L’Oreal Paris’ Fashion Show Under the Management of Nicolas Krafft

Nicolas Krafft works in L’Oreal Company as the company’s General Manager in pulp riot international. He has also worked with L’Oreal as the Vice President of Global Business Development. L’Oreal organization processes and sells beauty items globally.

L’Oreal organization conducted its second yearly fashion and cosmetics event on the catwalk located in river Seine in the central area of Paris under the management of Nicolas Krafft. The event was aimed at displaying new fashions of the season and it gave grant opportunity for the organization to take notice of its dedication of creating the availability and accessibility of fashion and cosmetics products. The show was opened for everyone to attend and among the participants were top fashion, cosmetics, and silver screen artists.

The show majored on the varieties of women fashion and beauty and it was conducted in the floating catwalk of 60 meters in measuring in the Seine. Among the celebrity models who attended were Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, and Louise Bourgoin. The event was a display of creative and wide-ranging of fashion innovation and they were related to the capital of France which formed the origin of inspiration to L’Oreal Paris. Well-known people of the fashion industry from other parts of the world also gave support to the show. They included actor Nikolaj Coster, also known as Jaime in Game of Thrones and Marie Bochet.

Displays of the show

The show was conducted in the spring/summer 2019 fashion week season and the timing allowed the display of trending fashion products and the commitment of L’Oreal Paris to make beauty accessible to each person all over the world. The L’Oreal makeup artist, Val Garland, and global hair artist, Stephane Lancien made 70 hairs and makeup displays for the event. The event was inclusive of 13 fashion partnerships and it lasted 8 days to organize and make the show come to reality.

The Show’s Outreach Worldwide

In order for the show to be seen by a large number of people all over the world, very large screens were set up strategically and these allowed those passing by, visitors and other people to view the event free of charge in the banks of Seine. The event was also broadcasted live in more than 30 countries, hence assisting L’Oreal to get more audience for the show.

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