ClassDojo taking over tech-ed

ClassDojo has a mission to enable the three groups that are eminent in a schooling system to create what they can deem as ideal classrooms. An ideal classroom is an environment where a student feels at ease with both the teachers and even their parents. It is an environment where the children are able to study and learn smoothly without any tensions towards a teacher or parent. ClassDojo was started by Sam Chaudhary and Liam seven years ago and has its base of operations in San Francisco. This is an application whose goal is to allow students to acquire important life skills and let parents get the experience of what their children go through in school during a day through the sharing of school activities through videos and photos. Conversations are even available.

The app has raised a large amount of money to support the connection between teachers and the parents of their students. This has really helped because teachers are able to inform parents of how their children are doing in school, their behaviors and even progress. Child development is very important to every parent, and a chance to understand the experience of that child is seized by this app and presented to the parents.

ClassDojo is well different from systems that have not embraced it, which only discuss school issues once in a while and end up surprising parents. However, ClassDojo enables teachers to raise issues that face their students there and then. If incidents occur during a school day, parents get to know, and if their attention is required, then they are informed instantly. This promotes responsibility and accountability greatly.

The great men who started ClassDojo use the finances they have acquired to ensure that the team that works with them grows every day and becomes bigger and better. They are also trying to make improvements by finding out the things that should be added and those that are not necessary. There are features that could benefit parents both when the children are in school and also when they go home. Sam Chaudhary and Liam try to find better ways to make ClassDojo more efficient and reliable.