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Article Text: is a company based in China offering almost all types of enterprises. It is the largest e-commerce company in China. is also in partnership with Fortune Global 500. is targeting to acquiring an international scene and recognition. By the use of e-commerce services, customers are provided with enjoyable retail and online experience. The website is rich and full of content which offers customers with unique, extensive, and authentic kinds of products. Moreover, the site encourages the use of an online and in-person form of payment thus creating world-class customer services.

To cater for the satisfaction and better delivery services to the customers, the company has developed a nationwide platform to facilitate fulfillment of their customers. Besides, last mile delivery services are promoted and controlled by experienced employees. The employees manage both company’s online sales which are regarded as a direct and online market business. To enhance the growth of the company, a strong relationship has been established to cater for both supplies and online sales services. The online market business was established back in 2010. This platform has led to the expansion of the company both in the selection of quality products and services delivery to its customers.

The increased demand for Chinese consumers has resulted in the drastic growth of many products. Through online and direct products, significant growth has been experienced. To sustain the emerging demand by customers, the company has consistently kept an excellent track record for timely and fulfillment of consumers orders. believes in technology advancement. It invests heavily to help cater for quality services to deliver quality added –value products to its consumers. has helped many companies increase their method of working efficiency thus improving procurement services with an increment of up to 50% on a common platform. This has resulted in a decrease in comprehensive procurement by 15%. makes it practical by creating an enabling environment that facilitates access to different types of products in a single event. Therefore, is a well-organized website that supports transparency during the delivery of products and services.

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