The Operations Of New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp was incorporated in 2011 and is currently operated as a real estate investment trust. Its main focus is the investing as well as the management of the investments that are associated with the residential real estate. New Residential Investment Corp portfolio includes residential mortgage loans, residential mortgage-backed securities among other investments.

New Residential Investment Corp was initially formed as a subsidiary of the Newcastle Investment Corp, but in 2013 it gained the mandate to operate as an independent publicly traded entity. It is a publically traded company whose goal is to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns from its investments. New Residential Investment Corp leverages on the expertise of its associates in delivering attractive returns that results in higher dividends for the shareholders. They target the assets that have a potential of generating long term cash flows.

New Residential Investment Corp understands that the nature of the mortgage market of the US has grown more complex while presenting more opportunities for investors. Currently, the value of the residential housing market in the country is approximated at $21 billion, which is an indication that the investments opportunities are growing. The company believes to have the resources, the experience, and the relationships that that are key to leveraging opportunities that the market presents.

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