Fortress Investment Group: The Creator Of Investments

Fortress Investment Group: The Creator of Investments

Fortress investment group was established, in 1998, by Chief Executive Officer Randy Nordone and co-chair Wes Edens. It was the first individual entity firm to be publicly traded in the United States’ New York Stock Exchange. Head-quartered in New York City, it is an investment management company and preserves its anonymity in the context of achieving its specific goals and objectives around the globe. The company controls assets on behalf of individual investors and corporate clients across the world and is focused on proceeding to operate as an individual firm.

Acclaimed founder and Chief Executive Officer, Masayoshi Son, of SoftBank, Japan, set out to make a business deal that will help the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group at a price of 3.3 Billion dollars. Soft Bank was established in the 1981 by Son back when it used to sell PC software as wholesale. It later started venturing in more controlling interests such as Yahoo which boosted its growth entirely to an industry with innovative technology goals and profitable records around the world.

Even though Soft Bank is set for Fortress Investment Group acquisition, it will not be involved in management of the firm’s corporate and individual asset. With Fortress under new ownership, it is set to continue with its daily business operations completely unaffected by the extremely large changes to be made. Soft bank realizes that success will be guaranteed as it recognizes the power of acquiring an already established successful asset and allowing it proceed with its operations without interference.

Fortress Investment Group made a business venture in one of their own firms, All Aboard Florida. All Aboard Florida is a rail service obtained government funding in bonds allocated for use in widening its rails around Orlando. This rail service was honored as the most publicly talked about transportation project undertaken. It is focused on dealing with the construction of high-speed rails that will bridge Las Vegas and LA cities.

The firm’s involvement in infrastructure venture comes with expertise and technology that the local states and the national government cannot compete with.

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