Wolfpack Gets A New Coach, And It’s Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel has had an incredibly extensive career in the field of college basketball and is known to be one of the top coaches in the scene. He has been working with universities and coaching their teams who are on their way to win big championships. He has worked with some of the most prestigious colleges in the country. One of his first jobs as a basketball coach for a college was working for Harvard University. His impact on the team was huge, with the team winning big at numerous events and games. He is also known for having a good eye to spot potential talent and groom them to become something they would have never imagined. During his time at Harvard, he was known for making bold choices when it comes to the players who he put on the court. Even though others thought that his choices of players might be a bit far-fetched, he believed in his players, eventually emerging victorious.


After working at Harvard University for some time, he went on to work at the University of California, Berkeley. He had big ideas for the team that he wanted to put into fruition but had to cut his time there short as a result of false allegations that were made by a female reporter. Even though Yanni Hufnagel wasn’t in the wrong, he thought it would be best to leave the team and start afresh. He was extremely revered in the college basketball community and soon began receiving numerous offers from various colleges across the country.


Eventually, he settled on a college to work at, his choice being the University of Nevada. The Wolfpack, as the team is referred to is one of the top teams in American college basketball, and has won the national championships a total of nine times.