Article Title: Things you need to know about Steve Ritchie

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Steve Ritchie has been on the limelight for the various developments he has brought at the famous pizza delivery company’s Papa Johns. Since taking up his current role as the chief executive officer of the company, he has continued to bring major growth in the venture. Steve Ritchie has also played a major role in fuelling growth and eliminating negative thoughts among is employees. As a leader that likes to promote culture, he has also continued to encourage his employees to respect the customs of all his clients. Besides, Steve Ritchie is also a problem solver and his primary target in the running of the company has always been to bring about transparency for the smooth operation of everyone in the venture.

Steve Ritchie has also taken the initiative f relying on technology to run the firm. He is very active on social media and he seeks to connect with his potential customers to learn what they like and dislike. The opinions of its customers have always inspired the various products that the firm offers. The duo has always striven to ensure that the customer services he provides in the firm are up to standard. His efforts have been noted through the content he posts daily on his social media platforms. Steve Ritchie seeks to take responsibility for everything in the firm, and this has proved the great qualities he holds as a leader. His ability to create a great working environment for his employees has also earned him a lot of recognition. He seeks to bring equality in the running of his venture and he relies on the use of humanistic approaches to bring out the best in the firm. Steve Ritchie efforts have born fruits as the firm has been attracting a vast number of more loyal customers.

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