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Fixing the Broken Promise and More For Marketing Consultants: Brought To You By Edwin Miranda and Associates

Sometimes we get into a fix where we make a promise that we cannot keep or do not want to keep. It happens a lot in business, especially in marketing. We make a promise to a client on marketing campaign that we find out later we cannot keep. We end up making a promise to a customer through an ad that we cannot actually fulfill the way they hoped or we would like.

Sometimes we feel let down by the broken or empty promises that were made. There are ways to avoid this from happening. Edwin Miranda has a few simple tricks to keep you from making a promise in a marketing campaign that you cannot keep, for one reason or another.

1) Did you make a promise to someone in marketing that you do not want or intend to do? That is the first step in making broken promise. You did not want to do it, so you come up with some way to get out of it. That does not look to good on you, from a business or customer standpoint, according to Edwin Miranda. You have to say “no” right away if you do not have an interest. Your clients and customers will have more respect for you. “No” is not a bad word. What matters is the delivery.

2) You should know your rights, according to Edwin Miranda. There is something called “assertive rights” https://www.liveyourtruestory.com/8-assertiveness-rights-which-you-need-to-defend-communication/. It gets easier to let someone down once you know and understand your rights. No one can or should pressure you into anything, according to Edwin Miranda. Period.

3) Set standards with your promises you make. Clear boundaries in marketing and consulting will let your clients and customers know what you can and cannot do for them.

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TalkSpace Helps couples With Marriage Difficulties

Talkspace is an online startup that provides therapy session to their clients. They have a team of experienced physician that guard the confidentiality of their patients. They offer their services at a pocket-friendly rate. Their professional counselors are licensed. Talkspace aims at helping patients with mental health disorders. Patients communicate with patients through messages and video calls.

Talkspace Partners with Michael Phelps

The partnership with Olympic champion, Michael Phelps was a milestone achievement for the online startup. It will be a golden opportunity for millions of viewer as Michael shares his personal experience on national television. Michael Phelps encourage victims of mental health disorders to open up and share their grieves. Problems shared is half solved, the therapy session helps in relieving pain, loss, and desperation experienced by the millions of people.

Michael Phelps shares his struggle with depression and anxiety. He noted that after he started sharing his problem, he managed to gain strength. In most occasions, he used messages and video call to communicate with his psychiatrist. The chief executive officer of the talk space noted that he was happy for the partnership. He believes that Michael Phelps incredible story will thrill millions of American with challenges to seek help. They determined and dedicated to delivering quality healthcare measure and be the change that people are seeking for. Read more reviews at talkspace.com

Talkspace Offers Relationship Tips

The online therapy shows its invaluable effort in helping couples experiencing difficulties. Their pieces of advice help in building a strong bond between couples, either cohabiting or legal married. Talkspace marriage and family therapist, Ashley Laderer affirmed that relationships meltdown begins when one partner tends to be jealous. Lack of commitment to fulfil the duties also has a negative impact on marriage.

Couples need to build on their communication. It helps in airing out their differences and solving the problem harmoniously and planning together. More also it is to plan together. With the heart to forgive each other and forget the past, it is the first step towards achieving the happiness we all looking for Ashley asserted.

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Agera Energy For The Betterment Of Consumers

Agera Energy sets up new measures for utilities that benefit their consumers

Agera energy leads in the provision of electricity, natural gas as well as recovery of utility for residential and business customers. Quick electricity with the partnership of Agera energy has set up commercial plans to help the residents of Texas. The customers will be utilizing these services if they can reach the limit of 17MkWh annually.

Agera Energy partnership with Quick Electricity

One of the services that the partnership between Agera energy and Quick electricity will be LED retrofitting. This will enable companies to enjoy lower utility expenses. Another advantage is a prolonged life span of light bulbs, which increase energy efficiency.

Agera will offer a five year limit warranty for their products and promises to rebate offset installation costs for its customers. Business who have already adapted the plan says that they now enjoy increased visibility of up to 20% from the upgrading of the utility lights. Agera’s LED retrofitting forms can be found online, and those who wish to enroll in the program can fill the commercial electricity form online.

Another service offered by Agera Energy is the utility recovery business service that helps customers from overpaying utility companies. Business owners get to have a complementary review of the utility bills for the past three years. They can also contact utility company for assistance in case of any discrepancies that may arise. The company also ensures that it will monitor the energy operations for the business for the coming three years.

Careers at Agera Energy

People who have worked with the company say that the pay structure is fair with salary plus a commission. The company gives its workers tools to succeed in their careers, and most of the people who previously worked for the company would recommend others to work with energy company. Their hiring process is transparent with applications being made online. The first interview is mostly via phone calls then there will be a follow-up where selected candidates meet the hiring panel, the deserving candidates get hired for any position in the company.

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Fortress Investment Group: The Creator Of Investments

Fortress Investment Group: The Creator of Investments

Fortress investment group was established, in 1998, by Chief Executive Officer Randy Nordone and co-chair Wes Edens. It was the first individual entity firm to be publicly traded in the United States’ New York Stock Exchange. Head-quartered in New York City, it is an investment management company and preserves its anonymity in the context of achieving its specific goals and objectives around the globe. The company controls assets on behalf of individual investors and corporate clients across the world and is focused on proceeding to operate as an individual firm.

Acclaimed founder and Chief Executive Officer, Masayoshi Son, of SoftBank, Japan, set out to make a business deal that will help the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group at a price of 3.3 Billion dollars. Soft Bank was established in the 1981 by Son back when it used to sell PC software as wholesale. It later started venturing in more controlling interests such as Yahoo which boosted its growth entirely to an industry with innovative technology goals and profitable records around the world.

Even though Soft Bank is set for Fortress Investment Group acquisition, it will not be involved in management of the firm’s corporate and individual asset. With Fortress under new ownership, it is set to continue with its daily business operations completely unaffected by the extremely large changes to be made. Soft bank realizes that success will be guaranteed as it recognizes the power of acquiring an already established successful asset and allowing it proceed with its operations without interference.

Fortress Investment Group made a business venture in one of their own firms, All Aboard Florida. All Aboard Florida is a rail service obtained government funding in bonds allocated for use in widening its rails around Orlando. This rail service was honored as the most publicly talked about transportation project undertaken. It is focused on dealing with the construction of high-speed rails that will bridge Las Vegas and LA cities.

The firm’s involvement in infrastructure venture comes with expertise and technology that the local states and the national government cannot compete with.

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Gareth Henry, The Global Head Of Investor Relations

Gareth Henry is one of the highly prolific businessmen in the United Kingdom, and he plays an essential role in international investment relations. He was born and spent his childhood years in London. After completion of his high School education in London, Gareth joined the University of Heriot in the year 1997 where he pursued bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. He graduated with his degree in the year 2001. Henry started working after he has completed his studies and this marked the beginning of his success in life.

Gareth Henry started working with Watson Wyatt Company as an analyst of the company’s research team. After working there for some time, he left the company and moved to Global Investment Management Services where he was employed on a contractor three years. In 2004, Gareth left the investment firm and joined SEI Investments as an Investment Manager. He used to manage pension funds, insurers, and consultants of the company. He then left the company in 2005 and went to Shroders Company where he worked as a Director.

Gareth Henry worked at Shroders for two years and then took a transfer to Fortress Investment Group which made him migrate to the United States. He worked for the company as the Managing Director, and his work was remarkable. Henry helped the company in raising the hedge capital, real estate holdings, private equities and private credits. Besides, he also served as the Head of International relations of the company, and this exposed him to other great company’s different continents such as Asia and Europe.

Moreover, Gareth Henry worked as Global Head of Investor Relations at Fortress, and he was able to manage more than $3.5 billion hedge fund. Currently, Gareth works as the Global Head of Investor Relations at Angela, Gordon & Corona of the most significant investment companies in the US. He has shares in the company and among his achievement is that he managed to raise $4.5 billion hedge fund in 2016. Gareth Henry also has a sponsorship foundation which offers bursaries to students studying at Heriot University.

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Lessons From Entrepreneur Edwin Miranda

KOI IXS is a marketing agency that was founded by Edwin Miranda. The agency is involved in the creation of full performance and performance-driven marketing strategies for clients. It relies mainly on modern technologies to help clients to implement superior marketing strategies. In the age of attribution and predictive marketing, this organization has gained prominence as a crucial partner for brands that would like to have a global appeal. Edwina Miranda started KOI at age of 21. Since then, he has relied on passion and desire to succeed in life as drivers of whatever he does. Miranda believes that for anyone to create a successful enterprise, passion must be part and parcel of what they do.

Predictive marketing technology allows businesses to turn personalized marketing into a reality. By utilizing predictive analytics, businesses can predict how various strategies are likely to perform in real life. Edwin Miranda is happy that predictive marketing is now accessible to all businesses, either big or small.

Edwin Miranda believes that the early bird catches the worm. Every day, he wakes up very early to start his daily routine. He believes that anyone who would like to be successful as business person should not fear to make mistakes since they are sometimes the channels through one learns. He also insists on developing a real passion that will drive you to push up beyond the limits.

As a successful entrepreneur, Edwin allocates time to assess his accomplishment of short term, medium term, and long term goals. He believes that having a system that incorporates the three will allow you to have a balanced way of assessing your success.

Edwin Miranda encourages budding entrepreneurs to associate with people they can trust and people who share the same ideas as they do. By surrounding yourself with positive thinkers, the chances are that your plans will succeed.

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Guilherme Paulus Believes in the Power of Business to Support COmmunities

Guilherme Paulus was recently featured in an article published on the Chronicle of Week website titled, “Prizes are My Rewards, Obstacles are My Challenges’: The Story of Brazilian Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus.” The article was written by Hannah Lewis Cottrell.

The article reveals that Paulus became so well known in Brazil for his entrepreneurship in the tourism and travel industry that he has won several awards. He has been a member of the National Tourism Council for more than a decade and has helped his business grow by allowing him to develop relationships with government agencies and venture capitalists alongside those within the tourism industry. He was a critical member of the committee that forged a tourism relationship between Brazil and France that provided visas for French tourists. He included CVC in the promotion of Brazillian tourism to French citizens and they opened a CVC store in Paris. He has also won a special award from the French government for his involvement in the program. The United States has also provided awards to Paulus for his achievements in tourism and hotels. The governments in Mexico and Argentina have also selected CVC as one of the leading tourism groups. Brazil recognized Guilherme Paulus as the “Executive of Valor” by the Modern Consumer Magazine. He has also been recognized as the “Personality of the Year” by Viagem e Turismo of Editora Abril. Isto E Dinheiro also named him as 2017’s “Entrepreneur of the Year.” See more of Guilherme Paulus at mercadoeeventos.com

Paulus’ theory of business includes being a socially conscious entrepreneur. He encourages every business owner and entrepreneur to give back to the community in one way or another. His own company has supported programs like PIET. PIET helps train disadvantage adolescents to become leaders in the tourism industry through educational programs. He has also supported the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism and Dr. Klaide’s Care and Education Institution. Dr. Klaide’s Care and Education Institution is dedicated to providing psychological counseling and education opportunities to the disadvantaged youth in Santo Andre. Guilherme Paulus believes it is important for entrepreneurs to stay close to their communities and listen to what the people want and need. Businesses have the ability to influence communities and the economy by creating local jobs and business foundations for the people to follow. Guilherme Paulus has always been involved in the day to day details of the business. He still works with clients, employees, and customers at the different GJP properties every week to stay knowledgable about what’s working and what isn’t.

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The Operations Of New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp was incorporated in 2011 and is currently operated as a real estate investment trust. Its main focus is the investing as well as the management of the investments that are associated with the residential real estate. New Residential Investment Corp portfolio includes residential mortgage loans, residential mortgage-backed securities among other investments.

New Residential Investment Corp was initially formed as a subsidiary of the Newcastle Investment Corp, but in 2013 it gained the mandate to operate as an independent publicly traded entity. It is a publically traded company whose goal is to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns from its investments. New Residential Investment Corp leverages on the expertise of its associates in delivering attractive returns that results in higher dividends for the shareholders. They target the assets that have a potential of generating long term cash flows.

New Residential Investment Corp understands that the nature of the mortgage market of the US has grown more complex while presenting more opportunities for investors. Currently, the value of the residential housing market in the country is approximated at $21 billion, which is an indication that the investments opportunities are growing. The company believes to have the resources, the experience, and the relationships that that are key to leveraging opportunities that the market presents.

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Michael Nierenberg: Business and Philanthropy

The New Residential Investment Corp. is a real estate investment trust that is available for public trading. And the New Residential Investment Corp. is focused on managing and investing in residential real estate. New Residential Investment Corp. is a company that is ready to take high risks in order to build high profit as well. The investments of New Residential Investment Corp. usually is spread between non-Agency residential mortgage backed securities or what they call “RMBS”, Associated Call Rights and Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights or “MSRs”.

It is known and proven that the investment expertise and the prowess of New Residential Investment Corp. in the industry isunparred with. New Residential Investment Corp. focuses on long term cashflows that can generate a significant and certain income in the future.

New Residential Investment Corp. is ran by Michael Nierenberg. He is the current Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President of New Residential Investment Corporation. Under Michael Nierenberg’s leadership of New Residential Investment Corp., it is now currently valuated at about 14 million dollars with about a million dollars in equity value.

Michael Nierenberg is such an effective leader because of his extensive experience and knowledge in different approaches for investments because of his past experiences with other companies. He has served in the biggest names in the investment industry and he is already a household name in the industry.

Michael Nierenberg is not only an excellent business man, he also forwards his philanthropy and he is an active member of the community. Michael Nierenberg is also the current chairman of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation. The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation is one of the front runners in developing and innovating treatment and technologies that focus on reprogramming the behavior of cancer cells. The scientists of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation were the pioneers in sing differentiation therapy to cure an acute form of leukemia. The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation still continues to work in forwarding newer technologies in curing different kinds of cancer and the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation supports other organizations that are also focused on developing new treatments for cancer.

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Benefits of working with a leading equity firm, HGGC

HGGC is a top private equity firm in the world. Its headquarters are located in California, although it has had offices in different cities across the globe. This firm is known for its ability to help investors invest the capital wisely. It is a go-to equity firm for high-profile investors who are looking for high-quality private equity firms to work with. Normally, it is a challenge for many business owners to find a private equity firm that they can trust with their capital. Many business owners normally struggle to find a firm which will take care of their business goals and help them achieve them.

If you are struggling to find a private foundation trust, HGGC is a reputable firm that has attracted many clients due to their performance. The company was founded in 2007 and since then claimed to one of the best performing private equity firms in the world. One thing that makes this firm the right option for many investors is that they offer a wide range of services when it comes to investment opportunities. They deal with prospects in different sectors, and therefore almost every investor can find a home in this firm. They have a customized approach when dealing with the clients such that the goals of the clients have become their own goals.

HGGC is different from other private equity firms in that their operations are international. They deal with companies from all over the world. So, no matter where you are located, HGGC will be ready to work with you. Working with these companies is one of the best choices that you can ever make us an investor. This company has over $4 billion in capital and mostly works with middle market businesses that earn $1 million in revenue yearly. Firms that have so far worked with HGGC can attest that they have seen an improvement in their business performance.

HGGC boasts of a team of employees who are highly qualified and who are passionate to achieve the goals of the clients. When working with this company, you will be benefiting from professionals who have many years of experience working with middle-market businesses, and therefore you can never go wrong with them.