Anthony G. Petrello Is A Man Who Believes In Taking Charge And Helping Others

Anthony (Tony) Petrello has achieved mega success in the oil industry. He is the very wealthy CEO of Nabors Industries, a company that contracts oilfield services to other oil firms. Globally, Nabors is responsible for about 500 drilling rigs. That level of responsibility keeps a CEO busy; however, Tony’s has many other things on his mind.

One could argue that Petrello’s primary focus is his daughter Carena Francesca.

Anthony and Cindy’s baby girl was born at 24 weeks, weighed 20 ounces, and has a disease common to premature infants. Carena has periventricular leukomalacia, or PVL, a problem that develops because blood and thus an adequate quantity of oxygen don’t get to the brain during the growth of the fetus. The lack of oxygen causes neurological issues.

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The first step in caring for Carena was a series of operations to save her heart and her sight. Soon after the surgeries, Carena developed cerebral palsy and other developmental problems. Her issues presented the Petrello’s with the realities of raising a child who faced a life filled with significant challenges.

For example, as Carena grew she began losing the ability to do things she had been doing. She learned to talk and then at around five lost the ability. Today, like many other kids afflicted with PVL Carena can only stay mobile using a wheelchair and she can’t feed herself.

Her parents, Tony and Cynthia Petrello began by learning about the diseases associated with PVL and adjusted their expectations. Each new experience served to increase their awareness of what was necessary to care for kids like Carena. The financial and personal costs are extraordinary and certainly not something parents ever dream will happen to their child. Carena’s parents began an investigative journey across the country to find a pediatric research institution that could help.

Their exhaustive search led them to conclude that translational research on an enormous scale is the only approach that would make a significant difference and no one was doing any. Tony and Cindy started working with a research facility at Texas Children’s Hospital and donated $5 million. The plan aimed the money at studying neurological problems in children and finding solutions. The Petrello family’s new goal is to raise $7 million.

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Highlands Dallas Foundation Inc. Awards $1 Million US dollars to aid The Family Place

In early October 2016, the president and co-founder of the giant cooperation Highland Capital Management, L.P made public his move of awarding grants to The Family Place. This step was officially announced during The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazers Awards Luncheon.


About The Family Place


Established in 1978, The Family Place remains faithful to its cause of bringing to an end family violence. This, it does by following a holistic approach that put smiles on the faces of many families who would have otherwise lived in fear. Victims of domestic violence empowered through counseling, proper housing, and skills enhancement training enable them to be independent.


Since its inception, The Family Place has provided counseling to more than two hundred thousand people and provided shelter to another twenty-two thousand victims of domestic violence. The Family Place conducts its programs in both Spanish and English.


The Family Place’s Legacy Campaign


The Family Place had set up a Legacy Campaign aiming to raise $16.5 Million US dollars. The money raised shall go towards Ann Moody Place (a new Central Dallas Counselling Centre) which will, in turn, magnify victim counseling services. Legacy Campaign funds will include the introduction of comprehensive counselling programs for victims of family violence. Having remained with $2.8 Million to beat their target, Highland’s Challenge Grant goes a long way in guaranteeing Legacy Campaign a huge success.


About James Dondero


With over thirty years of experience in equity and trade markets, James Dondero is the co-founder and acting president of Highland Capital Management. An alumna of University of Virginia’s School of commerce, Mr. Dondero began his career in 1984 after attending Morgan Guaranty training program.


James Dondero worked as a Cooperate Bond Analysis in American Express. His expertise saw him rise the ladder to the position of Portfolio Manager. He had the privilege of acting as Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary before founding Highland.


About Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management is a giant investment advisor owning about $16 Billion US dollars in assets. Its successful journey began in 1993 when James Dondero in partnership with Mark Okada established it. Highlands has heavily invested in both local and multinationals nonprofit organizations.

The Career Of Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg has through hard work attained the position of Executive Talent Acquisition Lead for Deutsche Bank. To get to this position she has performed well at a number of prior companies, always increasing her recruiting skills and overall business acumen. In addition to her work life she has also developed a number of interests that she engages in whenever she can.

Zuckerberg attained her college education at The City University of New York-Brooklyn College with a Bachelor degree in Philosophy, and then went to the New York Law School. Her first career position was as a Director of Candidate Placement for Hudson. In this role she recruited for such professions as attorneys, case managers, paralegals, and their support staff at a number of financial institutions and law firms. Getting experience in also being engaged in the coaching and counseling of employees led to her being offered an executive position as at Citi as a Vice President and Executive Recruiter. While at Citi she developed a number of her talents by advising the senior executives in recruitment strategies and compensation trends. In this position she also recruited talented individuals from around the world for Citi, and ably handled the international professionals in relocation and immigration processes and procedures.

Julie’s career next took her to New York Life Insurance Company where she served as the Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President. She partnered with senior management to develop information in what their clients needs were and how to creatively meet them.

Julie joined the Deutsche Bank family in April 2014, first serving as a Executive Recruiter, Talent Division. She was able to use her gained knowledge and experience to parlay this into a promotion to Executive Talent Acquisition Lead with Deutsche Bank. In this position she leads her team in finding and recruiting talent acquisition strategies and improving the processes that they use to find it. She is engaged in increasing proficiency’s in her team and developing engagement needed to attract the top worldwide talent that Deutsche Bank needs.

Zuckerberg has a knack for finding diverse talent that meets the requirements and standards that are key to helping the corporations she has worked for. Her dedication and work habits have impressed the senior level executives that she has advised at the corporations that have made up her career. Her commitment to increasing efficiency and best recruitment practices has been appreciated and respected as she has worked her way up over her career.

Julie has developed a number of interests outside of work. She has taken a keen interest in photography, in particular nature. She also developed an appreciation of art and enjoys going to the various museums throughout the greater New York City area. She also runs as often as she can as well as enjoying nature by hiking in the surrounding area.

Completely Free Mobile Internet and More from FreedomPop

The internet revolves around the free exchange of information, but for cell phone users there has always been a steep monthly fee to access that data. At least until five years ago, when FreedomPop turned the mobile service market on its head. FreedomPop offers 500 MB per month of totally free internet access on top of its already generous free 200 minutes of cellular voice and unlimited texting. Although there are reasonable fees for services beyond these limits, this is a cost-effective model for most cell phone users.


500MB is not a vast amount of data. It is enough for light uses such as monitoring incoming emails and keeping up with Facebook notifications on the go throughout the month. If you stream music and videos regularly from your device you will need to purchase additional data. FreedomPop makes this easy for you by automatically billing you $10 to refill your plan when you reach the final 100MB of your allotment. You will receive an email notification in advance of the charge so that you can choose to opt out, or you can disable automatic charges entirely via the billing settings section of the FreedomPop website. If you choose to do so you will instead be automatically billed .02 cents for each additional MB of data used. Regardless of what options you select, there are never any contracts or cancellation penalties associated with FreedomPop. There is a monthly fee of 10.99 for continuing to take advantage of this service that takes effect after one year of use or you can sign up for the popular 20$ a month plan that provides 1GB of data along with unlimited talking and texting.


Making payments is not the only way to gain access to additional data, however. The Freedom Friends program allows you to earn an additional 10MB of data per month for each friend that signs up and remains with FreedomPop. You can also complete online surveys, download software and participate in other offers via your phone to gain free data. Even downloading and playing online games can earn you credit.


Beyond this FreedomPop review, you can find more information over on Engadget or just go right to the FreedomPop website to sign up. If you have a Sprint-compatible device you are ready to get started or you can purchase a variety of devices directly from FreedomPop and start enjoying the feeling of being free.

Rob Reina Continue to Give Through Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is one of the leading digital communication companies founded in the year 2007. Founded and headed by Bob Reina, this company is based in Florida. The company offers video email, video chats, video meetings and video newsletter services. As of today, the company offers its services to over 140 countries.

With Talk Fusion, more and more people get to connect and network. This internet tool has been very instrumental in business sales. It allows entrepreneurs to identify opportunities as they arise and share their views with other. All this is courtesy of Bob Reina.


According to Martech Advisor, Bob Reina, through Talk Fusion and his other ventures, has always been big on giving. His charitable side is inspired by his success. He believes that the less fortunate should benefit from what he has been lucky to get in life. Charity is always in his mind and whatever thought he has is always about helping people.

He broke the philanthropy record when he donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Through his company and various associates, he has been able to raise funds and help people and animals alike. He made a contribution to the Indonesian Orphanage, helping destitute animals have a hopeful future. He extends the same courtesy to the less fortunate, not only in the United States, but all around the world.

Reina launched a Talk Fusion donation account where associates can willingly donate. Those that donate through the account are given access to the best monthly plan, involving access to all their video marketing products.

Money raised through the account goes to various charitable courses. He hopes that by so doing, non-profit organizations that are founded with the true goal of helping people across the world, can have even more to keep doing what they do best.

Bob Reina continues to not only use his companies to give back to the society, but also gets into his pockets for donations. He is known to have donated to provide basic resources for people that were affected by the Japan Tsunami and the earthquake in Nepal.

Doug Levitt’s Story About The Greyhound Diaries

The Greyhound Diaries is a project that lasted over a decade. It involved Doug Levitt, an American singer/songwriter, travelling over 70,000 miles in Greyhound buses. The Greyhound Diaries are songs, stories and images of fellow travelers, which resulted from his experience of crisscrossing the country. During an interview with DCist, Doug Levitt talked about The Greyhound Diaries and explained why he ventured in travelling around nation. His decision to travel the country on Greyhound buses was inspired by the poverty crisis in the U.S., which needed to write songs and tell stories about.

He decided to travel on bus in order to interact with people who use buses in a country where basically people do not board the bus unless they have to, thus a group of people struggling to get by. However, the artist explained that the trips actually helped him understand his father’s suicide through sharing stories with others, which helped him heal. Growing up in D.C. and going to public schools exposed him to different kinds of people from different societies and politics, which he said instilled a civic mindset and an outward focus into him.

Moving further from D.C. made Doug realize a narrative gap in the news coverage and conversation where there is an assumption that news and discussions are inclusive yet there are numerous people in small cities that are not involved. Doug Levitt asserts that it was easy to get people to tell their stories since he was broke during that period, thus he easily fitted in. Lastly, the experience taught him that the American landscape has diverse population, which is connected by people’s stories. His shows promote the idea of telling stories to help people connect.

About Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt is a former London-based foreign correspondent. He once reported for ABC, CNN, and MSNBC among others. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Reuters, Billboard and The Wall Street Journal have featured Doug in their shows. He is an alumnus of Cornell University and the London School of Economics where he earned his Master’s in International Relations. Doug started his career as a foreign correspondent then switched to being a singer-songwriter. He started working with the producer of Americana, David Henry. He still works as the producer of Greyhound Diaries.

George Soros’ support for Hillary Clinton should cause alarm to Trump’s campaign team

After 2004, when his preferred candidate lost to the former US president, George W. Bush, George Soros seemed to have got his hands off national politics. The self-made billionaire spent about $27 million on Bush’s opponent. No one has spent this much amount on their preferred candidate before.

Soros’ indulgement in 2016’s elections has so far caught many by surprise. What is even more astonishing is the fact that he seems to be spending more on the Democratic Party campaigns on, and more specifically, Hillary Clinton. Way before the elections, the investor had spent over $25 million. He had donated part of it and pledged others. The Federal Election Commission confirmed this, while sources close to the billionaire state that he is expected to donate much more. What might have been the cause for Soros’ reemergence?

To begin with, Clinton and George Soros have been known to have friendship ties, sharing a relationship that has lasted for over 20 years. Secondly, the Democratic Party flag bearer is pushing for reforms that resonate with Soros’ ideologies. Donald Trump’s perspective on reforms such as the criminal justice reform, the immigration reform, and religious tolerance are all against Soros’ will. With Trump being the Republican party’s flag bearer, Soros’ finds all the reasons to support Clinton. Finally, Soros has never been on the same page as Trump. At one point, he was caught stating that Trump’s was of managing businesses is similar to the way ISIS manages its activities. Read his profile at Forbes.

Nevertheless, the fact that Soros is Clinton’s main funder should be a cause for alarm for Trump’s campaign team. What will even worry Trump is that Soros seems to be more engaged politically this time more than ever. His support for Soros is hugely evident. In fact, to show this, he had planned to attend the Democratic Party Convention on, a forum in which Clinton was set to accept her nomination as the preferred presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. He, however, didn’t manage to do so. Sources close to the billionaire explain that this was because the investor had gone back to active trading, and had opted to stay in Europe so as to monitor his activities closely.

About George Soros
The investor has two foundations under him; Soros Fund Management, and the Open Society Foundation at He established them with the aim of putting together his fellow rich investors so they could help in certain areas such as education, and the needy communities. His philanthropic work has seen him donate up to $7 billion since 1979, through the Open Society Foundation. He is also a writer, with his articles focusing mainly on politics, economics, and society.

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, before moving to Europe after being affected by the Nazi Occupation. He studied in Europe, where he acquired different academic credentials on, including an economics degree, before he moved to settle in the United States. This was in 1956. Soros went on to indulge in various businesses that enabled him to amass the fortune he currently has.

Talk Fusion Oferers Associates Incentive Trip To Milan

Talk Fusion, the global video marketing leader, has announced they will offer an incentive trip to Milan, Italy for qualifying Associates. The trip, dubbed Destination: Milan, will be awarded to Independent Associates as an incentive to build their business.


The trip is scheduled to take place December 2017 for those Associates who reach the “Diamond” ranking by October 29, 2017. Milan is known as a fashion capital and a high-end shopping destination. It is also a center for culture and sightseeing.


Talk Fusion will provide airfare and first class hotel accommodations for those Associates who qualify and their spouses. Destination: Milan is the latest in a series of top-notch incentives offered by Talk Fusion. Previous incentives included Mercedes-Bens automobiles, Rolex watches, and trips to Dubai.


The company views these incentives as another way to reward their Associates for sharing the company’s award-winning technology and business opportunity. Currently, the company has Independent Associates in over 140 countries and that list continues to grow year by year.


Talk Fusion has made a name for itself by offering the world’s first all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. This groundbreaking technology allows users to seamlessly video chat with anyone on any device. This allows businesses to greatly increase sales and profits and still keep their customers happy and engaged.


Along with these incentives for Associates, Talk Fusion makes it a point to give back to the community. Under the stewardship of CEO Bob Reina, the company regularly contributes to charities and animal causes. Through its Giving Back program, the company continues to aid non-profit organizations around the globe.




Securus Technologies Announces Multi-State Campaign to Promote Awareness and Benefits of Video Visitation

Securus Technologies Company has more than 2 million people connections made every year between the inmates and their friends and family throughout the United States. Securus Technologies Company is a leading provider of criminal and civil justice solutions to the correctional market. The company also offers solutions that aid in investigations, public security, monitoring, and corrections. The company has announced the launch of the multi-state campaign to promote the numerous benefits of the Remote video Visitations to the correctional market. This is one of the most innovative campaigns ever produced by the company. As a matter of fact, they have been adopted on a massive scale by the inmates and their friends and family.


Securus Remote Video Visitations, over the next one month, will feature in numerous infomercials and television program in a way to promote its adoption, for the company, they will never rest until everyone is aware of the Remote Video Visitation application. This feature, on the other hand, will not replace the on-site visitations. However, they will act an alternative to the on-site visitation. Moreover, there are millions of people who stay away from their friends and family in prison. Therefore, this Remote Vide Visitation will be the cheapest way to communicate with the people.


The company values the inmates as much as they value their friends and family. For Securus Technologies Company, they engage in events that connect the poor soul who wants to talk to someone who cares about their lives. Securus Technologies Company also wants to connect the poor daughter with her mother during this coming festive season. For this reason, this application offers a seamless integration to speaking to friends and families in prison. As a matter of fact, you need a computer of a smartphone connected to the internet to make this video call. They will come with a small fee.



Magnises is for the Exclusive People of the City

Each cit has an opportunity for the members of it to become Magnises’ elite. The company has worked hard to establish a presence for itself within the communities of different cities and this has given it the chance to make things better for the members of it. The people who belong to Magnises are able to get special treatment and they are offered things that are completely exclusive to being a part of the club. What makes it even better is the fact that not everyone is able to get into the club and they must meet certain requirements to get in.

Magnises knows a thing or two about luxury. This is the foundation that their club is based on and it is something that they feel that they can do great at if they offer their members a little bit of everything that is luxurious. This is much different than some of the other clubs because they are not focused on luxury. Instead, they are focused on doing more for themselves and not worrying too much about the members of the club and what they can do for them.

The people who are members of Magnises know how to throw a party and know even more how to have a good time. Magnises are working hard to make sure that they are doing different things in the business that they are a part of. This is something that has set Magnises apart from other companies. It has given them the chance to make things better within the community that they are a part of. There have been many different ways in which the club has allowed people to build an even bigger part of their community together. They work hard to make sure that they are committed to helping each other out.

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The benefits that come with being a Magnises member range in everything from getting access to other clubs and events to getting deals on hotels that have been full for a long time. A hotel with no vacancies is something that does not happen too often for Magnises members. They are all treated to the opportunity to make different things work for them. Just being a member of the club will get them the access that they need to take advantage of the benefits that come with being a member of the club.

While Magnises has a lot to offer the people who are members of the club, it is going to offer even more in the future. The creators of Magnises are always working toward doing better for the company. They want to make sure that everyone who has a black card for Magnises is able to get what they want in all areas of life. While Magnises is not able to promise to work miracles or be magic for everyone, they are able to strive to work toward more opportunities for their members. This is something that they have been able to do a lot of and plan to do even more of in the future.

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