Why Rebel Wilson’s Up-Coming Rom-Com, Isn’t It Romantic, Is A Must Watch

There are many reasons as to why the rom-com, isn’t it romantic, featuring some of Hollywood’s A-listers is highly anticipated. For starters, the lead actress is none other than Rebel Wilson. And if you know a thing or two about Rebel Wilson, then you know that she puts her best foot forward in every project that she does. And that’s exactly why she always stays on top of her game at all times.

The rom-com also features some of the best actors and actresses. Some of them include Jennifer Saunders as Natalie’s mom, Rebel Wilson herself as Natalie, Adam De Vine as Josh, Priyanka Chopra as Isabela, Tom Ellis as Natalie’s doctor, Liam Hemsworth as Blake and Betty Gilpin as Natalie’s assistant.

Apart from having some of Hollywood’s most desirable personalities on board, isn’t it romantic is also famed for its ‘out of the box’ plot? The rom-com is all about a young Aussie born architect called Natalie who has some preconceptions about love. But after an unfortunate accident at the subway where she’s hit in the head, she becomes trapped in a PG13 world.

In this so-called PG13 world, Natalie has to overcome her preconceptions about love in order for her to break the ‘spell’ and come back to the real life. The highly anticipated rom-com is slated for worldwide release on February 14, 2019. Warner Bros. Pictures will be responsible for its release in the United States while Netflix will release the same movie, on the same date, in the United Kingdom. Read more: Pitch Perfect 4 Rebel Wilson | Vanity Fair and Isn’t It Romantic Trailer | Glamour

The movie is directed by the extremely talented Todd Strauss-Schulson and the script was crafted by the legendary Dana Fox and later edited by Erin Cardillo. That said, if you don’t have any plans for your Valentines Day, then catching this highly anticipated rom-com might just be the ideal thing for you and loved one to do.

Rebel Wilson, life before the fame

As hard as it may believe, Rebel Wilson was once the shyest person in the room. She always preferred to keep to herself and only interacted to people when she felt she didn’t have any other choice. But by the time she clocked fifteen, she realized that she had two choices; to either break out of her shell or remain boring for the rest of her life. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: https://deadline.com/2018/11/cats-movie-rebel-wilson-cast-as-jennyanydots-andrew-lloyd-webber-1202504908/

Thankfully, she chose the former and never looked back. Her mom as well as her former high school teacher, Mrs. Bowmaker, were among her most important pep rally. They did all in their power to ensure that Rebel Wilson was joining all the necessary organizations that ended up pushing her out of her shell. She later joined the New South Wales and the Australian Theatre for Young people.

And it was at this moment that she made the realization that she was funny without even trying. Some of her most notable works in Australia include Pizza (2000) and Bogan (2008) right before moving to the united states where, as they all say, was history. Rebel Wilson has kept on outdoing herself and that’s exactly why you have to go watch isn’t it romantic.

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