Michel Terpins: Turning his Racing Dreams into a Reality

One thing that unites every people in Brazil is their love of sports. One of the fastest growing sports in Brazil today is rally driving, and many people are joining national and international competitions which are looking for the best rally driver on the planet. Millions in Brazil are watching these events, and even if the sport is deadly, the adrenalin rush running through the bodies of those who are involved in the competition is what drives the people to watch longer. The reputation of these rally drivers among the public is very high, and they are promoted to a celebrity status. The life of a rally driver in Brazil is different from any other athletes or sports enthusiast. They are independent, and they can do whatever they want before the big day, like going out for surf or watching other games performed at the stadiums located on city centers.

Whenever he has free time, Michel Terpins is making sure that he is on a road trip with his older brother, Rodrigo Terpins. Michel Terpins is one of the most famous rally drivers in the country, and he made his name because of his performance at the 2012 Sertoes Rally, which marked his debut on the sport. He would always ask his brother to join him in a transnational road trip, and what they are doing whenever they are on a road trip is to talk about rally driving and how to win it. For the Terpins brothers, spending their time practicing in a difficult terrain is what would help them win every competition about rally driving.

According to Michel Terpins, when he was still younger, his father used to show him what the insides of a car look like. He developed an interest in driving, same with his older brother Rodrigo. After they managed to master some of the basic information about the vehicle, they started driving it, learning at a young age. Today, Michel Terpins is planning to visit several communities in the most remote areas in the country, and he wanted to initiate goodwill just like what his brother is doing for all of his life.

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