OSI Industries Will Take Your Order Now.

Two all beef patties please, and hold the pickle. Actually, make that a Quarter Pounder with cheese, and add bacon to that. Seriously, you thought you were at McDonald’s? Not necessarily, because McDonald’s wouldn’t be what it is today without good ol’ OSI Industries. That’s right, OSI Industries began its world wide quest in  humblest way, well over a century ago in the great city of Chicago.

Next time you’re in a McDonald’s, make sure you remember the name “Otto”. Mr. Otto Kolschowsky is the main man in the history of the great McDonald’s restaurant story. Otto began his small meat market in the early 1900’s and served his fellow Americans faithfully. It wasn’t long before he met Ray Kroc, the man who launched McDonald’s into world fame. Otto supplied all of the beef. History is indeed delicious.

Since those days long ago, OSI Industries has become a world leader in producing food. It is a success story worthy of the silver screen. Not only does OSI Industries still produce the finest beef, but the pork and poultry markets have been added to their menu. With the rest of the food pyramid mixed in, OSI Industries has become a complete and balanced meal provider to the world.

A creative staff of over 20,000 people all around the world work in harmony to create and provide a myriad of different food products for the rest of the world. Whether it is premium ingredients for fine restaurants and/or delis and grocery stores, OSI has the power, people and prowess to provide. There really is no limit to what can be created with food these days, and the talented people at OSI are ever creating new tastes and new ways to deliver to the masses all around the globe. They’re taking orders now for whatever you have a hankerin’ for.

Headquartered in Aurora IL., not far from Otto’s original meat market, OSI continues to grow and expand their product list. The culinary arts have met and merged with a world wide company, and the flavors are flying off of the shelf.

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