Dan Bethelmy-Rada: Getting to the Top Takes Hard Work and Commitment

Dan Bethelmy-Rada joined L’Oreal after graduating from the university where he had pursued International Business at Sorbonne University and also gotten an MBA from ESSEC Business School. His first role at the company was as the Product Manager of La Scad. The company is one of L’Oreal’s distribution companies. It is here that he honed his skills in marketing and advertising.

However, mentorship from his seniors also came in handy in helping him secure his promotion to a Director with the Consumer Products Division at L’Oreal. From here, he was given the role of Assistant Vice President with Garnier International. His work here involved promoting the Fructis hair care line before also taking over the skincare line. Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s dedication enabled him to secure his current position as the Global Brand President of L’Oreal’s Professional Products Division.

The race to the top is not an easy one as Dan Bethelmy-Rada will tell you. Consequently, there is no need to compare your successes or failures with those of others. After all, people define success differently depending on their circumstances. Success is also something you work on every day. Mentorship and teamwork go a long way in ensuring you reach your full potential. However, dedication, maintaining a good work-life balance, and pushing the limits cannot be overemphasized.

Additionally, Dan Bethelmy-Rada acknowledges the need for effective communication with those around you. Over-communicate if you have to. Lastly, prioritization and good time management will also propel you to the top but only if you are willing to accept failure as part of the learning process. Whether you like it or not, you are going to fail at some point. However, all you have to do is love your life, love your process, and enjoy learning. Everything will eventually fall into place. Paying attention to these aspects of his life is what saw Dan Bethelmy-Rada appointed as a DMI General Manager, the youngest ever hired by L’Oreal since it started operations years ago.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is skilled in marketing and advertising. He is also very knowledgeable in using social media as the go-to marketing tool for company brands and products. Consequently, this is one trend that excites him and helps him in his daily work. In beauty, he is excited about experimentation in hair color and technique where ordinary people are taking high fashion trends and making them their own.

Makeup Is Life: The Hacks That Support That Claim

YouTube personality, Wengie, is famous for two things: Makeup and life hacks. As a result, it only makes sense that she would combine the two for one epic video that demonstrates how to make shopping for, applying, and extending the shelf life of makeup easier.

1. Heat an eyelash curler with a blowdryer to serve the same purpose as a curling iron. Of course, test the heat on your arm before placing a potentially scorching device on your eye.

2. Mascara, like other makeup, is quite expensive. Make sure that it lasts by restoring dried tubes with eye drops.

3. The edges of a tube of mascara fall victim to dry, crusty clumps of makeup. Instead of working around them, take an angled brush, rub it along the crust, and use it as an eyeliner.

4. Pencil eyeliner is often difficult to work with, as it is simply not dark enough nor does it give desired, bold lines.

5. Take your desired lip liner color and draw an X in the middle of your top lip. After applying gloss or lipstick as usual, you should be left with the perfect Cupid’s bow-shaped mouth.

6. If your lip gloss is far too shiny, apply a translucent powder to turn it into a matte lipstick.

7. Coconut oil is a great makeup remover! Though it does not work as well around the eyes, it works wonders on the lips and leaves them perfectly moisturized as a result.

8. Dark under eyes are something that affects everyone. Instead of applying concealer with your fingers, though, use a beauty blender. This allows for better coverage and does not leave your fingers dirty.


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