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When it comes to starting a business, every businessperson can tell you that having a successful company is not an easy task. It involves starting numerous companies and then having a few of them fail. But what makes the difference between successful business people and those who are not, is that they shake off their failures and start their business until they succeed. One such successful business person is Richard Liu. After having an instructive company failure from the numerous business ventures, he started selling different computer parts, and this made his company one of the most sort after retail business in Beijing.

Richard Liu is the Chief executive officer and founder of one of the best retail business known as This is one of China’s greatest e-commerce platforms, and it currently has a net worth of $7.3 billion. Thanks to the success of the company, Walmart became shareholder, and this helped increase the net value of the company even further. However, the success of would not have come about were not for the determination that Richard Liu Qiangdong put into his career and studies. Richard graduated from the Renmin University of China with a degree in sociology.

However, when studying for his degree, he spent some of his time not only as a student but also trying to hone his computer skills by doing freelance coding work. Once he completed his degree, a health product company later hired him, and this was the beginning of business for him. Liu left the health product company and then opened a shop in 1998, which sold magneto-optical products. In 2003, Liu later expanded his business and this led to him opening 12 stores. However, due to the SARS outbreak, the business was about to close down, and this made him question the structure of his company.

The reality that both customers and staff were forced to remain housebound because of the SARS outbreak pushed Richard to start thinking of developing business on an online platform. This was when was born. This idea became a hit with customers around the world.

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Article Title:’s AI Accelerator Demonstration

Article Text:, China’s biggest retailer, is empowering new AI new businesses to push the limits of genuine uses of AI innovation. Propelled last August, JD’s AI quickening agent fills in as a noteworthy hatchery for AI new businesses and beginning period organizations hoping to positively influence the space. JD’s first demo day, held in March, gave the quickening agent’s debut gathering of new companies an opportunity to grandstand their ventures.

The principal clump of new companies covers a scope of ventures, including retail, lawful, human services, and training, among others. A portion of these undertakings have just been actualized for everyday use at For example, FaGouGou (法狗狗), a supplier of AI-fueled legitimate consultancy administrations, worked intimately with JD’s lawful group to build up an inventive chatbot for traders requiring lawful exhortation and administrations. In view of JD’s discourse acknowledgment innovation, AI calculations, and lawful databases, the Q&A stage has as of now profited a large number of JD’s providers, shippers, accomplices and different business visionaries and SMEs, giving them fast solutions to their questions about venture and financing, corporate administration, accreditations, work issues, and the sky is the limit from there. FaGouGou’s new lawful innovation item is presently assuming a basic job in satisfying the necessities emerging from a present deficiency of experienced attorneys in China.

“We’re excited to work with to utilize AI to progress lawful administrations,” said Alex Liu, CEO of FaGouGou. “ is standing out with regards to true use of innovation, particularly in AI. Utilizing JD’s enormous assets made it workable for us to turn our concept of AI-driven lawful consultancy administrations into a reality.”

Another startup is utilizing AI to understand basic agony focuses tormenting wine customers. Gone are the times of endeavoring to recall the name of that incredible jug of wine from the previous evening’s supper on account of Chinese wine application 9KaCha. The application prepares’s current SnapShop innovation – a day in and day out shopping advisor which enables clients to transfer photographs and uses AI to break down them and give proposals – with the capacity to perceive a huge number of wines dependent on a broad database, and to get to point by point data about every one, for example, its sort, birthplace, shading and taste, with a straightforward snap of a catch. Clients can transfer a photograph of a wine name to legitimately buy that specific wine, or to get suggestions about different wines to enable them to grow their portfolios.

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JD.Com’s consumer-to-Manufacturer Model Marketing Influence

China’s largest retailer has developed a Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) model which is helping fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) business brands to significantly increase their sales. With access to more than 300 million customers, the company utilizes its vast customer feedback database to analyze customer capabilities and hence offer valuable information to brands on how best to optimize their products. This, therefore, helps these business brands to understand how best to cater to Chinese customers and hence penetrate the huge Chinese market of FMCG., being an online retailer, identifies the most common search keywords in its platform and uses this information to advise brands on the desires of most customers. Brands which utilize this information provided by to customize their products have reported a significant increase in sales in the Chinese market. The valuable information provided by is arrived t after sophisticated trend analyses and keyword searches.

Huggies diapers are one of the brands which have benefited from the C2M model by From’s analysis, there was a significant rise in the popularity of Chinese diaper brands. These diaper brands were those that used a composite material in place of wood pulp, traditionally used by Huggies. Huggies utilized this information and released a diaper brand, having replaced the wood pulp with composite material. and Huggies also came up with a 104-diaper package after analysis of customer shopping trips and babies’ diaper needs. These new products have seen a significant increase in Huggies sales in China.

Another brand which has benefitted from the C2M model by is Head & Shoulders, an anti-dandruff and scalp-care expert.’s data analysis revealed that Chinese customers were getting increasingly concerned about the environmental friendliness of the products they use. The popularity of natural hair products was on the rise. hence helped Head & Shoulders to develop a collection of natural shampoo which is free of silicon. The sales of this new shampoo collection were amazing. has since leveraged its C2M model to other brands other than FMCG. These include electronic brands such as HP and Logitech. For HP, they jointly launched a gamers’ exclusive PC which was specifically developed to cater for gaming needs. For Logitech, they utilized the popular search words ‘silent’ and ‘slim’ to develop a modern design quiet wireless mouse. This was made possible by data obtained from’s analyzes.

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Stansberry Research Maintains a Remarkable Reputation in the Investment Sector Amidst Economic Challenges

Stansberry Research is a private investment and publishing company based in America. The institution has its headquarters in Maryland’s Baltimore, with branches around Oregon, California, and Florida. Stansberry Research focuses on investment research mainly with information services with a primary consistency of monthly advisory newsletters composed by various financial editors. Amidst the fluctuating market factors, it has remained instrumental to investors through its captivating advisory services in investment.

The company’s service background

The company’s principal operations include power, oil, natural resources, mining investments, and healthcare, among others. Stansberry Research Company has its newsletter subscribers in more than one hundred nations worldwide. Stansbery Research was founded and started operating as an original investment research institution. It was founded by Mr. Porter Stansberry who is also the company’s Investment Advisor. Before the launching of Stansberry Research, it was first the American editor of the financial newsletter and Fleet Street.

Stansberry Research provides pre-market briefings about trading opportunities in regards to global stock and currency which are in line with pricing systems and all other world stock markets. The firm also offers updates on oil, copper, gold, and the dollar, to mention a few. It does the publication of opinions, recommendations, and strategies regarding investment and stock purchase.

Stansberry Research’s Investment Guidelines

To get more knowledge about various newsletters and procedures introduced by Stansberry Research, the company helps by looking at the guiding principles of the publisher. The main among these guidelines include the two essential tenets concerning the kind of advice offered by the firm. First, the company does a tremendous job of providing its customers with the tangible information they would need to receive in case they reversed roles. This concept originates from the idea that the firm understands the fact that its advisory services impact the lives of its readers. With such a responsibility, they also work on presenting only the information that investors would find valuable towards generating profits. To gain trust and reliability, Stansberry Research Company believes in transparency when it comes to investment advice, making work easier for investors.

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Paul Mampilly- 2019 will provide a cool political environment for business.

Paul Mampilly is an investment analyst and a business mogul. For over 25 years, he has worked in the financial sector helping various individuals and organizations to make profitable investments. His career in Wall Street started in 1991 when he joined Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. Since then, he built his career to a point where he was trading for multi-billion dollar companies. In 2006, Paul Mampilly was working for Kinetics Asset Management as a hedge fund manager. During his tenure, the hedge fund was ranked as the best return hedge fund in the world. When he joined Kinetics Asset Management, it was worth $6 billion, but at the time he left it was well over $25 billion.

After working for 20 years on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly felt that was not getting self-fulfillment from that setting. He had made millions from his role as a hedge fund manager, and his focus switched to taking care of his family and helping the less knowledgeable investors. Eventually, he left and embarked on a process of imparting knowledge in the average investors. Today, he is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing Company and the author of the Profits Unlimited newsletter. This newsletter enjoys over 130,000 subscribers today.

Recently Paul Mampilly opened up about some of the business trends that could take place in 2019.

Political stability.

Paul Mampilly predicts that the business sector will benefit from a stable political environment in 2019. Mampilly sees a situation where President Trump will maintain his trend of deregulation which has created freedom in the business sector. However, he sees some obstacles on the way due to the victory of the Democratic Party during the recent midterm elections. He sees a situation where competition between both parties will eliminate the chances of any new legislation that might negatively affect the business environment. Although this is not the kind of political environment that should be witnessed, Paul Mampilly sees this as an advantage for people in business since they are likely to achieve short-term goals without disruptions through regulations, taxes or compliance. Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019

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Lessons From Entrepreneur Edwin Miranda

KOI IXS is a marketing agency that was founded by Edwin Miranda. The agency is involved in the creation of full performance and performance-driven marketing strategies for clients. It relies mainly on modern technologies to help clients to implement superior marketing strategies. In the age of attribution and predictive marketing, this organization has gained prominence as a crucial partner for brands that would like to have a global appeal. Edwina Miranda started KOI at age of 21. Since then, he has relied on passion and desire to succeed in life as drivers of whatever he does. Miranda believes that for anyone to create a successful enterprise, passion must be part and parcel of what they do.

Predictive marketing technology allows businesses to turn personalized marketing into a reality. By utilizing predictive analytics, businesses can predict how various strategies are likely to perform in real life. Edwin Miranda is happy that predictive marketing is now accessible to all businesses, either big or small.

Edwin Miranda believes that the early bird catches the worm. Every day, he wakes up very early to start his daily routine. He believes that anyone who would like to be successful as business person should not fear to make mistakes since they are sometimes the channels through one learns. He also insists on developing a real passion that will drive you to push up beyond the limits.

As a successful entrepreneur, Edwin allocates time to assess his accomplishment of short term, medium term, and long term goals. He believes that having a system that incorporates the three will allow you to have a balanced way of assessing your success.

Edwin Miranda encourages budding entrepreneurs to associate with people they can trust and people who share the same ideas as they do. By surrounding yourself with positive thinkers, the chances are that your plans will succeed.

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Guilherme Paulus Believes in the Power of Business to Support COmmunities

Guilherme Paulus was recently featured in an article published on the Chronicle of Week website titled, “Prizes are My Rewards, Obstacles are My Challenges’: The Story of Brazilian Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus.” The article was written by Hannah Lewis Cottrell.

The article reveals that Paulus became so well known in Brazil for his entrepreneurship in the tourism and travel industry that he has won several awards. He has been a member of the National Tourism Council for more than a decade and has helped his business grow by allowing him to develop relationships with government agencies and venture capitalists alongside those within the tourism industry. He was a critical member of the committee that forged a tourism relationship between Brazil and France that provided visas for French tourists. He included CVC in the promotion of Brazillian tourism to French citizens and they opened a CVC store in Paris. He has also won a special award from the French government for his involvement in the program. The United States has also provided awards to Paulus for his achievements in tourism and hotels. The governments in Mexico and Argentina have also selected CVC as one of the leading tourism groups. Brazil recognized Guilherme Paulus as the “Executive of Valor” by the Modern Consumer Magazine. He has also been recognized as the “Personality of the Year” by Viagem e Turismo of Editora Abril. Isto E Dinheiro also named him as 2017’s “Entrepreneur of the Year.” See more of Guilherme Paulus at

Paulus’ theory of business includes being a socially conscious entrepreneur. He encourages every business owner and entrepreneur to give back to the community in one way or another. His own company has supported programs like PIET. PIET helps train disadvantage adolescents to become leaders in the tourism industry through educational programs. He has also supported the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism and Dr. Klaide’s Care and Education Institution. Dr. Klaide’s Care and Education Institution is dedicated to providing psychological counseling and education opportunities to the disadvantaged youth in Santo Andre. Guilherme Paulus believes it is important for entrepreneurs to stay close to their communities and listen to what the people want and need. Businesses have the ability to influence communities and the economy by creating local jobs and business foundations for the people to follow. Guilherme Paulus has always been involved in the day to day details of the business. He still works with clients, employees, and customers at the different GJP properties every week to stay knowledgable about what’s working and what isn’t.

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Benefits of working with a leading equity firm, HGGC

HGGC is a top private equity firm in the world. Its headquarters are located in California, although it has had offices in different cities across the globe. This firm is known for its ability to help investors invest the capital wisely. It is a go-to equity firm for high-profile investors who are looking for high-quality private equity firms to work with. Normally, it is a challenge for many business owners to find a private equity firm that they can trust with their capital. Many business owners normally struggle to find a firm which will take care of their business goals and help them achieve them.

If you are struggling to find a private foundation trust, HGGC is a reputable firm that has attracted many clients due to their performance. The company was founded in 2007 and since then claimed to one of the best performing private equity firms in the world. One thing that makes this firm the right option for many investors is that they offer a wide range of services when it comes to investment opportunities. They deal with prospects in different sectors, and therefore almost every investor can find a home in this firm. They have a customized approach when dealing with the clients such that the goals of the clients have become their own goals.

HGGC is different from other private equity firms in that their operations are international. They deal with companies from all over the world. So, no matter where you are located, HGGC will be ready to work with you. Working with these companies is one of the best choices that you can ever make us an investor. This company has over $4 billion in capital and mostly works with middle market businesses that earn $1 million in revenue yearly. Firms that have so far worked with HGGC can attest that they have seen an improvement in their business performance.

HGGC boasts of a team of employees who are highly qualified and who are passionate to achieve the goals of the clients. When working with this company, you will be benefiting from professionals who have many years of experience working with middle-market businesses, and therefore you can never go wrong with them.

Josh Hedaya and Options for Users of Email Clients

Jojo Hedaya is one of the co-founders of, an internet company that allows users to opt-out of unwanted subscriptions or emails. The idea first came to Jojo Hedaya in the years while in college. Jojo Hedaya was a friend of Josh Rosenwald at the time. Both Jojo and Josh had come from similar backgrounds; that is, they had both grew up in Jewish families, attended Jewish private schools, went off to college to pursue a career, but that all changed in 2011. Jojo and Josh were both attending a class in Israel when a mutual Rabbi put them in touch with one another. The Rabbi believed they ought to be friends on the evidence they both loved and used Blackberry technology.

Nascent Ideas

It wasn’t long after that Jojo Hedaya and Josh were grappling with the same frustration, which was how to separate the plethora of unwanted emails they received on a daily basis from the emails they both needed to do their daily work. At that moment they decided to do something about it they started searching for a name to give to their nascent idea for a solution. They spent several days and thousands of potential ideas before they were both pleased with Unroll.

Next Steps in Development

Next Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald began to code an algorithm which would read all the emails, then separate thru filters, the emails to be accepted as necessary, then set those aside previously marked as junk or those deemed unnecessary by their advanced algorithms. The user could later set up more filters to unsubscribe to those emails which the user deemed no longer necessary, thereby cutting back on the clutter and streamlining the whole process.

Spreading the Word thru Social Media

Jojo Heyada and Josh Rosenwald began looking for subscribers by contacting social media outlets, bloggers, tech magazines and others who would spread the word. By several versions written and released, Unroll has grown to thousands of subscribers finding the technology necessary for their workflow. was purchased by Rakuten Intelligence in 2014.

Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya is a co-founder of He presently lives in New York with his wife and son. He is the Chief Product and Consumer Officer for He loves sports, especially basketball and a big fan of the Knicks.

Organo Gold, Leading Coffee Distributor

Organo Gold is a company founded by Bernardo Chua and is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of quality coffee to its vast clientele. Bernardo Chua formed the company in an attempt to provide people with a healthy coffee drink that was of quality and that boosted their immune system. Organo Gold is indeed a force to be reckoned with as the company is an independent distributor and it has made its mark in the global market s one of the best producers of coffee. The company has become successful because of the direct sales approach that they use when distributing their coffee products. The direct sales business model allows the company to have an interaction with their clients which is a form of market research. This way, they can identify the needs of their customers and what products they want in order to satisfy them.

The coffee culture in the world is rich, and many people take coffee as a fun drink daily. Organo Gold has been a great addition to this coffee culture because of the many benefits that one can get from taking the drink. The main product that the company distributes is Ganoderma that can be found as coffee and as tea. Ganoderma is a healthy option for coffee drinkers because it has a number of great benefits that one can get from taking it. Some of them include:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Boosts one’s strength
  • Lower’s one’s cholesterol
  • Fights viruses and bacteria in the body
  • Get rids of toxins

From this, it is evident that Organo Gold has made a huge impact on the healthy lifestyle of coffee drinkers and lovers. While coffee is termed as an unhealthy drink option if drank in huge quantities, Ganoderma is a great substitute.

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