Bringing An End To Unlimited Money In Politics

For the average person it is common sense, there should not be a system of politics which allows any individual to give unlimited amounts of money to the candidates that they believe will do something for them specifically on Facebook. While this may seem like the most obvious thing in the world, there are laws in the United States which now enable someone to donate any amount of money that they want to any candidate or cause.

This situation arose after the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision in the “Citizens United” case. This was a case brought to the court which challenged the idea of freedom of speech in politics. The Citizens United group had made an anti-Hillary Clinton film on which they wanted to collect money for and get around rules that existed regarding political material during an election.

The Court ruled that monetary donations are a version of speech. As such, the Court believed that this was a free speech issue and ruled in favor of the group on This meant that the doors were opened to donors donating any amount of money that they wished to any candidate or cause of their choosing.

Now there is a counter group that exists which is called End Citizens United PAC. The political action committee is interested in overturning the ruling of the court and bringing back elections which do not permit unlimited political donations. After all, End Citizens United believes that such election are not truly free elections after all.

The PAC is interested in funding candidates for high office which believe as they do and want to end the Citizens United ruling. This is a group using the unlimited donation rules to their advantage to try to get them overturned at the end of the day. It may seem a little ironic to some, but the group feels that they are being pragmatic with the cards that they were handed.

It is quite clear to End Citizens United PAC that the ultimate goal is to have a Constitutional Amendment which will end the political contributions schemes that currently exist. There is little else that would be strong enough to stand the test of time in the eyes of those working on this campaign. It is probably true as anything short of an amendment could easily be challenged again in the courts.

Already the group is seeing results in the form of a lot more attention being focused on the issue that they care about. End Citizens United had a hero in a candidate like Bernie Sanders as well. Given all of this, the group feels that they are making progress even if they have not yet quite gotten all of the results that they want.

Andrea McWilliams proving that a woman can be successful.

Born and raised in the city of El Paso, Texas, Andrea McWilliams have succeeded against all the odds to prove that a woman can make it in life. In many continents, education, career tasks, and leadership positions are mostly associated with the male gender. With this, a lot of women have had to struggle in the business environment to try and prove that women can do the same thing men do if given an opportunity. Andrea was among the few women who had the opportunity of getting an education as she graduated from Brown University with a Bachelors degree in Anthropology.

At the beginning of her undergraduate career, Andrea was always passionate about issues dealing with social justice. She involved herself mainly in immigrant advocacy in her hometown and decided to dedicate her career journey empowering underserved communities. Through advocating for the immigrants in her hometown, she was able to understand and know what underserved people go through first hand. With this in mind, it was easy for her to empower these individuals as she clearly had an idea of what they were going through.

Many people view Andrea as political and lobbyist fundraiser who is skilled in formulating strategies and is good when it comes to persuasion. She is widely known for her meticulous attention to every detail which helps her avoid making silly and avoidable mistakes. In every issue she engages, McWilliams has been seen to bring her unique expertise drawing herself to the public and private sector. Various national media such as FOX News, CNN, BBC, USA Today among other all view Andrea McWilliams as a politic strategist and a chief fundraiser.

Andrea McWilliams has indeed proven that a woman can do what a man can do provided an opportunity is granted. She has acted a role model empowering every individual, both man and woman, to become a better person.

Tech Startup Whiz Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is the brains behind such enormously successful tech startups as Desktone, Akana and ServiceMesh. This Harvard graduate did not get the same start in the tech world that most of his contemporaries got. He took a very different path to get where he is today. However, that has not prevented him from becoming one of the most respected entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. He has constantly shown a great ability to create innovative ideas that have changed the tech industry. Eric Pulier is always ahead of the curve. This has allowed him to launch startups that instantly grab the attention of the general public.

Eric spent his childhood across the country from Silicon Valley in New Jersey. It was here that Eric became a great student and constantly aced all of his exams. He used his great marks to eventually gain entry into Harvard. He majored in English literature and graduated with honors. However, it was not his destiny to ever use his college degree to get a job. Instead, he immediately became interested in tech startups. Eric first developed an interest in computers while he was in college. However, he got hooked once he learned what tech startups were all about after finishing college.

Eric then took it upon himself to learn everything he could about tech startups. He did a great deal of reading and he talked to other people who had been involved in the industry for a substantial amount of time. This allowed him to learn from the mistakes of others. He has said that the people who are willing to take the time to educate themselves are the ones who generally succeed in the startup industry. However, he says that many people are in such a hurry to cash in and start making money that they rush the launch of their startup. This usually ends in disaster. Pulier says that something as important as a startup should never be rushed. You need to be sure that the site works perfectly and your products are outstanding before you allow the general public to see any of them.

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Clay Siegall Is Changing Things Up With Seattle Genetics.

Fighting A Daring Disease

Cancer is one of the most difficult diseases to treat and there simply aren’t enough options for doctors who plan on fighting against it. This is the exact reason that Clay Siegall decided to create Seattle Genetics. He was tired of seeing the lack of progress on fighting cancer and wanted to come up with new and innovative way of approaching the problem. This led him to develop an entirely new treatment method and that innovation has blown up.

A New And Innovative Approach

The center of Seattle Genetics is the antibody-drug conjugate. Combining these qualities together gives this new treatment a much higher rate of success. Previous methods of cancer therapy came with more severe side effects and are less effective than ADCs. ADCs give doctors the ability to treat their patients in a way specifically designed for their immune system in order to allow the body to better accept the drugs. This innovative approach isn’t going unnoticed within the pharmaceutical industry. Seattle Genetics is attracting the attention of big names like Pfizer for its groundbreaking research into cancer.

Where It All Goes From Here

Clay Siegal’s research and hard work are finally paying off. Seattle Genetics is attracting big investments and the interest in its innovative approach has led to a desire to implement ADCs to an even greater extent. To meet these demands Siegall is conducting more research into ADCs and trying to find new applications for them. If he succeeds it just might result in the next big success in cancer therapy. Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases out there, but the assistance of people like Clay Siegall is making a big difference.

About Clay Siegal

Clay Siegall is a medical researcher with a strong focus on cancer. After spending a decade researching cancer for various medical firms he decided to create Seattle Genetics in 1999. Seattle Genetics took off very soon with its innovative approach to fighting cancer and continues to amaze. He continues to use his cancer expertise to deliver new solutions in medicine.


Anthony G. Petrello Is A Man Who Believes In Taking Charge And Helping Others

Anthony (Tony) Petrello has achieved mega success in the oil industry. He is the very wealthy CEO of Nabors Industries, a company that contracts oilfield services to other oil firms. Globally, Nabors is responsible for about 500 drilling rigs. That level of responsibility keeps a CEO busy; however, Tony’s has many other things on his mind.

One could argue that Petrello’s primary focus is his daughter Carena Francesca.

Anthony and Cindy’s baby girl was born at 24 weeks, weighed 20 ounces, and has a disease common to premature infants. Carena has periventricular leukomalacia, or PVL, a problem that develops because blood and thus an adequate quantity of oxygen don’t get to the brain during the growth of the fetus. The lack of oxygen causes neurological issues.

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The first step in caring for Carena was a series of operations to save her heart and her sight. Soon after the surgeries, Carena developed cerebral palsy and other developmental problems. Her issues presented the Petrello’s with the realities of raising a child who faced a life filled with significant challenges.

For example, as Carena grew she began losing the ability to do things she had been doing. She learned to talk and then at around five lost the ability. Today, like many other kids afflicted with PVL Carena can only stay mobile using a wheelchair and she can’t feed herself.

Her parents, Tony and Cynthia Petrello began by learning about the diseases associated with PVL and adjusted their expectations. Each new experience served to increase their awareness of what was necessary to care for kids like Carena. The financial and personal costs are extraordinary and certainly not something parents ever dream will happen to their child. Carena’s parents began an investigative journey across the country to find a pediatric research institution that could help.

Their exhaustive search led them to conclude that translational research on an enormous scale is the only approach that would make a significant difference and no one was doing any. Tony and Cindy started working with a research facility at Texas Children’s Hospital and donated $5 million. The plan aimed the money at studying neurological problems in children and finding solutions. The Petrello family’s new goal is to raise $7 million.

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Highlands Dallas Foundation Inc. Awards $1 Million US dollars to aid The Family Place

In early October 2016, the president and co-founder of the giant cooperation Highland Capital Management, L.P made public his move of awarding grants to The Family Place. This step was officially announced during The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazers Awards Luncheon.


About The Family Place


Established in 1978, The Family Place remains faithful to its cause of bringing to an end family violence. This, it does by following a holistic approach that put smiles on the faces of many families who would have otherwise lived in fear. Victims of domestic violence empowered through counseling, proper housing, and skills enhancement training enable them to be independent.


Since its inception, The Family Place has provided counseling to more than two hundred thousand people and provided shelter to another twenty-two thousand victims of domestic violence. The Family Place conducts its programs in both Spanish and English.


The Family Place’s Legacy Campaign


The Family Place had set up a Legacy Campaign aiming to raise $16.5 Million US dollars. The money raised shall go towards Ann Moody Place (a new Central Dallas Counselling Centre) which will, in turn, magnify victim counseling services. Legacy Campaign funds will include the introduction of comprehensive counselling programs for victims of family violence. Having remained with $2.8 Million to beat their target, Highland’s Challenge Grant goes a long way in guaranteeing Legacy Campaign a huge success.


About James Dondero


With over thirty years of experience in equity and trade markets, James Dondero is the co-founder and acting president of Highland Capital Management. An alumna of University of Virginia’s School of commerce, Mr. Dondero began his career in 1984 after attending Morgan Guaranty training program.


James Dondero worked as a Cooperate Bond Analysis in American Express. His expertise saw him rise the ladder to the position of Portfolio Manager. He had the privilege of acting as Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary before founding Highland.


About Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management is a giant investment advisor owning about $16 Billion US dollars in assets. Its successful journey began in 1993 when James Dondero in partnership with Mark Okada established it. Highlands has heavily invested in both local and multinationals nonprofit organizations.

The Career Of Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg has through hard work attained the position of Executive Talent Acquisition Lead for Deutsche Bank. To get to this position she has performed well at a number of prior companies, always increasing her recruiting skills and overall business acumen. In addition to her work life she has also developed a number of interests that she engages in whenever she can.

Zuckerberg attained her college education at The City University of New York-Brooklyn College with a Bachelor degree in Philosophy, and then went to the New York Law School. Her first career position was as a Director of Candidate Placement for Hudson. In this role she recruited for such professions as attorneys, case managers, paralegals, and their support staff at a number of financial institutions and law firms. Getting experience in also being engaged in the coaching and counseling of employees led to her being offered an executive position as at Citi as a Vice President and Executive Recruiter. While at Citi she developed a number of her talents by advising the senior executives in recruitment strategies and compensation trends. In this position she also recruited talented individuals from around the world for Citi, and ably handled the international professionals in relocation and immigration processes and procedures.

Julie’s career next took her to New York Life Insurance Company where she served as the Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President. She partnered with senior management to develop information in what their clients needs were and how to creatively meet them.

Julie joined the Deutsche Bank family in April 2014, first serving as a Executive Recruiter, Talent Division. She was able to use her gained knowledge and experience to parlay this into a promotion to Executive Talent Acquisition Lead with Deutsche Bank. In this position she leads her team in finding and recruiting talent acquisition strategies and improving the processes that they use to find it. She is engaged in increasing proficiency’s in her team and developing engagement needed to attract the top worldwide talent that Deutsche Bank needs.

Zuckerberg has a knack for finding diverse talent that meets the requirements and standards that are key to helping the corporations she has worked for. Her dedication and work habits have impressed the senior level executives that she has advised at the corporations that have made up her career. Her commitment to increasing efficiency and best recruitment practices has been appreciated and respected as she has worked her way up over her career.

Julie has developed a number of interests outside of work. She has taken a keen interest in photography, in particular nature. She also developed an appreciation of art and enjoys going to the various museums throughout the greater New York City area. She also runs as often as she can as well as enjoying nature by hiking in the surrounding area.

Completely Free Mobile Internet and More from FreedomPop

The internet revolves around the free exchange of information, but for cell phone users there has always been a steep monthly fee to access that data. At least until five years ago, when FreedomPop turned the mobile service market on its head. FreedomPop offers 500 MB per month of totally free internet access on top of its already generous free 200 minutes of cellular voice and unlimited texting. Although there are reasonable fees for services beyond these limits, this is a cost-effective model for most cell phone users.


500MB is not a vast amount of data. It is enough for light uses such as monitoring incoming emails and keeping up with Facebook notifications on the go throughout the month. If you stream music and videos regularly from your device you will need to purchase additional data. FreedomPop makes this easy for you by automatically billing you $10 to refill your plan when you reach the final 100MB of your allotment. You will receive an email notification in advance of the charge so that you can choose to opt out, or you can disable automatic charges entirely via the billing settings section of the FreedomPop website. If you choose to do so you will instead be automatically billed .02 cents for each additional MB of data used. Regardless of what options you select, there are never any contracts or cancellation penalties associated with FreedomPop. There is a monthly fee of 10.99 for continuing to take advantage of this service that takes effect after one year of use or you can sign up for the popular 20$ a month plan that provides 1GB of data along with unlimited talking and texting.


Making payments is not the only way to gain access to additional data, however. The Freedom Friends program allows you to earn an additional 10MB of data per month for each friend that signs up and remains with FreedomPop. You can also complete online surveys, download software and participate in other offers via your phone to gain free data. Even downloading and playing online games can earn you credit.


Beyond this FreedomPop review, you can find more information over on Engadget or just go right to the FreedomPop website to sign up. If you have a Sprint-compatible device you are ready to get started or you can purchase a variety of devices directly from FreedomPop and start enjoying the feeling of being free.