EOS Lip Balm Is Good For You And Looks Good

EOS lip balms are definitely worth trying. They are one of the few self-care products on the mainstream market that are made of healthy ingredients. If you take a peek at the ingredient list, you will see that all of the ingredients are plant-derived and are in their pure form. There are various types of oils in the ingredients lists of each product. An alarming amount of people do not care about what is in their personal care products. This is alarming because of the fact that many ingredients are carcinogenic and really shouldn’t be in person care products.

EOS lip balm are packaged in small, round containers that are referred to by some as “eggs.” The containers are bright, solid colors and look very appealing. They have a very modern,minimal look to them. It is without a doubt that EOS containers are great to have around as decorations. There are so many flavors of lip balms that it is a struggle to figure out which one to get. For those who do not like circular packages, EOS also has lip balm in tubes. The tubes are also solid, bright, minimal colors. They even have lip balms that are SPF 15 and SPF 40.

EOS has a number of products in which the round containers are not solid colors. Some of the products have containers that are designed in a festive way so that they look like cookies, candies and pieces of cakes. If anyone has a knack for good package design, it is definitely EOS! Packaging design means a whole lot when it comes to making products look desirable. EOS’s products look very eye-catching and are very distinctive from other products, aesthetically. They are doing a great service by making their products look good.

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