Dr. Saad Saad’s Pediatrician Journey

Dr . Saad Saad was born in Palestine. He was however raised in Kuwait with his siblings. When Israel state was being created, a lot of Palestinians were forced to relocate.

Dr. Saad and his family moved to West Bank. His father worked as a petroleum mechanic and relocated his family to Kuwait as the oil industry had just been discovered in the Middle East and was quickly boosting up to foreign countries.

One important lesson he learned from his father is that he could only be respected if he had an education of high level. While working in a construction site in Kuwait with his brother, Dr. Saad fainted due to the heat amid summer season.

After he regained consciousness, he learned that the heat had caused him a heat stroke and the operating room was the only conditioned place he could survive. With that little knowledge, Saad set his mind to become a pediatric surgeon.

He took his father’s advice to get high level education on being a pediatric surgeon. He did not at one-point waver away from his life and dream goals. Saad gives a life lesson to everyone pursuing their dreams that one can be anything they want and they should only accept success. Read more:  Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

He advises that one should not wait for tomorrow to do something that can be done in the present day. He discloses that has lived by this principle and it has helped him achieve his goals.

Being certified as a pediatric surgeon by the United States Board earned him prominence. Moreover, he was the only pediatric surgeon who could speak fluent English and Arabic in the entire country of the United States. Upon receiving certification, Dr. Saad was employed by the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia.

With an added advantage of speaking fluent English and Arabic, he worked as a private pediatric surgeon. While working for the royal family, his residence was based in City of Riyadh. He stayed in Saudi Arabia with his family for about five years. Saad also worked at King Specialist Hospital, City of Riyadh. He holds a degree in Medicine from the University of Cairo and interned in England.

His work at the royal family ended in 1989 and he moved to the United States. He ventured into creating ways to reduce pain and the time for recovery in patients.

It was a care project that he worked on for several years. He has also made his inventions. One being an endoscope. It has a suction apparatus attached to its end. The endoscope is now being used globally by every doctor. It is used to check a patients’ stomach, lungs or esophagus which are often filled with fluids obscuring doctor’s observation.

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