Drew Madden: Conflicting Reports in Healthcare World

The medical sector has undergone numerous changes in the recent times. However, despite these significant changes in the department, people are still losing their lives due to some diseases that affect millions of people in various parts of the globe.

Just recently, there have been some two reports that have left everyone in the medical profession talking. One of these reports published says that CVS is planning to acquire one of the giant insurance companies in the country, known as Aetna. The second report published says that Amazon, a very popular organization has decided to get pharmacy licenses from several countries. People who have had a closer look at the report say that the online platform will now be allowed to distribute medical and other related healthcare equipment. The organization has denied claims that it will be involved in the prescription or distribution of medications. However, by the look of things, the online giant will most likely be taking this course in the recent future.

According to Drew Madden, one of the most respected healthcare professionals, these two great reports are related in some way. These reports have indicated that Amazon will soon be fully involved in the activities taking place in the pharmaceutical sales industry. The online platform has grown significantly and taken the international market by a storm, and it is a formidable competitor for the people who have invested heavily in the pharmaceutical world.

Madden says that the threat that has been brought by Amazon is becoming real every passing hour. Legal players in the world such as CVS are now enforcing innovations so that they can take a right defensive measure against the online platform. The organization announced a move to apply for an international next day delivery for all the prescription made, and this will result in great losses to the stakeholders in the pharmaceutical world. Drew Madden has a lot of expertise in the healthcare world, and he understands the kind of challenges people will face if the giant platform is allowed to carry out its operations in the international community.

The Recent Activities

NexBank, a regional bank that is situated in Dallas recently made its announcement about being the official sponsors of the 32nd edition of the prestigious Annual Luncheon held by the Dallas Women’s Foundation. This was according to an article that was published on 20th October 2017 by PRNewswire. NexBank stated that is contributed a gift which was worth $100,000 towards its effort to offer support to the women’s foundation which is normally involved in improving the economic and leadership security of all women in the society. The article by PRNewswire stated that the Luncheon takes place each and every year and this year it will be held on Friday 20th, October 2017. The luncheon will be held at the prestigious Hilton Anatole Hotel which is located in Dallas.

Dr. Hope Jahren, one of the Top 100 Influential People on the Time Magazine is said to be one of the main individuals giving an address at the luncheon. A best-selling author, Hope Jahren is also a very successful scientist who has won many awards in his career and is popular the world over. The Luncheon’s important address is expected to be live-streamed in approximately 20 schools and nearly 10,000 students across North Texas. Normally, this luncheon is hosted by the Dallas Women’s Foundation and is attended by more than 1300 community, civic and business leaders. According to reports, the Dallas Women’s’ Foundation is placed as one of the world’s biggest regional fund meant for women. Its main purpose is to improve the social and economic lives of all women and girls in Dallas.

NexBank is a well-known bank that has assets estimated to be more than $64 billion. It is a charter that was started in the year 1922. The growth and success of NexBank have been evident over the years it has been in operation. This can be attributed to the exemplary skills and experience of the staff and leaders of the institution. The services offered by NexBank are mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services. The main clients of the popular institution include financial institutions, corporations and institutional customers.

The Success Story of Real Estate Investor Adam Milstein and his Philanthropy Work

Adam Milstein is a renowned real estate investor, community leader, and philanthropist. In the real estate sector, he works as a Managing Partner with Hager Pacific Properties, a private real estate firm with vast interests across the United States comprising of millions of square feet of property.

Being a Jew, he took part in the Yom Kippur War serving in the IDF. In 1978, Adam graduated from the Technion. He went to the US in 1981 for further studies and went on to acquire an MBA in entrepreneurship from USC which paved the way for him to launch a career in Southern California by 1983 specializing in Commercial Real Estate.

Adam is also the co-founder and Chairman of the Board at the Israeli-American Council confirming his position as a community leader. He also serves as a Director in the boards of many organizations including the Jewish Funders Network, StandWithUs, the AIPAC National Council, Hasbara Fellowships, AISH Los Angeles, and The Israel on campus Coalition among others.

Adam is also the President of the Adam and Gina Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation focuses on strengthening the state of Israel and the Jewish community while also keeping good ties with the United States. The Foundation serves multiple governmental groups that either create awareness or take care of the people’s welfare by eradicating poverty.

Together with his wife, they established Sifriyat Pijama B’America to avail thousands of Hebrew books teaching Jewish values for over fifteen thousand Jewish families living in the US. Milstein’s wife is called Gila, and they have three children and three grandchildren. The family currently resides in Encino, California from where he oversees his projects and investments.

As an author, he emphasizes in his pieces that for an entrepreneur to succeed, he or she must be persistent and consistent. Self-understanding is paramount. You cannot depend on others to help you understand issues all the time.

Besides, Adam believes that goal-setting could be limiting many people from achieving their full potential. He, therefore, advises everyone to work extra hard and pay little attention to negative critics. Adam cautions against entrepreneurs who want to succeed big time overnight. As he puts it, you miss 100% of the shots you fail to take.