Stansberry Research Maintains a Remarkable Reputation in the Investment Sector Amidst Economic Challenges

Stansberry Research is a private investment and publishing company based in America. The institution has its headquarters in Maryland’s Baltimore, with branches around Oregon, California, and Florida. Stansberry Research focuses on investment research mainly with information services with a primary consistency of monthly advisory newsletters composed by various financial editors. Amidst the fluctuating market factors, it has remained instrumental to investors through its captivating advisory services in investment.

The company’s service background

The company’s principal operations include power, oil, natural resources, mining investments, and healthcare, among others. Stansberry Research Company has its newsletter subscribers in more than one hundred nations worldwide. Stansbery Research was founded and started operating as an original investment research institution. It was founded by Mr. Porter Stansberry who is also the company’s Investment Advisor. Before the launching of Stansberry Research, it was first the American editor of the financial newsletter and Fleet Street.

Stansberry Research provides pre-market briefings about trading opportunities in regards to global stock and currency which are in line with pricing systems and all other world stock markets. The firm also offers updates on oil, copper, gold, and the dollar, to mention a few. It does the publication of opinions, recommendations, and strategies regarding investment and stock purchase.

Stansberry Research’s Investment Guidelines

To get more knowledge about various newsletters and procedures introduced by Stansberry Research, the company helps by looking at the guiding principles of the publisher. The main among these guidelines include the two essential tenets concerning the kind of advice offered by the firm. First, the company does a tremendous job of providing its customers with the tangible information they would need to receive in case they reversed roles. This concept originates from the idea that the firm understands the fact that its advisory services impact the lives of its readers. With such a responsibility, they also work on presenting only the information that investors would find valuable towards generating profits. To gain trust and reliability, Stansberry Research Company believes in transparency when it comes to investment advice, making work easier for investors.

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Dabie Tsai on D&A and AI Changing the Future of Accounting

Throughout the years, technology has managed to push every field of activity towards change, and accounting is no different. With new mechanisms being implemented constantly to improve certain operations, people have to change the way they approach daily tasks. Dabie Tsai, a long time accounting and auditing expert, talked about the changes that have been occurring in her line of work and why things aren’t as grim as people might fear.

Tsai is a former partner with KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting firms, and has had a 23-year tenure with the firm, serving in leadership roles linked to her specialties, such as US GAAP, SEC 33 and 34 Acts filings for domestic and foreign registrants, and IFRS. She considers accounting the foundation for any company, and when it comes to new innovations, she believes that data and analytics, as well as artificial intelligence, are recent innovations which will continue to revolutionize her profession.

Effective use of data and analytics, according to Tsai, has enabled her profession to focus on risk areas such as unusual transactions. As a result of incorporating big data, the amount of business activity which can be in scope for review and examinations ends up expanding significantly. Discussing the benefits of D&A, the accounting veteran went as far as to say that it is transforming the way businesses operate. As a result of mining big data, companies are able to identify variables of concern which were not previously measured to improve performance or enhance strategy (Gazetteday).

When adding artificial intelligence to the mix, Tsai considers that it will be possible for large amounts of information to be analyzed, processed, and evaluated while, at the same time, identifying complexities or irregularities. She does, however, point out that AI is still at the tip of the iceberg.

Dabie Tsai  notes that these advancements in her line of work will end up requiring a new skill set from accounting professionals, requiring them to be more tech savvy and possess the ability to translate and interpret the analysis provided to understand how it impacts businesses.

Lessons From Entrepreneur Edwin Miranda

KOI IXS is a marketing agency that was founded by Edwin Miranda. The agency is involved in the creation of full performance and performance-driven marketing strategies for clients. It relies mainly on modern technologies to help clients to implement superior marketing strategies. In the age of attribution and predictive marketing, this organization has gained prominence as a crucial partner for brands that would like to have a global appeal. Edwina Miranda started KOI at age of 21. Since then, he has relied on passion and desire to succeed in life as drivers of whatever he does. Miranda believes that for anyone to create a successful enterprise, passion must be part and parcel of what they do.

Predictive marketing technology allows businesses to turn personalized marketing into a reality. By utilizing predictive analytics, businesses can predict how various strategies are likely to perform in real life. Edwin Miranda is happy that predictive marketing is now accessible to all businesses, either big or small.

Edwin Miranda believes that the early bird catches the worm. Every day, he wakes up very early to start his daily routine. He believes that anyone who would like to be successful as business person should not fear to make mistakes since they are sometimes the channels through one learns. He also insists on developing a real passion that will drive you to push up beyond the limits.

As a successful entrepreneur, Edwin allocates time to assess his accomplishment of short term, medium term, and long term goals. He believes that having a system that incorporates the three will allow you to have a balanced way of assessing your success.

Edwin Miranda encourages budding entrepreneurs to associate with people they can trust and people who share the same ideas as they do. By surrounding yourself with positive thinkers, the chances are that your plans will succeed.

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Guilherme Paulus Believes in the Power of Business to Support COmmunities

Guilherme Paulus was recently featured in an article published on the Chronicle of Week website titled, “Prizes are My Rewards, Obstacles are My Challenges’: The Story of Brazilian Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus.” The article was written by Hannah Lewis Cottrell.

The article reveals that Paulus became so well known in Brazil for his entrepreneurship in the tourism and travel industry that he has won several awards. He has been a member of the National Tourism Council for more than a decade and has helped his business grow by allowing him to develop relationships with government agencies and venture capitalists alongside those within the tourism industry. He was a critical member of the committee that forged a tourism relationship between Brazil and France that provided visas for French tourists. He included CVC in the promotion of Brazillian tourism to French citizens and they opened a CVC store in Paris. He has also won a special award from the French government for his involvement in the program. The United States has also provided awards to Paulus for his achievements in tourism and hotels. The governments in Mexico and Argentina have also selected CVC as one of the leading tourism groups. Brazil recognized Guilherme Paulus as the “Executive of Valor” by the Modern Consumer Magazine. He has also been recognized as the “Personality of the Year” by Viagem e Turismo of Editora Abril. Isto E Dinheiro also named him as 2017’s “Entrepreneur of the Year.” See more of Guilherme Paulus at

Paulus’ theory of business includes being a socially conscious entrepreneur. He encourages every business owner and entrepreneur to give back to the community in one way or another. His own company has supported programs like PIET. PIET helps train disadvantage adolescents to become leaders in the tourism industry through educational programs. He has also supported the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism and Dr. Klaide’s Care and Education Institution. Dr. Klaide’s Care and Education Institution is dedicated to providing psychological counseling and education opportunities to the disadvantaged youth in Santo Andre. Guilherme Paulus believes it is important for entrepreneurs to stay close to their communities and listen to what the people want and need. Businesses have the ability to influence communities and the economy by creating local jobs and business foundations for the people to follow. Guilherme Paulus has always been involved in the day to day details of the business. He still works with clients, employees, and customers at the different GJP properties every week to stay knowledgable about what’s working and what isn’t.

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The Operations Of New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp was incorporated in 2011 and is currently operated as a real estate investment trust. Its main focus is the investing as well as the management of the investments that are associated with the residential real estate. New Residential Investment Corp portfolio includes residential mortgage loans, residential mortgage-backed securities among other investments.

New Residential Investment Corp was initially formed as a subsidiary of the Newcastle Investment Corp, but in 2013 it gained the mandate to operate as an independent publicly traded entity. It is a publically traded company whose goal is to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns from its investments. New Residential Investment Corp leverages on the expertise of its associates in delivering attractive returns that results in higher dividends for the shareholders. They target the assets that have a potential of generating long term cash flows.

New Residential Investment Corp understands that the nature of the mortgage market of the US has grown more complex while presenting more opportunities for investors. Currently, the value of the residential housing market in the country is approximated at $21 billion, which is an indication that the investments opportunities are growing. The company believes to have the resources, the experience, and the relationships that that are key to leveraging opportunities that the market presents.

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TMS Health Solutions Offers Alternate Treatments for Mental Health

TMS Health Solutions knows how difficult it can be to find the correct treatment for depression. They have four locations in the Bay Area devoted to mental health issues. They have recently opened a second location in San Francisco. They are all staffed by trained and certified doctors. Up to 17% of people will suffer from one or more episodes of clinical depression, but only 60% will respond to traditional anti-depressant medication. For those with chemical clinical depression, talk therapy might work as an addition to medication, but it will have little effect by itself.

TMS Health Solutions has experts in helping people who have treatment resistant depression (TRD). They have alternate treatments that have been shown to yield positive results. One of these treatments is TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It has proven to be effective where traditional treatments have not. It is a fully FDA cleared treatment for depression.

It is a safe way to treat TRD. Patients will come into the office for 30-60 minutes at a time. The treatments usually last between 4 and 6 weeks. A patient sits in a chair where they can even watch television. A magnetic coil is placed on the head. Using magnetic stimulation, it sends pulses of magnetic waves to stimulate the part of the brain responsible for mood. There is no surgery involved, and patients are completely awake through the process. There are no side effects, and patients can leave immediately afterwards and carry on with their days.

The clinicians and staff are aware of how debilitating and frustrating treatments for depression can be, and they have committed their careers to those patients for whom standard treatment has failed to work. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation can also be used on sufferers of OCD and neurological disorders, and it has been shown to slow down the effects of dementia.


Editing the Views on Amazon-Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is an editor of Banyan Hill publishing. These focus on topics such as privacy and asset protection. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He has a degree in economics and in history. During his working time in South Africa, he had many jobs where he served as a funding manager for various housing projects. In 2008, Steve Jobs the King of Tech back created the Apple iPhone. The iPhone is the most popular device in the business world. The statistic was done by a research firm name Kantar World panel. The smartphone represents the revenues for Apple the most. The company phone has created other products to go with the device. It has a huge consumer base for their products. The company became a monopoly over its course of existing.

Apple is going to be worth around one trillion dollars, is the world’s most valuable company. Jeff Bezos is filling in the shoes Jobs left. He is the CEO of Amazon and his company is already the fourth valuable company in the stock exchange. Millions of people shop on Amazon, millions more are subscribed to prime. Amazon Prime makes shopping easier and faster. Shipping is free along with free television and movie streaming. Amazon revenues are around one hundred seventy billion dollars. Jeff Bezos is trying to create a similar project to that of Steve jobs with a monopoly. Ted Bauman says though that Amazon is not a monopoly and actual vulnerable. He understands and edits articles about securing wealth, new investments, legal and personal plans for readers. Bauman also writes for Smart Money service and for Alpha Stock Alert about trading stocks. The economist Ted Bauman is able to bring different views and ideas on profit and value.

Bauman talks about how Amazon is equal to that of Sears and giving their customers instant satisfaction. Almost the entire world has a Prime membership account and citizens of the United States order from the e-commerce store. The reasons why Ted Bauman says Amazon is not a monopoly is because of its competitor’s income and revenues, it is not making a dent on merchants near consumers, and simply not enough customers are ordering off from it. The company is at a big risk when it comes down to anything scandalous or profit ruining. According to Bauman  if anything were to happen, stockholders would rid of their shares on Amazon. The price of the company would then crumble underneath itself. On top of which the lack of privacy Amazon had shown, which the economist motions to. Understanding the market, investments, and trends is a very valuable piece of information.

Michael Nierenberg: Business and Philanthropy

The New Residential Investment Corp. is a real estate investment trust that is available for public trading. And the New Residential Investment Corp. is focused on managing and investing in residential real estate. New Residential Investment Corp. is a company that is ready to take high risks in order to build high profit as well. The investments of New Residential Investment Corp. usually is spread between non-Agency residential mortgage backed securities or what they call “RMBS”, Associated Call Rights and Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights or “MSRs”.

It is known and proven that the investment expertise and the prowess of New Residential Investment Corp. in the industry isunparred with. New Residential Investment Corp. focuses on long term cashflows that can generate a significant and certain income in the future.

New Residential Investment Corp. is ran by Michael Nierenberg. He is the current Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President of New Residential Investment Corporation. Under Michael Nierenberg’s leadership of New Residential Investment Corp., it is now currently valuated at about 14 million dollars with about a million dollars in equity value.

Michael Nierenberg is such an effective leader because of his extensive experience and knowledge in different approaches for investments because of his past experiences with other companies. He has served in the biggest names in the investment industry and he is already a household name in the industry.

Michael Nierenberg is not only an excellent business man, he also forwards his philanthropy and he is an active member of the community. Michael Nierenberg is also the current chairman of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation. The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation is one of the front runners in developing and innovating treatment and technologies that focus on reprogramming the behavior of cancer cells. The scientists of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation were the pioneers in sing differentiation therapy to cure an acute form of leukemia. The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation still continues to work in forwarding newer technologies in curing different kinds of cancer and the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation supports other organizations that are also focused on developing new treatments for cancer.

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Michel Terpin: One Of Brazil’s Well-Known T1 Drivers

Drivers come and go when it comes to Race Car Driving. A lot of newcomers are seen every year while a lot of the usual faces retires, too. Because of this, being a well-known race car driver is something to be proud of. Michel Terpin managed to conquer the terrains with his talent behind the steering wheel.


Michel Terpin was born in 1979 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He originally eyed for the Motorcycles category, competing in the Sertoes Rally back in 2002. However, due to the influences of his brother, Rodrigo Terpin, Michel Terpin considered competing in the car department and performed as a navigator in 2004. This is the first time he and his brother teamed up professionally on the tracks. The love for sports runs in the blood of the family. He and his brother are rally car drivers while their father, Jack Terpin, was a basketball player.


The brothers will not team up again until 2015, where they formed the Bull Sertoes. They did a few tracks together but went again on their separate ways when Michel decided to team up with his navigator Maykel Justo to compete under the T1 Prototype category. Michel Terpin is a natural born driver, and being a capable one, he and his partner looked forward to gun the 22nd Rally competition. However, during their time competing in the 22nd edition at Goiania, their car had a suspension failure and was not able to complete the race.


Terpin and Justo decided to go compete again during the 25th edition that took place in the 3300km track at Autodromo International de Goiania. This time, the duo used a 322 T-Rex which was made by MEM Motorsport. The T-Rex is an eco-friendly, high-quality car equipped with a V8 and Carbon free seals. In this competition, Terpin and Justo managed to get the 4th place.


In the coming years, the duo will earn achievements after achievements. Among the titles in their names are wins from the Rally Rota SC, with the first place in 2016 and second place in 2017. This cemented Michel Terpin as one of the best rally drivers in the T1 division.


“Marc Beer seeks to stop pelvic floor disorders “

Marc Beer, by way of his startup Renova Inc, plans to start beginning work on various pelvic floor products following some $32 million Series B round in addition to $10 million used on business ventures.


The medtech business has plans to build a wide range of necessary diagnostic and therapeutic items required for the treatment of various pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence; a disorder afflicting roughly 250 million women across the globe.


Renovia has several investors and one of them, The Longwood Fund which is an investing firm that specializes in healthcare, became part of the Series B round spearheaded by Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures (These companies are based in New York and Missouri, respectively). The funds given will be used for what will ultimately be the creation of four new and innovative therapeutic and diagnostic devices, one of which include a massive update of Renovia’s Leva product.


Marc Beer started that it was an honor to be backed by those in the healthcare industry who are truly interested in making a genuine change alongside Renovia for the betterment of millions of women worldwide who suffer from pelvic floor disorders. He hopes that in teaming up with these investors, sharing technological expertise and seeking better means of treatment for these women, there will be a more comprehensive grasp of pelvic floor disorders and what could be done to drive the costs of healthcare down considerably.


Renovia CEO, Chairman and co-founder Marc Beer has experience beyond Renovia as he has been the CEO of ViaCell, biotech firm that handles the blood stem cells of the umbilical cord, back in 2000. Thanks to Marc and his stellar management of the business, it became over 300 employees strong. His 25 years plus years of experience with the biotech, diagnostic and device fields show his dedication to his career beyond simply for the same of money.


Marc holds a position as the premiere chairman of the Good Start Genetics Compensation Committee and its director’s board. In addition to this, he is the Minerva Neurosciences Inc Audit Committee’s founding chairman and one of its esteemed members. Not to mention he is part of the Business Advisory Council of Miami University and the Graduate Studies Research of Notre Dame.