Talos Energy: A Gulf Of Mexico Success

Talos Energy was one of the first international companies to get a contract with Mexico.

In 2015, Talos Energy was able to win bids for two of Mexico’s new blocks that this country offered for sale. Talos then partnered with a group of oil companies that included Premier Oil from the United Kingdom and Sierra Oil & Gas to develop a block called Zama-1.

Two years later, Talos and its group of oil companies were the first in the history of Mexico IF you take at the operations of Talos Energy in Mexico, it will show you hoe new reforms in the Mexico energy industry have worked.
Tim Duncan, the current president of Talos Energy as well as its founder, is one of the keys for Talos Energy winning the bids in Mexico. He has spent all his life in the oil industry. He got a Bachelor of petroleum engineering from Mississippi State University,. Mississippi State University also honored him with the Distinguished Fellow of the College of Engineering. He did go to graduate school and got MBA from the University of Houston. Before he started Talos Energy, he worked for Amerada, Zikha Energy, Hess, Pennzoil E&P and the Phoenix Exploration He used his experience and connections to found Talos Energy in 2012.

What is Talos Energy? Talos is a company that specializes in gas and oil. It does its business of development, exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico and off the Gulf Coast. At first, Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management were involved in the financing of this company. It then merged with Stone Energy Corporation in 2018 and no longer has to worry about its financial future.

Duncan has said that the merger does come with challenges. His company will be under more It will affect how the company pushes its story on the sell side and on the buy side with analysts and investors. It will teach the employees of his company how to run public company. He thinks that his company can handle the challenge.

The company’s success in the Gulf of Mexico has shown that they will overcome their challenges.

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