Article Title: Erick Lefkofsky; Improvements On Cancer Treatment

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Mr . Erick Lefkofsky is the known Chief Executive Officer and also the co-founder of Tempus company. He studied at Southfield-Lathrup High School, The University of Michigan and finally at the University of Michigan Law School. After Erick was done with school, he decided to acquire a company together with a colleague. Erick Lefkofsky is also known to have co-founded several other companies such as InnerWorkings which dealt with procurement issues, Echo Global Logistics company which mostly specialized on the logistics of various freights, Uptake LLC among others.

Erick Lefkofsky also believes in giving back to the society. This is clearly proven by his generous act of forming the Lefkofsky Charitable Foundation. This particular foundation has been of so much help to many needy people and also various organizations. He was also once a tutor at DePaul University where he taught the students about different types of business models which are disruptive in nature. Erick Lefkofsky is also talented author. He authored a book by the title ‘Accelerated Disruption’.

The Tempus Company is a tech firm that gives medics an opportunity to give specialized cancer care to patients through the use of various machines. The idea to start this company struck when Erick took a loved one for cancer treatment. During that time, he realized that the doctors were not using modern technology treatment data. He therefore decided to come up with a company that could provide modern cancer treatment care. He since the worked diligently to ensure that the doctors have sufficient information for treatment. He reveals that he always makes sure that he arrives to work early before his colleagues arrive so that he can have a disruption free environment to focus on some important issues.

Erick Lefkofsky has also developed partnerships with prominent cancer centers. This bold step is advantageous since the centers have sufficient resources to carry out research. Tempus is always interested in collecting data about the cancer patients including their identity, the drugs prescribed to them and their bodies reaction to the drugs. Tempus also handles the structuring of both molecular and also clinical data.

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Clay Siegall Is Changing Things Up With Seattle Genetics.

Fighting A Daring Disease

Cancer is one of the most difficult diseases to treat and there simply aren’t enough options for doctors who plan on fighting against it. This is the exact reason that Clay Siegall decided to create Seattle Genetics. He was tired of seeing the lack of progress on fighting cancer and wanted to come up with new and innovative way of approaching the problem. This led him to develop an entirely new treatment method and that innovation has blown up.

A New And Innovative Approach

The center of Seattle Genetics is the antibody-drug conjugate. Combining these qualities together gives this new treatment a much higher rate of success. Previous methods of cancer therapy came with more severe side effects and are less effective than ADCs. ADCs give doctors the ability to treat their patients in a way specifically designed for their immune system in order to allow the body to better accept the drugs. This innovative approach isn’t going unnoticed within the pharmaceutical industry. Seattle Genetics is attracting the attention of big names like Pfizer for its groundbreaking research into cancer.

Where It All Goes From Here

Clay Siegal’s research and hard work are finally paying off. Seattle Genetics is attracting big investments and the interest in its innovative approach has led to a desire to implement ADCs to an even greater extent. To meet these demands Siegall is conducting more research into ADCs and trying to find new applications for them. If he succeeds it just might result in the next big success in cancer therapy. Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases out there, but the assistance of people like Clay Siegall is making a big difference.

About Clay Siegal

Clay Siegall is a medical researcher with a strong focus on cancer. After spending a decade researching cancer for various medical firms he decided to create Seattle Genetics in 1999. Seattle Genetics took off very soon with its innovative approach to fighting cancer and continues to amaze. He continues to use his cancer expertise to deliver new solutions in medicine.