Whitney Wolfe’s Success In The Online Dating Site Business

Whitney Wolfe is from the Salt Lake City where she was born and raised by both her parents before relocating to Paris when she had just turned 11. She went back to Utah to complete her high school studies and later joined the Methodist University where she graduated with a degree in International Relations. Whitney also went to La Sorbonne while pursuing her degree to learn French. Wolfe has always been known as a marketing genius by different online companies including Bloomberg and Medium.com because of her marketing skills.

Her career journey
While in college, Wolfe founded two companies. The first one was known as the “Help Us Project” what was intended to address the crisis of oil spill at the Mexican Gulf. The project was a partnership with Patrick Aufdenkam and became famous for organic bamboo totes and was supported by several celebrities. Wolfe also partnered with Aufdenkam to establish the Tender Heart, which is a clothing line. After Whitney Wolfe graduated, she joined different orphanages in Cambodia and Northern Thailand where she worked as a volunteer for about six months.

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Foundation of Bumble
Whitney had joined Cardify team to participate in the sales and marketing as part of the IAC Hatch Labs. When the team failed to witness growth, Whitney Wolfe gathered the group to work in another project she had already started; the Matchbox. The app later became the currently known Tinder, which she had co-founded. Wolfe became the vice president of the company for two years then departed to create another platform for kindness. After meeting Andrey Andreev, one of her business acquaintances, Whitney formed Badoo. Together, they decided to create Bumble, which is now worth $500 million.

About Whitney Wolfe
Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and founder of Bumble, one of the recognized dating apps that enable women to be the ones initiating contact for links. The company’s majority shares are owned by Badoo Company, which is also a European dating site. As of 2017, Bumble had over 11 million registered members. Whitney Wolfe had also co-founded another app known as Tinder that also enables individuals who are looking for dating partners to easily link with one another.

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