Madison Street Capital: Recent $3.2M Deal

Madison Street Capital is a financial firm specializing in investments and other services for clients. Madison Street Capital is also known as MSC. MSC has office locations in Asia, Africa and North America. As a result of the company’s efforts globally, they have received a reputation of quality from their customers. They specialize in middle-market services. MSC partners with other firms in the industry in order to achieve success in niche markets. They consider their individual client’s needs and preferences in order to find a perfect match between buyer and seller. Their main objective is to further business within their firm and continue to expand efforts on a global scale.


Madison Street Capital has recently teamed up with a company called MonDak Portables. The company is from North Dakota and has initiated business with MSC. Their deal went through for a total of $3.2M. Following this transaction, the CEO and Senior Managing Director of the firm spoke kind words regarding the transaction. Jay Rodgers commented on the work between MSC and team at MonDak Portables. Jay commented on the communication between both parties as “clear” and “organized.” Both companies negotiated on their longterm goals for the partnership and collaboration. He spoke about the company’s poise during this time. The financial capabilities of both companies are vast. MSC spoke highly of the transaction. MSC and MonDak Portables were satisfied with the outcome of the transaction.


Madison Street Capital Reputation has Quality and Integrity


Madison Street Capital is a top investment firm that deals specifically with M&A deals. M&A stands for “mergers and acquisitions.” Mergers and acquisitions are types of transactions where the rights and ownership of a particular company are sold to another company during an M&A transaction. Many times M&A transactions consolidate entity ownership as part of the deal. As a result of these types of transactions, many investment banking firms decide to work closely with their partners and create long-term partnerships and negotiations.


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