Moving Forward With Continuity: A Bradesco Bank Legacy

A country is determined to be successful regarding economic status if it meets specific parameters and criteria. One of the requirements is that stocks and investment rate is going up. This is measured by increasing numbers in the stock market and also the banks in the said country. Banks are essential to people not only for this reason but also to have a place to put your money and or investment. Being said, you would want to entrust your money in a safe and reliable bank.

In Brazil, Bradesco Bank had made its name in the banking and finance industry. It is known to be the second largest bank in Brazil. Bradesco Bank offers a variety of financing services such as credit card services, insurance, savings, and loans. Bradesco Bank is currently expanding and has branches internationally. Given this, the bank is living by its slogan ‘Pa Frente,’ which in English means going forward. Bradesco Bank would not be this successful without a dedicated leader behind it.

The man behind the success of Bradesco Bank is none other than is Mr. Lazaro . Brandao started with the bank when he was 16. Then in the year 1981, he began to lead the bank. In more than 25 years of service, Brandao is now ready to pass the position to a new potential person to continue his legacy in the said institution. He wanted to have an election for the said position in March, but for the meantime, the one who will replace him and take orders is Mr. Luiz Cappi. Someone who is as dedicated as Brandao must take over the bank to be able to establish and maintain the bank’s standards.

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Mr. Luiz is one of the people who have a high potential to take over the position Brandao left. Like Brandao, Cappi was the Chief Executive Officer of the Bradesco Bank since 2009. Cappi has a degree in Philosophy, Sciences, Languages, and Arts from the University of Sao Paulo. He also finished a masters degree in Sociology and Politics from the same university. Trabuco will stay in position till the said elections on March. Despite Trabuco having a potential background and abilities, Bradesco’s maximum age for the CEO position would hinder Trabuco in being able to continue as the CEO and a new position as chairman of the bank.

For the new CEO position, Trabuco mentioned that the legacy of Brandao must be carried on. During Brandao’s leadership, promotions were taken inside the company instead of getting outside the institution. This is a very wise and useful strategy because if they would hire someone outside the company, they will have to reinforce the mission and virtues Bradesco had already instilled and implanted in the minds and hearts of their current employees. Being said so, the candidates chosen for the position came from the employees already working with the bank.

Aside from Trabuco, here are some of the candidates qualified for the said position. Mr. Mauricio Machado de Minas the team led for the Information Technology department, at 58, is qualified for the job. Mr. Alexandre da Silva Gluher at 57, has been with the bank since 1976. Other qualified candidates are Mr. Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, Mr. Josué Augusto Pancini, Mr. Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, Mr. Octavio de Lazari and Mr. André Rodrigues Cano.

For the two months that Trabuco will take over the said position, he can use these two months to create a significant impact and create another milestone for Bradesco Bank Change is inevitable and this is seen with the current situation of the Bradesco Bank’s hierarchy according to But as change is inevitable, change can also be a reason for opportunities and advancement.

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The Recent Activities

NexBank, a regional bank that is situated in Dallas recently made its announcement about being the official sponsors of the 32nd edition of the prestigious Annual Luncheon held by the Dallas Women’s Foundation. This was according to an article that was published on 20th October 2017 by PRNewswire. NexBank stated that is contributed a gift which was worth $100,000 towards its effort to offer support to the women’s foundation which is normally involved in improving the economic and leadership security of all women in the society. The article by PRNewswire stated that the Luncheon takes place each and every year and this year it will be held on Friday 20th, October 2017. The luncheon will be held at the prestigious Hilton Anatole Hotel which is located in Dallas.

Dr. Hope Jahren, one of the Top 100 Influential People on the Time Magazine is said to be one of the main individuals giving an address at the luncheon. A best-selling author, Hope Jahren is also a very successful scientist who has won many awards in his career and is popular the world over. The Luncheon’s important address is expected to be live-streamed in approximately 20 schools and nearly 10,000 students across North Texas. Normally, this luncheon is hosted by the Dallas Women’s Foundation and is attended by more than 1300 community, civic and business leaders. According to reports, the Dallas Women’s’ Foundation is placed as one of the world’s biggest regional fund meant for women. Its main purpose is to improve the social and economic lives of all women and girls in Dallas.

NexBank is a well-known bank that has assets estimated to be more than $64 billion. It is a charter that was started in the year 1922. The growth and success of NexBank have been evident over the years it has been in operation. This can be attributed to the exemplary skills and experience of the staff and leaders of the institution. The services offered by NexBank are mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services. The main clients of the popular institution include financial institutions, corporations and institutional customers.