Susan McGalla Overcame Gender Barriers and Became Successful

Susan P. McGalla is an expert consultant on branding, operational efficiencies, marketing and similar services at her company – P3 Executive Consulting, LLC.

Her career began at American Eagle Outfitters, from 1994 to 2009. Though the company was male dominated, she worked hard to rise through the ranks and held some high-ranking positions. At some point, she became the president of the company and oversaw the launch of Aerie and 77kids brands.

In 2011, Susan was appointed the CEO of Wet Seal and continued to provide consulting work to different corporations. Currently, she serves the Board of Trustees at the University of Pittsburgh and is a member of the University’s Cancer Institute.

Personal Life

McGalla was born and bred in East Liverpool with her two brothers. Her father was a community coach, who she says did not cut her any slack for being a girl. Her parents motivated her to work hard and have confidence in her ideas and whatever else she did.

She grew up seeing herself as a person and not a man or a woman; something that has been very instrumental to her success.

Susan attained her degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College, where she is part of the Board of Advisors team She is married to one Stephen McGalla, a renowned wealth manager.


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  1. Susan encourages women to have the same approach and attitude in their careers. Susan is passionate about sports, which she says becomes a great conversation starter with anyone, especially men. This helped her get comfortable with men and beat the gender barrier. I also would suggest that they do some SEO work on their site which is why everything needs to work hand in hand and it’s commendable that they get it back up and running for some time.

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