoted are putting forth new ideas and work ethic that is changing the face of Fortress Investment Group.

While Fortress Investment Group is a juggernaut in handling their clients money, they’re also good at taking care of their own people as Joel Holsinger was allowed to take some time for a sabbatical and get his needed rest from all his successful work. The constant efforts as an important figure in the management committee he needed an adequate time off.

Fortress Investment Group is in a good space because as the years go by tougher regulations are holding back bank’s ability to be more fluid with the money that they receive and investing so people are taking their money to the private firms instead. Under the work of Peter Briger Fortress has also developed a strategy for a special fund for various endeavor helping company’s and individuals make their next moves and under Peter Briger leadership it is all very likely to be successful. Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

Richard Dwayne Blair Teaching Financial Principles

Many people want to learn about basic financial principles. Few people feel comfortable about their retirement planning. One of the best ways to have economic success is to work with an expert. Few people have more knowledge or experience in the financial planning field than Richard Dwayne Blair. Over the past few years, he has developed new products and services for clients.

Richard Dwayne Blair is one of the leading financial planners in the world today. He tells clients to only focus on a few areas of their finances. Over time, these areas can determine a person’s financial success or failure.


The first area for people to focus on is debt management. The vast majority of people have some form of debt that they have trouble paying down. Consumer debt is a significant problem in the United States. In the last recession, the debt was one of the biggest reasons that the economy collapsed.


Another fundamental aspect of financial planning is investing. Few people invest for their retirement each month. Instead, a lot of people never even think about investing for the future. This is the wrong approach to take when it comes to managing your finances.

Investing is critical for anyone who wants to retire. Compound interest from investing can make a massive difference in a person’s portfolio. Young people who start investing at an early age have a huge advantage over people who wait to get started.


Richard Dwayne Blair is a unique financial planner because he also focuses on a person’s income. Many financial planners only tell their clients to reduce spending. However, Richard Dwayne Blair also encourages clients to increase their income. He recommends that people start a side business that they can operate while working their typical job. By making a little bit of extra money each month, a person can have much more financial room in their budget.


To Invest or To Not Invest: The Oxford Club

Baltimore, Maryland, is the point of location for one of the nation’s leading investment companies. This company isn’t your typical old school investment agency, it is one of the most technologically advanced institutions in the nation. Building and storing wealth is a priority here. The Oxford Club is its name and building a financial future is its game. Did you know that this company has over 150,000 active members? On top of that, the Oxford Club is an international investment company. This means that individuals from other countries can get in on the action. Since 1989, this extraordinary company has pulled many of its clients out of the red and back into the black.

This exclusive network of entrepreneurs and investors has used tried-and-true strategies to outsmart the stock market. It has also used time-tested principles to outperform the stock market. Successful investments of today can set you up for a more comfortable life in the years to come. Philosophy and ability are two of the leading components that separates the Oxford Club from the pack. These professionals are very ethical, and they have your best interests at heart. Just think about it, when you make money, the company makes money. Founder William Bonner has done an amazing job with expanding the services. Back in the day, this company was known as the Passport Club. At this early stage in the game, the Passport Club was a bit limited in investment services. Thanks to the advancements in technology, the company changed its name to the Oxford Club in 1991.

This private club of investors decided to work as a single unit to identify and to invest in unique opportunities from around the globe. So far, this progressive method has brilliantly worked to the highest degree. For the greatest potential at the lowest of risks, the Oxford Club does an astounding job of researching hundreds of investment opportunities on a monthly basis.

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