Serge Belamant’s Impact on the Development of Technology

Belamant is well known for creating a financial firm that gives small personal loans at an interest rate of 0%. After graduating from the university, Serge BelamAnt teamed up with the most notable civil engineering company where he had to put into application the admissible expertise and competence that he had obtained. He labored on small and medium-size IBM computers by use of software evaluation. With his expertise skill, he was skillful to develop a license of ensuring that an undertaking between a transactor and a transactee has an identity and an account to substantiate the facility is operated.

Besides, Serge devised patent form of blockchain on a smartcard while working with the Net1 technologies. The card can use disseminated ledgers that can work both online and offline without any alteration with an integrated computer. Besides, the smart card can work in areas with no electricity and without requiring a point of sale device. The undertaking of an intuitive card can be noted with an offline location of a sale device that needs only a battery. After the card has executed a lot of offline debit undertakings, the information is kept on the smart card and later when it transacts with the centrally ATM, the system is improved and acknowledges the data and then keeps it.

Key achievements of Serge Belamant:

  • Developed a Way of Controlling a Gaming Operation

The method contains a safe action and a memory in the form of a smart card and unsecured input that shows the means of connection. The memory in the smart card keeps a software, which manages the performances of the game and instructions that are notable to advantages and disadvantages of the player.

  • The Realization of Secure Financial Undertakings

Serge Belamant created an account number with a standard credit or debit account with a banking organization. The accessible financial information classifies the duplicated primary account number with the issuing bank being aware that the pertinent digits will be made to give detailed information about the account number and the amount available.

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EOS Lip Balm Is Good For You And Looks Good

EOS lip balms are definitely worth trying. They are one of the few self-care products on the mainstream market that are made of healthy ingredients. If you take a peek at the ingredient list, you will see that all of the ingredients are plant-derived and are in their pure form. There are various types of oils in the ingredients lists of each product. An alarming amount of people do not care about what is in their personal care products. This is alarming because of the fact that many ingredients are carcinogenic and really shouldn’t be in person care products.

EOS lip balm are packaged in small, round containers that are referred to by some as “eggs.” The containers are bright, solid colors and look very appealing. They have a very modern,minimal look to them. It is without a doubt that EOS containers are great to have around as decorations. There are so many flavors of lip balms that it is a struggle to figure out which one to get. For those who do not like circular packages, EOS also has lip balm in tubes. The tubes are also solid, bright, minimal colors. They even have lip balms that are SPF 15 and SPF 40.

EOS has a number of products in which the round containers are not solid colors. Some of the products have containers that are designed in a festive way so that they look like cookies, candies and pieces of cakes. If anyone has a knack for good package design, it is definitely EOS! Packaging design means a whole lot when it comes to making products look desirable. EOS’s products look very eye-catching and are very distinctive from other products, aesthetically. They are doing a great service by making their products look good.

Edwin Miranda As A Brand Strategist And A Loan Consultant

He is the founder of KOI/IXS. The organization specializes in strategic branding and comprises of highly trained individuals who are passionate about their work. At the helm of the firm, Edwin Miranda has ensured that all the workers at KOI/IXS work as a team to achieve its goals. The company has completed many projects that have earned good reputation.

Technology is an important part in designing and creating the marketing content. He is passionate about helping his clients to grow their brands in today’s competitive business world. Some of his greatest achievements include helping different multinational to increase their market share and attracting new customers for their products. The businessman has always ensured that the marketing techniques used can meet the changing customer needs.

Edwin Miranda serves as a senior loan consultant at a US-based mortgage lender known as New American Funding. The institution has its headquarters in California. It was founded in 2003 as a lender and comprised of forty workers. Over the years, it has expanded to become one of the leading brands in the country. Any prospective buyer is allowed to choose the most convenient payment option. For example, one can choose cash out or fixed rate mortgages.

All the loan services including processing and underwriting can be accessed internally. Edwin Miranda has assisted New American Funding to introduce a wide range of loans to meet the needs of different clients. The number of loans issued has also increased with time. To ensure higher productivity, all the stakeholders in the organization are treated with respect and dignity. A culture of integrity has been instilled among the stakeholders in the company and that has contributed to good reputation. All the crucial information is communicated to all the affected parties when needed to ensure transparency and accountability.

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Paul Mampilly: Ramifications of the Trade War

The growing trade war has been making news headlines since it was first hinted at by Pres. Donald Trump. It has been stated that the ramifications of this trade war could be anything from a new recession to enhanced growth and all of the industries in the United States of America. Paul Mampilly believes that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. While there are several unique investment opportunities that have presented themselves as a result of the decision to initiate a trade war between the United States and China there are also several companies which will likely be hit fairly hard by the effects of the trade war.

Paul Mampilly believes that it is important to invest wisely and know which stocks to sell in order to successfully navigate the economic ramifications of the trade war between the United States and China. There are a few stocks that are fairly popular which Paul Mampilly believes will be hit harder than others by the effects of this trade war. One of the most popular stocks is that of Boeing. It is fairly overexposed in the Chinese markets as it generates about 13% of its sales from China and has had plans to sell nearly 30% of the new 737 jets to China. There are several competitors that China will easily be able to switch to and this will have devastating effects on the stock price of Boeing.

According to Paul Mampilly, Apple computers will also be a stock that is hit fairly hard. Almost 25% of the company’s sales are directly from China in addition to the company using China as its manufacturing center. This makes the company very exposed to potential downturns from lowered participation by Chinese consumers. Another company which might potentially be hit fairly hard by the trade war between the United States and China is Starbucks. There are over 1500 stores in China which represents nearly 6% of the total stores that are operated by the company. China has been the largest growing market for the company for several years so a trade war between the United States and China means bad news for the company’s stock price.

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InnovaCare Health – Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

When we talk about the success of InnovaCare Health, we cannot avoid mentioning the input if the CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides. These two professionals have been instrumental in the management of the company, and have overseen drastic changes that brought about the current fortunes. When you look at their history and experience, it is clear why they were chosen to head this Medicare advantage plans company. Let us find out more.

About Richard Shinto


Shinto is the CEO of InnovaCare Health. Apart from being the overall chief, he also is the head of all health plans that are in Puerto Rico. Before 2012, he had served as the president of Aveta Inc. before its acquisition and was an instrumental part of the management group.


His experience spans throughout 20 years work in the operational healthcare and managed care industry. He started in Southern California where he worked as pulmonologist after serving as an intern. At the North American Medical Management in California, he was the CM officer. He was both the CM and CEO of Medical Pathway Management. He has served as the corporate VP at MedPartners and CMO at Optima Health.


Rick Shinto’s career started with several degrees in Medicine that would launch his journey to the help of InnovaCare Health. Some of the institutions that he attended include the State University of New York and the University of California. He also has an MBA from the University of Redlands. During his career, he has received awards including the Access to Caring Award. He is an accomplished author of medical journals.


About Penelope Kokkinides


Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides had an extensive career before joining InnovaCare Health. She was the COO of Aveta Inc. and Vice President at Clinical Operations. She has also served in senior positions at Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health, Care and Disease Management at AmeriChoice. Her educational history includes a degree from the University of New York and another from the Columbia University School of Public Health where she studied alcohol and drug abuse. Just like her CEO, she has a combined experience of more than 20 years and has helped to change the company since joining in June 2015.

About InnovaCare Health


Innovacare Health is a leading provider for managed healthcare operations in America. The company offers Medicare services to over 200, 00 people, and their activities are mainly based in Puerto Rico. Through the experienced leadership, the company focuses on providing long-lasting solutions.

The great achievements of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions expanded the operations of its Toledo plant in Spain by adding a new production line at the cost of €17 million. The decision to add the line came because of the increased demand of the company’s products from Spain and Portugal. Initially, the plant produced a total of 12,000 tons of chicken products annually, but after the upgrade, the production doubled to 24,000 tons annually. The total output of all the products rose to 45,000 annually that included pork, beef, and chicken products. The entire process added 20 more employees to the OSI Food Solution’s workforce and created a new position of product development manager. The position came because of the unique quality control kitchen that came with the new production line. Other new features included storage facilities, spacious production area, nitrogen tanks, hot water reservoirs, and a social area for employees. The new line came with electricity saving solutions because the heat produced by the refrigerators and the production line will boil water.

In line with the current food processing global competition, OSI Food Solutions works hard to ensure that the customers access its products with ease. In that connection, it works hard to improve the supplying capacity in every part of its operation. In Europe for example, OSI acquired a Dutch-based company, Baho Foods. The initiative that took place in 2016 improved the European supply tremendously because Baho Foods added more products like deli meat to the OSI’s portfolio. Additionally, the collaboration increased the marketing of the products because Baho Foods have five subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands serving 18 countries. The Managing Director of Baho Foods, John Blaver was among the top leaders retained after the merger to oversee the operations. He pointed out that the process would increase the marketing of the two companies’ products keeping in mind that OSI has a broader customer network.

OSI Food Solutions is among the American Top 100 companies as the Forbes listed it at number 58 in the private companies list of 2016. The company made sales totaling $6.1 billion in the same year. The year 2016 also saw the OSI Food Solutions scoop the British Safety Councils prestigious Global Honor award for its outstanding efforts in environmental management.

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From the Bottom to the Top: David McDonald

David McDonald is a man who knows the meaning of the term working hard. He grew up in Iowa and learned early on where food comes from and wanted to be part of the industry. He realized early in his life that it is the bottom where you begin. He went to college at the University of Iowa and received a degree in Animal Science. Right after college, he found a place that he loves and has not looked back.

David McDonald went to work for OSI Industries in 1987. Over the next thirty years of his life, he has been all over the world looking at ways for the company to move forward and expand. He is now the President and COO of the company and is always looking for new technologies and ways to make the food processing and freezing industries much easier and more efficient. He has also contributed greatly to the reach of OSI Industries. To know more about him click here.

David McDonald thought the best way to move the company forward into the future was to be able to get a foothold in some of the worlds key markets. One of those key markets was the European market. He moved ahead with the purchases of Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. zThese were only two of the moves that he made.

One of the other markets that he hoped to invest in was the Chinese market. This idea came to fruition for David McDonald when the company and the Chinese came together in order for the private company to take root. He is very happy with this decision and feels the company now can plan for long-term investments in China as well as other locations around the world. This is what determination can do for a man like him. He saw a chance to expand and took advantage of it.

This is one of the reasons why David McDonald has become such a success with his career. He knew he had to work hard and put in the effort to make things work. Now his company can look forward to a bright future.

Freedom Checks: Better Than Just Getting By in Retirement

Most Americans are banking on receiving social security when they are ready to retire. The issue with social security is that the monthly maximum that a taxpayer can collect is $2800, which means that at best the individual will be able to get by. For those who want to do more during retirement than to just get by, Freedom Checks could be an investment option for investors seeking serious returns. Matt Badiali is a natural resource investor who has been endorsing Freedom Checks to average individuals in order to get their retirement savings plans on track. Mr. Badiali is more than capable of picking profitable resource stocks and many individuals who subscribe to his newsletter the Real Wealth Strategist have also made a lot of money following his research.

Many people were confused about what Freedom Checks were when Matt Badiali first told the public about them. In order to receive these checks, it requires an individual to make an initial investment in the stock market by investing in a Master Limited Partnership. These companies trade on the major stock exchanges, so a person who has access to a brokerage account can start investing immediately. Freedom Checks are just a form of dividend payouts, but what sets them apart is that a person who gets paid these checks is not obligated to pay the IRS during the tax season. Avoiding taxation is a way for investors to make substantial rates of return and compound that wealth quicker than an investment subject to taxes.

Matt Badiali stands by Freedom Checks as a great investment choice because he is predicting oil prices to take off in the future. Many companies that send these payments to their shareholders are going to benefit from higher oil prices. The checks that get sent out to shareholders will be substantially larger than they currently are. Investors who position now could enjoy higher payments for many years in a rising oil price environment. A modest investment will be enough to get people started who care about their financial future. It is important that individuals realize that this unique way to invest still carries risk.

Ted Bauman Uses His Gift with Words to Reach the People Who They can Help the Most

Ted Bauman made the decision to work with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 and has been reaching readers through a set of newsletters, which include Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter. On most days, Bauman wakes up early in the morning and focuses on helping his daughter to make it to school. After this, he gets his working day started by heading off to his office, which is right in his own home in the basement.

Ted Bauman is the kind of guy that works all throughout the day; checking in with the news and catching up on matters related to low-risk investing and asset protection. As a writer, he does his best to speak in a way that his readers understand. He knows that some of the topics he covers can be boring to read about, so he makes sure that he covers them in a way that is interesting. This is one of his many gifts, and it has allowed him to help many people who need to have a better grasp of their finances.

Ted Bauman has worked to serve people in need for most of his life, and he started doing so when he moved from the United States, as a younger man, to South Africa. He enjoys showing people how to lead empowered lives, where they don’t have to depend on the government or anyone else to take care of their financial needs. In South Africa, he worked with different nonprofit organizations as a fund manager. His work helped many economically challenged people by providing them with a roof over their head.

Ted Bauman earned postgraduate degrees in history and economics while studying at the University of Cape Town and has been able to apply his knowledge to the investing world. He is happy that many of his readers are beginning to ask questions about how the economy of the United States and the world works and hopes that more people will begin to do so in the future. While he doesn’t, necessarily, like the idea of over-regulating any market, he feels that there are lots of problems with underregulation, too.

His LinkedIn Profile:

Tsunami XR CEO Alex Hern

A tech entrepreneur for over 25 years, Alex Hern has been a driving force in companies including YesMail, Military Commercial Technologies, Arcsight and others. Currently, he serves as Chief Executive Officer of Tsunami XR, the company he co-founded, providing graphically-sophisticated products and solutions including digital meeting spaces and 3-D rendering studios.

Alex Hern says that the motivation for Tsunami XR came from his realization that the GPU, rather than the CPU, is becoming the dominant component of a computer. He noticed that there is a dearth of software and applications that take advantage of the full capabilities of graphic cards that are now standard throughout all industries, and Tsunami XR seeks to help fill the void.

Alex Hern’s methods and reflections

Alex Hern believes in focusing on one thing at a time throughout his workday rather than multitasking, and he does not make any major decision without carefully considering all the variables and possible outcomes. It is common for him to spend at least four to five hours a day on a single objective because he believes that spreading his energies in too many directions makes him less effective.

He works late into the night and often finds that his best ideas come to him at this time when he is free of the distractions and noise of the day. Furthermore, he readily admits that he has had multiple failures throughout his career and sees them all as opportunities to learn.

In general, he is excited by the rapid advances he sees in artificial intelligence, machine learning and graphics processing, and he enjoys incorporating the latest developments into the products and services of Tsunami XR. Furthermore, he uses Tsunami XR applications himself while developing his ideas for his company. As far as the future of Tsunami goes, his vision is for more applications involving augmented reality.

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