Tsunami XR CEO Alex Hern

A tech entrepreneur for over 25 years, Alex Hern has been a driving force in companies including YesMail, Military Commercial Technologies, Arcsight and others. Currently, he serves as Chief Executive Officer of Tsunami XR, the company he co-founded, providing graphically-sophisticated products and solutions including digital meeting spaces and 3-D rendering studios.

Alex Hern says that the motivation for Tsunami XR came from his realization that the GPU, rather than the CPU, is becoming the dominant component of a computer. He noticed that there is a dearth of software and applications that take advantage of the full capabilities of graphic cards that are now standard throughout all industries, and Tsunami XR seeks to help fill the void.

Alex Hern’s methods and reflections

Alex Hern believes in focusing on one thing at a time throughout his workday rather than multitasking, and he does not make any major decision without carefully considering all the variables and possible outcomes. It is common for him to spend at least four to five hours a day on a single objective because he believes that spreading his energies in too many directions makes him less effective.

He works late into the night and often finds that his best ideas come to him at this time when he is free of the distractions and noise of the day. Furthermore, he readily admits that he has had multiple failures throughout his career and sees them all as opportunities to learn.

In general, he is excited by the rapid advances he sees in artificial intelligence, machine learning and graphics processing, and he enjoys incorporating the latest developments into the products and services of Tsunami XR. Furthermore, he uses Tsunami XR applications himself while developing his ideas for his company. As far as the future of Tsunami goes, his vision is for more applications involving augmented reality.

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The Incredible Career of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly was born in the rural parts of India. Paul attended Montclair State University from 1986 t0 1991 where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. While still working, he got an MBA from the Fordham Garbelli School of Business.Mampilly started his working career on Wall Street after he graduated. He held his first position at Bankers Trust Company as an assistant portfolio manager and later became a full portfolio manager.Deutsche Bank acquired the Bankers Trust, and this made Paul Mampilly earn a new role as a research assistant. This position sharpened Paul research skills and gave him a much better understanding of the importance of performing due diligence on potential investments.

After working at Deutsche Bank, Paul Later joined ING as a Senior Research Analyst. While working at these institutions, Paul was able to move up the ranks and was responsible for managing multi-million dollar accounts large investment accounts.Kinetics Asset Management recruited Paul Mampilly after he left ING so that he could manage one of the company’s hedge funds. His business portfolio grew to over $25 billion in managed assets. During this period, one of the funds that he led was named as a “World’s Best” by Barron’s Magazine after averaging 26% annual returns.Paul Mampilly eventually got tired of making money for the rich and the pace at Wall Street and decided to retire from portfolio management so that he could spend more time with his family.

Paul joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 and served as a senior editor where he helps central Street Americans find wealth while making investments. At Banyan, Mampilly feels that his work is of more benefit since it’s now accessible to more people. Banyan is building a community of  best financial experts so that it can empower average Americans to make informed business decisions.Paul Mampilly founded Profits Unlimited, and Extreme Fortunes which is a popular newsletter and his research service called True Momentum was started in 2017. The Company was established since he felt that Wall Street does not help enough people in need of assistance in investing.

Jeremy Goldstein Supports Mental Patients

Jeremy Goldstein love for community courses started when he was young, and he has maintained this culture for decades. The New York City based lawyer has achieved everything he has ever wanted in his career life, and he is very proud of it. Lawyers face a number of hardships before they can become established in the market. Jeremy Goldstein has handled his share of challenges in the competitive market, and he has emerged as a top lawyer who has handled very complicated cases, especially those in the corporate world. His opinions have also been used by many people who were interested in securing their companies from tough government regulations.  Learn more: http://jlgassociates.com/


Jeremy Goldstein might have a very good career life that has made him very popular, but he has remained very humble. The renowned professional has never failed to meet the expectations of the community when it comes to supporting noble causes. The lawyer has been doing his best using the profits he gets from his law firm. Just recently, he organized a special wine dinner where he helped a company called Fountain House to raise funds. Jeremy Goldstein used this opportunity to bring people together to have a good time and also helped the foundation that has helped many Americans who are struggling with mental illnesses.


Fountain House is very popular in the US, but very few people have helped the company to continue with its services in the lives of mental patients. The lawyer noted that there were increasing numbers of people with mental illnesses, but one was willing to offer a helping hand. Depression, for instance, has claimed many lives, and it has left many families without a loved one. Fountain House has been depending on the funds offered by donors so that they can continue to offer their services to the patients.

The Growth of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is under the umbrella of OSI Group, the largest meat processor in the entire world. Many of us do not know the origin of the processed food we take from supermarkets and restaurants. In this discussion, we will explain how food processing takes place in our company. The firm offers employment opportunities to more than 20,000 workers globally. The firm has offices in more than 30 nations across the entire world. OSI runs over 69 facilities with various amenities to help give out consistent, affordable, and customer-oriented products. As of 2016, the firm’s assets were worth $6.1 billion. Since the beginning of the group, we maintain a consistent growth under the leadership of David McDonald.

David McDonald served as the project manager after completing his studies. Later, McDonald became the president and chief operating officer of OSI Group. McDonald thrived together with OSI Industries through acquiring knowledge in operation by supporting a close relationship with other processing firms. McDonald graduated from Iowa States University with bachelor’s degree in animal science. During his study, as a determined student, McDonald received the Wallace Outstanding Senior Award. The award shows committed students with academic excellence and willing to remain as alumni and help the community as a whole. Therefore, the leader uses the company’s resources and much of his time to develop the Iowa State Community. McDonald is the principal promoter of the school’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship programs.

Recently, OSI Industries finished its $20 million projects in increasing its level of production of chicken products. The growth was to counter the fast-increasing demand for chicken output in Portugal and Spain. The annual production of chicken products rose to 24,000 tons resulting in an overall increase in the production of chicken, pork, sausages, and beef products to 45,000 tons in a year.

OSI Industries increased its working area by 22,600 square feet. Other amenities include water and nitrogen tanks, waste product storage tanks, and social area for the workers. The company boosted its security surveillance system by introducing out-door and indoor cameras. The company intends to work extra hard to maintain its status as the leading food distributor in the world.

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The Sky is the Limit for GreenSky

After being added to Forbes’ top 50 FinTech companies, it is no wonder that the Atlanta-based lending innovator, GreenSky is being recognized as an industry leader. The company is still young and growing. A successful IPO this year means that the sky is truly the limit for GreenSky.

GreenSky recently went public in which they raised $824 million in capital to do so. The company’s hard work of the last 12 years since inception is finally starting to pay off in big ways. Much of the original team is still involved as primary owners of the firm.

The company has quickly moved to the forefront as one of the juggernauts of the FinTech industry. The company has also become one of the most profitable financial technology startups in the nation. GreenSky acts as a middleman for pitching loans to banks so it differentiates itself from the old industry leaders like Lending Club.

Not just a typical loan organization, GreenSky transfers much of the risk for everyday people taking on loans to its capital-saturated bank partners, like SunTrust, Regions and Fifth Third, who fund these loans. GreenSky is not responsible for any defaults. However, this is how the company makes profits; the banks pay the firm about 1 % each year for managing the loans.

The company’s business strategy is much like a payment industry company’s such as Visa or Mastercard’s business model. All of these companies act as intermediaries or as a lender although in a credit card situation it is a little different than from an outright loan. This industry is expected to grow into 2019 as people accept new options for taking on loans as opposed to credit.

The future is bright for the young company because it is now evolving into different markets. They now offer loans for healthcare solutions which is a highly sought after monetary loan purpose. Many people find themselves in a pickle when paying for ever-rising healthcare costs, but the loan company makes it easy on everyone to access payments for their necessary healthcare expenses.


Equities First Holdings remained alive to its dreams

Since its inception, Equities First Holdings has remained alive to its desires. It is a revolutionary financial services firm which has seen financial deepening in all the countries across the world. Although it started in Indiana, the firm has witnessed a lot of growth due to its ability to provide high quality services. Moreover, it provides excellent client services to its growing number of clients. The firm offers a wide range of advisory services and financial services to many people who are seeking these useful financial solutions.Furthermore, it provides shareholder financing to the people who own stocks of reputable publicity traded firms. People can also benefit from margin loans so as to meet their financial obligations with a lot of ease. As such one can engage in a lot of investments, expand his or her business or even meet other personal goals. It is one of the most trusted firms in the finance sector.


Neurocore and Harnessing the Power of Neuroscience

When Luigi Galvani conducted his experiments on frogs legs in the 1700s he believed he had discovered, animal electricity. His theory was that the twitching of the dead frogs´ was as a result of the life force in the frog’s muscles. This was disproved by Alessandro Volta who proved in 1800. The brain through neurons that make use of chemical signals to regulate electrical activity in the brain. This allows human beings to think, think, make complex calculation and so on. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

An electroencephalogram is a test used to examine electrical impulses in the brain and records them as wavy lines. It was first used to diagnose epilepsy but is now used to diagnose mental disorders, strokes, brain tumours, encephalitis among others. Hans Berge first studied EEG in 1920 running tests on his son and that became the beginning of the study of theoretical neurophysiology.

Although it was possible to detect and prove the association between the brain and electricity it was not until the 1990s that technological advancements that Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG)could be done and records made using a computer. qEEG allows doctors to map the brain and help patients towards mental wellness or to help the brain work better. It can help isolate an individual cause of a patient’s dysfunction.

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When doctors measure electrical impulses with the aim of training the brain self-regulation this is referred to as neurofeedback. Using Fredrick Lemere´s ideas on the links between electrical impulses and depression doctors at Neurocore provide the treatment program for depression without using medication.

They also use neurofeedback to help patients with ADHD with 85% total patients showing a reduction in symptoms. Neurocore has also teamed up with the Portland Trail Blazers with the aim of using neurofeedback to improve focus, health and recovery. Neurocore founder Tim Royer believes his company can improve the players´ ability to be in the zone.

About Neurocore.

Neurocore was founded in the year 2004 by Tim Royer. It uses neurofeedback, EEG and qEEG to optimize brain function and to treat depression, sharpen the mind and to treat sleep disorders. The company has become an authority on all matters Neuroscience. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore.

Igor Cornelsen Discusses the Benefits of Hiring a Financial Consultant

The people are mostly scared of investing in the stock market, but with a proper strategy and with a lot of research backing your investment decision, investing in the stock market can be really fruitful. Igor Cornelsen is a leading financial executive from Brazil and currently based in the United States, who is trusted by many individuals and companies to help them guide in their investment in the stock market. The years of experience that Igor has in the stock market and the financial industry has equipped him with the knowledge that is necessary to make the right investment decision.

Igor Cornelsen has proven to be the expert in the stock market investment through the years of working in the field. The performance he has showcased in the companies and banks he has worked in the past is nothing short of exemplary. The good thing about the investment strategies that are crafted by Igor Cornelsen for his clients is that they are personalized and aligns well with the income, expenses and future financial goals of his clients. If you want to invest in the stock market and need some professional help with it, you should consult with Igor Cornelsen. It would help you expand your investment portfolio profitably.

Igor Cornelsen provides some excellent tips for seasonal and professional investors. He believes that everyone should have knowledge of the financial market if they want to grow their wealth. But, since not everyone has the time to do thorough research, it is essential to hire a financial expert for consulting. They have the knowledge and experience to help you reach your financial goals. Since they spend most of their time studying the different financial plan, they know what would work for you and what wouldn’t. Thus, if you are unsure of how to invest, you should take the help you a consultant.

Talos Energy Makes Billion Dollar Discovery In The Gulf Of Mexico

Talos Energy has been making large strides in the energy and oil market recently. The company recently announced a partnership with Mexico’s Pemex that is set to begin in the coming year. The partnership is aimed at the discovery of a more lucrative gas and oil opportunity through a series of drilling projects. This partnership comes just a year after Talos Energy through their Zama project made a discovery of a major oil deposit while drilling for shallow water in the Gulf of Mexico. The company made an oil discovery that could potentially hold more than two billion barrels of oil and more than eight hundred billion in reserves that are yet to be discovered. The partnership is meant for the discovery of these untapped reserves. Pemex has also set out on solo ventures to discover wells and share data with other companies like Premier Oil of Britain, Sierra gas and oil in Mexico a Talos energy in the United States that are al, part of the consortium that is working on this project. This is quite the major deal for Talos Energy which has been in the industry for just six years.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy is a public company in the oil and gas industry that was founded in the year 2012. The company does exploration, production, and development of oil and natural gas properties. The company has its headquarters in Houston, Texas but does most of its exploration in the Gulf Coast as well as the Gulf of Mexico. It took around six hundred million dollars to launch the company. This money was provided by the Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings to Timothy Duncan who established the company. The success of the company is credited to the team of highly experienced management and the fact that the company has been able to adapt cutting-edge techniques and technology that are both innovative and seismic. The management of Talos Energy also boasts of the development of other companies in the industry like Phoenix Exploration and Gryphon Exploration both of which explore in the Gulf of Mexico like Talos Energy.

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Dr. Saad Saad Reveals more about the health infants

It is always joy mixed with fear when new parents come home with their newborn baby. They are always anxious about when they should worry because they have never had an infant under their care. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/04/dr-saad-saad-medical-missions/ and https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8

New parents are always concerned about when they should call a doctor and what they should do in case the infant develops some conditions. According to Dr. Saad Saad, it is essential for any new parent to know the risks involved in bringing up a healthy and happy child.

Dr. Saad claims that the responsibility of raising a healthy baby starts right before the baby is born. The habits of the mother such as smoking may cause the baby some harm. Some other exposures and habits may cause serious harm to the development of the baby, both pre and postnatal. For instance, breastfeeding minimizes the risks of the infant becoming obese in life.

Dr. Saad Saad is a famous pediatric Surgeon with more than 40 years of experience in the field. In the course of his career, Saad has dedicated his time to the well-being and health of infants.

Currently, retired, he writes reports concerning the critical steps of child development from infant stage. Dr. Saad provides parents with professional advice on how to raise their kids as well as tips to identify symptoms that indicate a medical emergency in their infants.

According to Dr. Saad, the lifestyle of a mother has a significant impact on the development of the child. A Harvard report shows that children are less likely to become obese if their mothers have good health habits.

For example, good health habits include exercising regularly, moderate alcohol drinking, no smoking, and healthy body weight. This is a significant pattern that should exist both before and after the baby comes.

When infants gain a lot of weight during their first weeks or months is an indicator that they may be obese later in life. Infants that experience rapid early growth are at a higher risk of becoming obese as compared to those with normal growth patterns.

In addition to this, breastfeeding is one activity that will make the child obese later in life. According to some studies, the duration of breastfeeding matters when it comes to obesity. Breastfeeding brings a lot of benefits to the baby and hence, Dr. Saad encourages it. Besides, infants require enough sleep time to have healthier lives. Sleeping for fewer hours will cause them to gain more weight.

It has taken Dr. Saad Saad many years to build a great reputation in this medical industry. He started his journey as a refugee and he has built his way up to the top. He is the perfect example of “we hold our destinies in our hands.”