Securus Technologies 101

On June 9th, 2016, Securus Technologies a leading company in the provision of civil and criminal technology solutions for corrections, monitoring, and public safety released a press report issuing corrections to multiple statements issued by GTL on June 7th, 2016.


Securus corrects the first allegation published by GTL stating that the United States Patent Trial and Appel Board allow GTL to move to forward with the validated patent and seek damages and injunctions against Securus in Texas Federal court in pending infringement lawsuits. Securus clarifies that the patent has never been validated and that GTL is not able to seek damages as it has claimed.


Another allegation claimed by GTL said that PTAB determined that all innovations are patentable hence allowing GTL to go back to court and protect its technology enabling law enforcement to monitor the video calls. Securus corrected that by stating that PTAB did not clarify that any of the claimed technology is patentable and they did not review the allegation.


GTL also argued that in a few months they would go back to court and illustrate to a jury how Securus violates this patent plus three more patents targeted by Securus. Securus clarified this by stating that the jury will listen to evidence from both sides and will be able to determine if it’s true Securus uses the methods claimed by GTL in the patent.


GTL states that they are seeking damages and injunction which if granted will force Securus to stop using GTLs patented technology on all the platforms that infringement is happening. Securus says there is no violation that is occurring since GTLs patented technology is not being used.


In response to GTLs press news, Richard A Smith who is the CEO of Securus Technologies says that he would be happy anytime to reinstitute the technology bake-off challenge with GTL.