How is Pioneering in Environmental Sustainability through Reusable Packaging Bags

The word that is in most of the people and leaders around the world is how people should start making the world a sustainable place where future generations will enjoy the natural resources available. This has brought about the ‘Green’ concept that is dominating in any industry.

Manufacturing entities are currently being encouraged by governments to incorporate ‘green’ manufacturing activities and practices in their operations. However, much blame has been directed to packaging and retail companies which have been accused of packaging their products with various packaging materials that are considered harmful to the environment. is a leading e-commerce company in China. The company has been in operation a few many years, which means that it has a wide range of customers in various parts of the country. Therefore, its distribution and logistical strategy could be leading to environmental degradation by packaging products using non-biodegradable packaging materials. However, as a responsible and environmental sensitive company, has changed its packaging materials.

The company has formulated strategies that will make its supply chain sustainable through ‘green’ strategies. One of the key initiatives to this program is the Green Stream Initiative, which is a program mostly focused on ensuring that all the packaging materials are reusable. Using reusable packaging materials means that a package can be used several times before an individual decides to dispose of it. This does reduce not only environmental pollution but also reduces the amount of money the company spends in manufacturing packaging bags. has been encouraging most of the customers to choose reusable packaging materials so that they can minimize environmental pollution. Taking the initiative to encourage customers to use reusable packaging materials is a strategic policy that will reduce pollution across the country — this project started in major cities, especially in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing. However, the initiative has already spread to other parts of the country.

Using a sustainability measure is one of the strategic policies of The company has set aside vast amounts of money to help it to achieve its objectives and also play a vital role in corporate social responsibility. The entity has been able to accomplish these goals through commitment and extensive logistical plans.


Dabie Tsai on D&A and AI Changing the Future of Accounting

Throughout the years, technology has managed to push every field of activity towards change, and accounting is no different. With new mechanisms being implemented constantly to improve certain operations, people have to change the way they approach daily tasks. Dabie Tsai, a long time accounting and auditing expert, talked about the changes that have been occurring in her line of work and why things aren’t as grim as people might fear.

Tsai is a former partner with KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting firms, and has had a 23-year tenure with the firm, serving in leadership roles linked to her specialties, such as US GAAP, SEC 33 and 34 Acts filings for domestic and foreign registrants, and IFRS. She considers accounting the foundation for any company, and when it comes to new innovations, she believes that data and analytics, as well as artificial intelligence, are recent innovations which will continue to revolutionize her profession.

Effective use of data and analytics, according to Tsai, has enabled her profession to focus on risk areas such as unusual transactions. As a result of incorporating big data, the amount of business activity which can be in scope for review and examinations ends up expanding significantly. Discussing the benefits of D&A, the accounting veteran went as far as to say that it is transforming the way businesses operate. As a result of mining big data, companies are able to identify variables of concern which were not previously measured to improve performance or enhance strategy (Gazetteday).

When adding artificial intelligence to the mix, Tsai considers that it will be possible for large amounts of information to be analyzed, processed, and evaluated while, at the same time, identifying complexities or irregularities. She does, however, point out that AI is still at the tip of the iceberg.

Dabie Tsai  notes that these advancements in her line of work will end up requiring a new skill set from accounting professionals, requiring them to be more tech savvy and possess the ability to translate and interpret the analysis provided to understand how it impacts businesses.

Clay Hutson: The Gold Standard in Live Music Production

As a live music producer, Clay Hutson is used to working behind the scenes but that doesn’t mean that he takes his job any less seriously. In a recent interview with Blogwebpedia, he talks about his strictly regimented day and how that lends itself to the continuation of his success working in the music industry. Clay Hutson came up with the idea of launching his own music production company after working on various high-profile jobs. He uses these years of experience to inform him as he makes decisions about what would be best for the current venue and planned show.

While some people may not have a good grasp on what a live music producer does, Clay Hutson is quick to credit the hard work that goes into supporting a live performance. Everything needs to be in its place and he even talks about the fact that door measurements are a must when considering a venue. Not only does he need to get everyone in their place, but he also needs to consider the equipment needs of various sites. The artist that he works for has specific visions and it is important to Clay Hutson that those visions see fruition.

Recently, Clay Hutson partnered with Halsey for her 2018 world tour. This came as no shock to people who are familiar with his exacting standards. He looks at every day as a new opportunity to prove himself. Often, days in the live music industry start very early. He tells his interviews that a day that starts at about 6 AM is standard with production duties spreading well into the evening. Since people often attend these shows to have a good time, there are things that need to be done during and after the shows to ensure that the next leg of the journey goes seamlessly for the team, artist, and their fans.

For Clay Hutson, it is all about keeping the balance. He remains highly regimented because he wants to be sure that everything clients need from him are being adequately addressed. It is one of the biggest reasons why he has earned such a reputation in the music production industry and probably a good reason why he will continue to enjoy success.