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Rebel Wilson is becoming a hard act to follow. Born in Sydney, Australia, on March 2, 1980, to dog breeding parents, Rebel was on the borderline of having a social disorder as she was extremely shy as a child. However, that didn’t stop the soon to be starlet from pushing towards success.

After her mum literally had to pry her from the car when taking Rebel to her first acting class, then Rebel read that her character at 15 will stay the same throughout her life, the shy girl soon developed enough confidence to gain her signature as “wicked Rebel Wilson”.

It took a lot to gain the confidence Rebel needed to overcome her social distress. She even joined a debate club so she could learn how to speak out, but it wasn’t until she took her high school teacher’s advice to compete in a performance competition called, “Tournament of Minds” that she finally came out of her shell. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

At 17, Wilson was working for Australia’s “Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program” for a year when she contracted malaria while traveling to South Africa with the organization. The high fever may have had something to do with the hallucination Rebel had in her sleep where she dreamt of winning an Oscar.

After returning home, she attended University of New South Wales and also joined the Australian Theater for youths where she would soon take center stage. Wilson was lucky to get a few good roles at home. In 2000, she starred in the movie, “Fat Pizza” and in 2007; she was in “Bogan Pride”.

However, while playing a serious role, the moment Wilson stepped out on stage everyone started laughing. A brief moment of anger came over her as she wasn’t trying to be funny, but the people continued to laugh. That’s when Rebel realized that big girls get more laughs and made this her game plan. It was that game plan that took Wilson to Hollywood, where she landed many top roles in blockbuster movies.

Soon after signing on with William Morris of talent house in 2010, Rebel got her first breakthrough role where she played Brynn in Bridesmaids in 2011.

At age 35, Wilson found herself in a relationship with filmmaker Mickey Gooch Jr. and the couple was seen together in New York, LA, and Ibiza. But, just four months later, while shooting scenes for the upcoming movie “How to be single”, where Gooch was playing Rebel’s date, the couple had split up.

In 2015, Rebel took one of the lead roles in the movie Pitch Perfect where she did her own stunts, also starring in the following sequels to the movie Pitch Perfect 2, and 3. Wilson later took the lead in the romantic comedy, “Isn’t it Romantic” and will soon star in the upcoming Cats movie in 2019.

Rebel worked hard to get where she is today. Besides being a top actress, he also started her own clothing line for plus-sized girls sending them a message of encouragement to go out and crush things in their lives. The megastar even has a law degree and also supports a Tanzanian school in Africa as well as funds scholarships for the school, she formerly attended the Australian school for young people.

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