Freedom Checks: Better Than Just Getting By in Retirement

Most Americans are banking on receiving social security when they are ready to retire. The issue with social security is that the monthly maximum that a taxpayer can collect is $2800, which means that at best the individual will be able to get by. For those who want to do more during retirement than to just get by, Freedom Checks could be an investment option for investors seeking serious returns. Matt Badiali is a natural resource investor who has been endorsing Freedom Checks to average individuals in order to get their retirement savings plans on track. Mr. Badiali is more than capable of picking profitable resource stocks and many individuals who subscribe to his newsletter the Real Wealth Strategist have also made a lot of money following his research.

Many people were confused about what Freedom Checks were when Matt Badiali first told the public about them. In order to receive these checks, it requires an individual to make an initial investment in the stock market by investing in a Master Limited Partnership. These companies trade on the major stock exchanges, so a person who has access to a brokerage account can start investing immediately. Freedom Checks are just a form of dividend payouts, but what sets them apart is that a person who gets paid these checks is not obligated to pay the IRS during the tax season. Avoiding taxation is a way for investors to make substantial rates of return and compound that wealth quicker than an investment subject to taxes.

Matt Badiali stands by Freedom Checks as a great investment choice because he is predicting oil prices to take off in the future. Many companies that send these payments to their shareholders are going to benefit from higher oil prices. The checks that get sent out to shareholders will be substantially larger than they currently are. Investors who position now could enjoy higher payments for many years in a rising oil price environment. A modest investment will be enough to get people started who care about their financial future. It is important that individuals realize that this unique way to invest still carries risk.

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