Luke Lazarus is a Dedicated Startup Consultant

Luke Lazarus is a serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping startups become amazingly successful. He is a consultant who helps them to strategize their business plans, no matter where they are in the process.

He has worked in this field for over two decades, so he clearly knows what he is doing. Luke Lazarus helps CEOs to prioritize things that are necessary for their business growth.

Luke Lazarus attended business school at Melbourne Business School. He graduated with an executive MBA at 24. One of the reasons why he feels that he has been so successful is because he prioritizes his life. Almost every day he wakes up before the sun rises. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile | and Luke Lazarus| Medium

He starts with his meditation. This helps him to clear his mind and focus. Once he starts his day, he is always on the move. He is looking at emails.

He makes mental to do lists and makes sure that fitness is a part of his everyday routine. He goes to the gym seven days a week and tries to never make excuses about it. This rolls over into how he works as well. He does not make excuses in business.


Productivity is a huge focus for him. He writes things down, so he does not have to try to remember everything. He also reviews notes from the previous day to ensure he stays on top of things.


Luke Lazarus thinks that marketing and branding are focused on having the ability to tell stories that people can relate to. If a brand is correlated with a story, this helps their chance at success.

Experience Economy

He believes people are more likely to buy based on having an experience. People are truly wanting to experience and feel certain things from brands. If the brand is able to initiate an emotional response, then people will feel more connected to the brand overall. Then more than likely, they will become repeat customers.

Luke Lazarus definitely understands business and how it relates to people. He has encountered massive success by not giving up and continuing to focus on things that will help his clients.

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